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2 hours ago

Thanks for sharing @meremir via @ibnjasper ! # I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently. I’m becoming more and more aware of how different people and different activities support or drain my energy. I’m becoming more and more selective about the energy that I am investing into relationships and pursuits because I am recognizing that time and energy are not unlimited. Spending time in a way that drains me or does not encourage my growth without much return not only impacts me on that given day, but the next day, the whole week and the trajectory of my life and all of my relationships. It affects the time and energy we have available for the new things that we can welcome into our life that will build us up and help us evolve. # Accepting that my time and energy is not unlimited has been huge for me. And frankly, I’m still working on it. For me, embracing what I believe will help me evolve means letting go of “should.” Expectations that relationships need to look the way they always have or doing things out of an obligation that I feel and have created for myself. Continuing to release. ❤️


9 days!!! 💀💀💀 #HTGAWM

5 days ago

Or “lean,” which in my own experience is the “ideal” that many men hold up rather than “thinness.” BTW, highly recommend following @yrfatfriend for brilliant content! ❤️ # Repost from @yrfatfriend - “Stop. Reflect. Think about what you’re implying. . When we refer to losing weight as “getting healthy,” we’re implying that weight loss is inherently healthy, that thin bodies are necessarily healthier than fat bodies, and we play into systems that marginalize disabled people, chronically ill people, fat people and more. . Diet culture values thinness over fatness at nearly all costs. Healthism values abstract ideas of “health” (often measured visually, by things like body size or visible disabilities ) as moral virtue and social capital. And when we refer to losing weight as “getting healthy,” we perpetuate these destructive ideas AND we conflate them. . Weight loss isn’t always healthy. Weight loss as a result of chemo isn’t healthy. Weight loss from restrictive EDs isn’t healthy. Weight loss from depression or major traumatic events isn’t healthy. And recovery from all of those things often involves weight gain. Plus, health is a multifaceted, complex thing. It can’t be reduced to something as flat as a number on the scale. . Plenty of people embark on intentional weight loss efforts. But calling weight loss “getting healthy” upholds a logic that is directly harmful to a lot of us whose bodies put us on the down side of power. . #fat #fatpositive #plus #plussize #psblogger #fatjustice #bodypositive #bodypositivity #bopo #honormycurves #losehatenotweight #riotsnotdiets #feminism #yourfatfriend #superfat

1 weeks ago

Hey IG family! On September 14th, I'll be joining @villanuevaedgar @daynalynnenorth and @weinspirejustice for this power packed, invite-only event on decolonizing wealth and the power of giving. I know my dear friend @dawnlyen will be in the building as well as many other incredible artists, activists, and artists so we wanted to invite some of my amazing followers! 🤩 I have the honor of giving away 5 tickets to y’all! In the comments below, tag 3 people to enter for your chance to win. Five people will be selected randomly and contacted directly by @weinspirejustice (Must be following @villanuevaedgar and @weinspirejustice ) I hope to see you there : )

2 weeks ago

Two lil nuggets! 😍🥰😍🥰 @lex ryan

2 weeks ago

September 26th! We’re back for the final season! #HTGAWM 😈😈😈

3 weeks ago

Repost from @mindfulmft - “How are you doing? Can you check any on this list or can you add something to this list? Growth, as you know, is non linear. We ebb and flow through it and meet new tundra that requires us to get even more present, aware, and change out the lens. It doesn’t end, but when we exercise the muscle of presence day in and day out, we allow ourselves to pivot and integrate the changes we need in our lives. Can you look at this list and choose just one area you’d like to focus on for the week? Comment below which one it is. Mark it here as an accountability assister 😜👍🏼 and then let’s check back in in a week. #mindfulmft #accountability #letsdothistogether

3 weeks ago

Lookin cute for the end of the summer and the end of the world (outfit is matching shirt and shorts from @toddsnyderny )

4 weeks ago

Repost from @givingthetalk - ““A kiss is not a contract, but it’s nice - it’s very very nice.” - #BretMcKenzie Here’s a friendly reminder that consent is ongoing. This means you need to constantly check in with your partner(s ) when being physically intimate to make sure they’re comfortable with each new activity that’s being introduced. Agreeing to kiss someone is just that - an agreement to kiss. It doesn’t mean you have agreed to anything more. Agreeing to kiss doesn’t imply consent for any other activities - if you want to do something else, just ask. . Consent is also revocable. This means that anyone can change their mind during an intimate or sexual act and decide they want to stop for any reason. Think something sounded fun and suddenly realize it doesn’t feel very good? Maybe something feels different than you expected and you want to stop? You can say stop at any time and your feelings should be respected immediately even if: 🚦 you’re in a committed relationship (including marriage ) 🚦you’ve engaged in that activity before (even if you’ve enjoyed it before ) 🚦it was your idea 🚦you might want to try that activity again tomorrow 🚦you love your partner 🚦you planned on doing that activity and thought you were excited about it . Intimacy should be pleasurable and the best way to ensure that all involved are experiencing pleasure is to communicate. We must reject the notion that it’s more romantic or sexy to be a mind reader. What’s sexier than having a partner so committed to your pleasure and comfort that they’ll make sure you’re happy? . 🎨 @iconeo #givingthetalk #sexeducation #pleasure #pleasurematters #pleasureispowerful #sexpositiveparenting #knowNo #consent #boundaries #healthyrelationships #relationships #communication #respect #bodypositivity #consentissexy #enthusiasticconsent #sexualhealth #sexpositive #flightoftheconchords

