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13 hours ago

Had a lovely dinner with my Aunt Sue, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Rick last night. They’ve been staying at my place since Saturday and I’ve really enjoyed their company. We shared bone marrow (I didn’t eat it ), charred Brussels sprouts, Mexican street corn, fried green tomatoes and a watermelon salad. Super delicious! They return to Michigan on Thursday; it’s been a lovely visit!

3 days ago

Does this remind anyone of that street art in Paris of the girl with the big bubbly Afro? It totally reminded me of that, and then made me miss Paris, a lot. Coming for you soon, Paris!

4 days ago

Cheers to the weekend! So glad it’s Friday! • • 📷 by @lightriver photography

1 weeks ago

I am an obsessed anachronism. I absolutely love quaint art and letter writing supplies. When I got into wax stamps, I bought a bunch of them, and tons of little wax beads. I don’t use them as much now, but I really should. Wax stamps add such a lovely old fashioned touch to letters!

2 weeks ago

I really love South Lake Tahoe. I often wish I could live there at least part of the year (summers plz?! ) maybe I can make that a reality?! Love spending lazy days at the lake!

3 weeks ago

waking up on Sunday morning like...

4 weeks ago


4 weeks ago

What can the redwoods tell us about ourselves? Well, I think they can tell us something about human time. The flickering, transitory quality of human time and the brevity of human life - the necessity to love. Richard Preston

4 weeks ago

Enjoying the sun, wine, and the view in St Helena on Sunday afternoon.

5 weeks ago

Armstrong Redwoods Natural Reserve

5 weeks ago

I got my redwoods fix today. I love and miss the redwoods so much!

5 weeks ago

Coffee on the porch of the hotel room

5 weeks ago

Good morning St Helena | Los Alcobas Hotel, thanks to @jamoffitt

5 weeks ago

My eldest niece Rhya and her husband Berry, in the vineyards. I loooooove 🧡❤️

5 weeks ago

View from the AirBnB in St Helena, Napa Valley. I hella 💚 vineyards!

last month

Trail to the lake

last month

It’s so nice living closer to Lake Tahoe. It’s a gorgeous day at the lake!

last month

I love South Lake Tahoe!

last month

Pool day in Stockton with the fam! Auntie loves her little JoJo!!

last month

My niece Melaney arrived today; we went to meet her uncle so she could spend some time with his fam, and we got to pet their rescue deer! I was so excited to pet a deer! I wish the ones at my house would let me pet them! Haha!

last month

Kindness Is Magic. Truly Iconic.

last month

Daddy ❤️’$ You

last month

Peten At Night

last month

Walking the streets of Peten last night. The town seems to be a very lively place - bars and restaurants full of laughing, happy people. I even saw a vegan restaurant!

last month

Mojito o’clock! Super tasty and 2 for Q30 (about 4$ USD ). Pretty sure there’s no alcohol in here tho, but it does taste delicious!

last month

San Telmo, restaurant and sunset terrace bar. Hella cute.

last month

View of a small town across from the island of Peten. It’s so dang cute here and the sea breeze is definitely welcome.

last month

Yo ❤️ Peten

last month

Walk up a ton of steep stairs to the top of a pyramid, and this is your reward. Worth it 💯💯 fa’sho. I love Mayan ruins!!!

last month

Living that poolside life | Tikal Inn, Guatemala

last month

Narrow, colourful, cobblestone streets. Antigua 🧡 ❤️ 💛

last month

So, literally all of the streets in Antigua are cobblestone. And not the mostly flat, symmetrical cobblestone either. There are so many cars and motorcycles that drive on it! I just had my front tire arms changed in my car due to going over potholes in my country neighborhood; I can’t imagine the havoc wreaked on the cars here (not to mention how rough it is on the feet and ankles, LOL )

last month

Ruins - this one was built by the Spaniards in the late 1500’s. I love crumbling old buildings. But thinking about the Spanish colonizers wreaking havoc on the native people, and forcing Catholicism down their throats, makes me quite sad.

last month

Walking up the hill from Earth Lodge - stooped along the way to get this photo of the incoming rain storm and the town below.

last month

Omg you guys look! They have my favorite soup here!!!!

last month

Hammock naps are actually kind of amazing, minus the part where you get eaten by mosquitoes.

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