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17 hours ago

A Vision, Every Time. #ilfiorista @stephanjoseph1 ❤️🇲🇦

2 days ago

Africa from the Andalusian coast #melidestotarifa 🇵🇹🚔🇪🇸

6 days ago

Doing Plain in Spain. Segovia 🇪🇸❤️

1 weeks ago

It’s time for Spanish Roses. @isabellopezquesada book #2 starts here #segovia

2 weeks ago

Visiting the talented #SarahGraham in her London studio. Sarah will lead a behind doors tour of the Natural History Museum this Tuesday 21st May. To join her group visit the @lyndsey_ingram gallery website to secure a place.

2 weeks ago

Rainy Saturday at the beautiful @chateaudeharoue 🇫🇷❤️

3 weeks ago

Penguin Envy #sarahgraham 🇬🇧

3 weeks ago

L’heure bleue on the Thames. I ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

3 weeks ago

Grey Spring Sunday by the Thames.

last month

A Hare in the Forest. Hans Hoffmann, 1585. Happy Easter!

last month

Sunrise Moon Over Bolivia.

last month

Notre Dame, au fin de l’après midi, 1902. Henri Matisse. Regram from @nicholascullinan

last month

Palm Sunday. Cairo. Two Months Ago.

last month

The beautiful @johnstefanidis Garden in Patmos in @cabanamagazine ’s Spring Issue. Plenty beauty in every corner and the most delicious iced tea every afternoon. ❤️🇬🇷

last month

@peterspeliopoulos dreamy house in the @cabanamagazine Patmos Portfolio with the dream team @charlottedicarcaci , @brettwoodwould and @katelllebourhis The Cabana spring issue is out. ❤️🇬🇷

last month

Sunny Days #paris

last month

‘Plus Cuam Perfecto’ is a Spanish verbal tense. A bit complicated to explain how it works here, I would rather just say that the conjugation’s name is what raced through my head when I saw this drawing at the @fondationcustodia yesterday in Paris. It is shown at an exhibition of the Pushkin Museum’s works on paper collection. Caspar David Friederich, Two Men and the Sea, chalk drawing, 1830-1835.

March 2019

Happy Independence Day Greece! The little guy in this picture is me dressed as a Greek Royal Soldier in the 1960’s in Argentina. ❤️🇬🇷

March 2019

As far as I am concerned it can not get much better than this. The London apartment of Laura Rimini, the one half of the very talented Studio Peregalli duo. You can see more in the April issue of @archdigest

March 2019

Egypt in Berlin. Das Neue Museum. 19th Century Watercolor. #museumvisit

March 2019

My two favourite Texan women are Miss Jean Fine and Miss Kay O’Toole. I have known Miss Jean for a long time, we even went to India together about 10 years ago. There we were supposed to be following the adventures of her daughter @lisafinetextiles but, instead, Lisa and I ended up up following fearless Miss Jean as she led the charge through Kolkata and Jaipur in her VERY high Manolo’s. Miss Kay, @kotoole1921 , I have only just met recently, while shooting her Houston home. She lives in a wonderful and whimsical cottage in the middle of her town - the picture on this post was taken in her kitchen. Any decorating and antiquing talk, which normally goes on during photoshoots, was soon forgotten. Far better to listen to Miss Kay give one “her” take an everything else from Belgian road trips “it takes more time to go across Houston”,to love affairs to where to get the best barbecued ribs in town. Women rock but sometimes, in the company of ladies like Miss Kay or Miss Jean, I tend to think Southern women rock even more. You can see Miss Kay’s house in the latest issue of @milieumag And congratulations to all the women near and far on this, the International Women’s Day, and every day!

March 2019

Californian Moody Skies Through a Car Window. Driving from Santa Barbara to LA. Every time I take the PCH, I am reminded of the role the towns along the Southern California coast, with their love for the sun, youth and the sea, have played in shaping popular culture in the second half of the 20th Century: music and surf being prime examples of their influence. See you again soon California, I love you from head to toe and thank you for these past days filled with awe, inspiration, and gratitude.

March 2019

Breakfast at Mumm’s. One night in LA. @marymcdonaldinc

March 2019

As I write this my book Haute Bohemians is going on to its 5th reprint. Thank you so, so much to all of you!!! To all of you who let me into your homes, to you who bought it, to the ones who promoted it, and to everyone of you who gave me encouraging words. Thank you to @vendomepress , my dream partners in this project and to @amytastley for the very kind foreword. Thank you! #hautebohemians #hautebohemiansbook

February 2019

Saint Andrew’s Tower basking in the winter Tangier sun. 🇲🇦

February 2019

Towards Nubia. I love Egypt. @goyagallagher @martinamondadori @brettwoodwould #cabanaontour

February 2019

Gateway to the Nile. Upper Egypt. ❤️🇪🇬

February 2019

I never met a souk I didn’t like. An outdoor fabric stall in the Cairo Bazaar. #cabanaontour ❤️🇪🇬

January 2019


January 2019

Here we go 2019! To all of you who left me messages for Christmas, the New Year and the Epiphany, many, many thanks. I so appreciate your kindness, and taking the time to do it. Have a wonderful New Year!

January 2019

Happy Epiphany Day! My favorite religious holiday. It conjures up images from my South American childhood, where the Epiphany is celebrated privately without the fanfare of Christmas. Christmas is always a much more public day and in our large family gatherings the unspoken rule was that presents should be practical and humble-ish to keep all the cousins happy. We all mostly got books and clothing, boring gifts to a child. The real presents , the good ones were brought by the Three Kings, the Magi, on the Epiphany. The evening of the 5th January was always hectic for me, gathering things from the garden for the Kings camels to eat. For the Magi my mother would have three small corn cakes made - ‘they have no corn where they come from Miguel’, mamá explained, and a jug of wine. All would be left for them to enjoy during their late night visit and, for once, I could not wait to be tucked in bed, to sleep and make the following day come quicker. The next morning I would run down to the garden to see foods and drinks almost all gone and, most importantly, find out what the Three Kings and their camels had left me. The Magi always brought me my most exciting gifts: bicycles, train models, tepees and electric cars. Every year it was, always, such a magical day for me, and its memory stills makes me feel giddy and excited. Happy Epiphany to All! And if you are in London, treat yourself to the Mantegna and Bellini show at the National Gallery, where this Mantegna painting of the Magi visiting the newly born Jesus on the Day of the Epiphany is being exhibited.

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