4 weeks ago

😔😠💔 Repost from @rosariodawson - “Her voice... so heartbreaking. Please hear her. She speaks for our Mother Earth. She speaks for us all... Posted @withrepost@thequeercrowdslo Célia Pataxó is an activist from the Pataxó tribe whose village was first threatened (and lost their main water and food source ) due to the Brumadinho dam collapse last year, and now has been destroyed by the fires.⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣As fires continue to burn in the Amazon, keep in mind that fires are not a part of the natural ecosystem cycle there like they are in the climates of the western United States. Instead they are caused by industrial mining and agriculture occurring in these areas, and by purposeful burning of rainforest lands to clear cut them for agriculture.⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣Indigenous communities have lived within these lands and protected them for generations. Now, however, right wing president Jair Bolsonaro is reducing protections for the rainforest and taking lands away from indigenous control to instead be used for commercial exploitation. ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣Donate to and support the indigenous leaders and organizations that are on the ground working to protect the Amazon, a vital resource for providing oxygen to the entire world. ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣🇧🇷🌈❤️🌎⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣ @amazonwatch @amazonfrontlines @guajajarasonia @coiabamazonia @greenpeacebrasil #prayforamazonia #todospelaamazonia ⁣⁣” ⁣⁣⁣⁣

5 weeks ago

We were not raised in a culture of consent, let alone enthusiastic consent (Google the term is you’re unfamiliar ). Most of us were not raised learning to value body autonomy and most of us are woefully inept at talking about sex in a real nuanced way. As men, we have been taught that we should always be confident and be knowledgeable about sex...which often goes against how we can ever create a culture of consent and normalize it in our relationships. As a man, I will attest that using a model of enthusiastic consent as we approach new levels of physical intimacy can feel clunky at first, but only because we were never taught it and rarely ever hear about it. We need to have the courage to lean into our discomfort and feelings of is the only way to create a world and relationships where we are truly honoring other people’s bodily autonomy. We must resist our conditioning and create a new way. Not to mention, being able to have conversations about our wants, needs, and boundaries and learning to honor other people’s, is essential to creating a world of equity and justice. # Repost from @givingthetalk - “How do you ask for consent? . Because at the end of the day, whomever you’re with should be excited and enthusiastic about saying Yes! . Asking for consent isn’t unsexy and doesn’t have to be awkward. We simply need more examples that model this type of exchange and that demonstrate direct respectful communication in order to normalize it. Asking for consent can be flirtatious, sexy, funny, silly, kind, loving, not just formal and stilted. Find your own way to communicate your desires and to check in with your partner(s ) about their comfort, desires and boundaries. . 📷 @givingthetalk #normalizeconsent #expectconsent #consentissexy #consentisrespectful #givingthetalk #allthetalks #sexed #sexeducation #sexualhealth #reproductivejustice #communication #healthyrelationships #consent #sexualhealth #pleasureispower

last month

Have a nice weekend! 😉 #ThiccThirst #ThiccAndThriving (shirt from @theeverymanproject )

last month

“White terroristic violence is the foundation of how this country came into being.” When we use mental illness as the scapegoat for white nationalist acts, we divert attention from the real culprit and from the action that needs to be taken to stop white supremacy in its tracks. (Not to mention, access to mental health resources hasn’t improved so we’re further stigmatizing this community with nothing to show for it ) We have to stop the radicalization of white people in this country. Period. • REPOST @sonyareneetaylor : For the Last Damn Time: White supremacy is NOT a Mental Illness and Here is Why that Ableist Narrative is WRONG! "it is ablest. it is a function of a way to scapegoat neurodivergency. So that we don't have to deal with the fact that we have a murderous society in America built on domination and violence and power-over and power-over happens at the state level. Power-over happens at the inception and creation of the nation state and then funnels down into the individual identities of its inhabitants."

last month

TFW you’re waiting for Bennett to come back to @oitnb # The final season of ”Orange Is The New Black” comes out tomorrow. Even though I haven’t been on the show in years, it’s still bittersweet, and I’m feeling quite nostalgic. So grateful to have been a part of this. It changed my life, television, and the world. Enjoy it all, my friends. #OrangeForever

last month

First day filming the last season of #HTGAWM !!! And it’s too sunny for me to open my eyes!!!

July 2019

Repost from @undocutravelers go follow the account! Many of us look back at history and think “how could these terrible injustices have occurred?” The same damn way it’s happening today.

July 2019

I’m so unbelievably grateful to have been a part of this important show. I can’t believe we are coming up on our 6th and final season. The cast, the crew, the writers, and our creator @petenowalk have all worked so hard and poured their hearts and talents into creating #HTGAWM and making it something that I am so proud to be a part of. The storylines pushing for social change and the increasingly political and progressive nature of the show is something that I am eternally grateful for. And to all the fans out there...this wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you so much for allowing my dreams to be possible. I am excited to have one more season to play Asher Millstone, and give it my all. I hope to make you LOL and feel the feels. I’m finding it hard to express all that needs to be expressed, partly as I’m pressed for time now and just wanted to get this news out ASAP. Will write more later. : ) Love you all! ❤️❤️❤️

July 2019

That bout-to-get-the-fuck-outta-town glow #Goodbyephone

July 2019

Put it in your calendars!!! I’m going back to work in 20 days!!! I need to put that in my calendar too so I remember to show up to work!!! I gotta put it in my calendar to remind me to put it in my calendar!!! I’m not sure what I’m talking about anymore!!! But I’m excited!!! Thanks for listening!!! Goodbye!!! #HTGAWM

June 2019


June 2019

Repost from @beauty_redefined seen on @fyeahmfabello ‘s stories- “It is hard to escape people glorifying weight loss with before/after posts, even in the world of body positivity. This is an issue because it perpetuates the popular diet culture idea that smaller is always better, healthier and happier. ✖️Actions speak louder than words, and on IG, photos speak soooo much louder than captions. Yes, maybe she lost weight after kicking bad habits or breaking through shame to enjoy physical activity. Yay! But if the "progress" or "transformation" shown is one where her body became smaller, that post -at its core- is not celebrating happy lifestyle changes, it is celebrating exactly what the image shows: weight loss. It is reinforcing the inescapable message that health equals thinness, and that body love leads to (and maybe even requires ) body shrinking. ✖️Weight loss is fine. Showing it online is fine. But we've gotta be straight about it and realize the consequences of posting those images. If you want to show off your new size, receive validation, or sell your weight loss plan, that's fine, but don't co-opt #bodypositivity rhetoric to do it. If you are going to promote body acceptance and the message that our bodies are OK at any size, you can't *also* post and celebrate before-and-after weight loss pics. We have to learn to separate our ideas about our worth and health from cultural ideals that thinner is better. ✖️Why? Because research shows many major health and fitness improvements DO NOT result in weight loss. And because research shows most women measure their health "success" in terms of weight loss, and when doesn't happen, we often give up entirely or go to extremes that result in eating disorders, overexercise and shame. Even when weight loss does occur, 95%+ of people will gain it back and more within 5 yrs, so these posts are going to be painful for future you, too! ✖️We have to challenge the value system that tells us smaller is always better. This system sets us up to fail. Your body isn’t defined by its size and YOU are not defined by your body. •BR Illustration by @mylittlebelleville 💗 #morethanabody #seemorebemore

June 2019

I moved away from my home of NYC around 6 years ago to start working on ‘How To Get Away With Murder.’ Every time, when I’ve gone back and visited, I’ve found myself overwhelmed, stressed out, and exhausted. Trying to see so many people, being asked to do work things and fit in all of the activities that I can only do in NYC made me feel constantly guilty if I felt like I was letting people down by not seeing them or overwhelmed because I never had enough alone time to recharge and do the things that I know allow me to thrive. The city has a pace that can support a never-ending grind, and it has been very easy for me to fall back into that pattern when I visit. # This last trip, a few weeks ago, was the first time since moving away that I was able to say that overall my experience being back in NYC was joyful and that I truly loved it. I had to make time for naps, for reading, for spending time alone, and for sitting in the park just watching people go by. @jlovecalderon has been so helpful in this process, as we worked to transform my trips to NYC into one of joy...removing the word “should” from my mind, and exercising healthy boundaries. # Being born and raised in New York City, I’ve always loved people-watching. And I’m grateful for even the simple moments of pause and reflection when I go back to NYC...the moments that make it feel more like living than visiting. Or course, it helps that it wasn’t spring so my allergies didn’t get fucked up, it’s not cold-ass winter, and it wasn’t so hot and humid that I felt like I was living inside of a sun-baked scrotum. # I hope you enjoy this minute of the sights and sounds of the City (I’ll let you imagine the smells on your own ).

June 2019

Squinty McGee up in here. Am I just waking up? Am I about to fall asleep? Is this drought ensnarement? Unclear.

June 2019

In response to this shitty fatphobic article from @telegraph Repost from @shishi rose : “I work out at home because for years I’ve been too scared to go to the gym and thought things like ‘what will people think or say about me being at the gym in this body?” Or ‘What if I can’t do what everyone else can do there and I look pathetic?’ I have an auto immune disorder and hip issues that means I can’t always keep up with everyone else no matter how fit I am. I also didn’t want to go to the gym and look frumpy or have on too many clothes and overheat. • Its wild to me how much people hate fat bodies. That people tell us to work out constantly and yet when there’s work out gear designed for us to do just that we are still shamed and vilified. • You don’t make comments about peoples bodies because you are genuinely worried about their health. You do it because we are walking embodiments of everything you hate about yourselves and try not to be so you attack it. You hate to see someone existing in a body with joy that you deem disgusting, so you put it down. And even when you think you dont you still do it in tiny ways whether you realize it or not. We all do. • Some of the women in my family used to have this game that they played when we were out and about. They would see someone and ask “I dont look as bad as that person do I?” The person would usually be in shorts or something tight that clung to their bodies. I feel like they choose those ones because they wanted to find the ones that looked the most carefree and cut that down. One of us kids would say “no you don’t” and somehow that would reaffirm that their lives weren’t total fuck ups. I learned a long time ago to hate fat people, unpacking that and changing that has been one of my hardest struggles especially as a fat person. Because giving that up means I’d have to stop self hating. • Im wondering - have you examined your own fatphobia? Have you unpacked your relationship to it and food? How do you talk to yourself? How do you talk to others, including children? Is your biggest fear still having visible belly print in a dress?”

June 2019

So excited that the social impact venture that I co-founded with @jlovecalderon , called @weinspirejustice , is co-sponsoring this powerful fireside chat with #DecolonizingWealth between actress/activist Dawn-Lyen Gardner ( @dawnlyen ) and author/activist Edgar Villanueva ( @VillanuevaEdgar ). The chat, held in New Orleans on June 15th at 6pm, will dive deep into racial/economic justice and how we heal. # Dawn-Lyen Gardner has left an indelible mark on viewers as Charley Bordelon in the critically-acclaimed TV series QUEEN SUGAR, created by Ava DuVernay and executive produced by Oprah Winfrey. Dawn's creative work has long intersected with her advocacy work, which has ranged from youth arts empowerment to advancing gender equity to racial justice organizing. Edgar Villanueva is a Native American author and activist who is passionate about racial and economic justice, particularly in communities of color, Indigenous communities, the US South and in communities impacted by HIV/AIDS. Check out his game-changing book “Decolonizing Wealth”! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 # RSVP at or click the link in my bio!

June 2019

This is why accountability feels like an attack to those of us that are used to having our lies validated. Unlearning ego, unlearning all the shit that our society teaches us everyday is essential to our own happiness, liberation, and higher consciousness. To truly be agents of change, we need to look at the lies we tell ourselves and unlearn the belief systems that prop them up. (Image reposted from @larenztate )

May 2019

Couch Sweet Potato 🍠

May 2019

It felt so good to celebrate my good friend @kendrick38 at the launch of @BLDPWR and be in community with phenomenal artivists putting in the work! Thank you @favianna1 for drawing important connections and for showing how climate change is a racial justice issue! You did the damn thing! Big up @Tia oso and @mrmikedelarocha for all your hard work, vision, and energy! Inspired!

May 2019

Yesterday was Malcolm X’s birthday. 🙏🏼 # To fight for freedom, we must always be seeking to learn and apply new information about who we are, how we came to be this way and the outside cultural, institutional, and social forces that impacted us. We are all in various levels of sleep, the antidote to which must be an INTENTIONAL learning/unlearning and self-reflection coupled with ACTION. (Image repost from @workingclassteacher )

May 2019

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves @weinspirejustice We are multiracial and intergenerational artivists across the gender spectrum. We educate, organize and train celebrities, influencers and media companies to best leverage their hearts, creativity, and platforms to transform culture toward social good. We are the bridge between the grassroots and the highly visible. We inspire justice. Check out this clip to hear our inception story, why we do what we do, and how we do it. #InspireJustice

May 2019

Love these fools @karlasouza @conradricamora 😍🤩 #HTGAWM

May 2019

LET’S!!! GOOOOO!!!! Thank you all the fans out there watching and loving our show! 😍🤩😍🤩

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