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11 hours ago

All your favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe quotes have been assembled into one collectible book, available from @DisneyBooks !

16 hours ago

Week eight of the " @MarvelChampions : #SummonerShowdown " starts at 4PM ET tomorrow! Watch all the action here:


Watch @SophieT discuss how she prepared for her transformation into the Dark Phoenix. Get #XMen : #DarkPhoenix on Blu-ray TOMORROW. Available now on Digital:

3 days ago

Kamala Khan protects the streets of Jersey City with her one-of-a-kind embiggening power. Ms. Marvel is taking on new roles in this week's #Marvel101 , both in and out of costume!

4 days ago

These five heroes' plan to take down Klaw is so chill, it just might work! Watch a new #TheFreshMen chapter from @AXE for more:

4 days ago

🔥Not even the Ghost Rider is safe from Absolute Carnage! Pick up “Absolute Carnage: Symbiote of Vengeance” #1, available digitally and at your local comic shop.

6 days ago

#NCBD is here! What are you adding to your #MarvelPullList ?

1 weeks ago

Celebrate the Armored Avenger with comedian @chrisgeth and a Lobster Corn Dog on a new episode of #EatTheUniverse ! Get the Iron Man-inspired recipe, and watch the full episode on

1 weeks ago

Week seven of " @MarvelChampions : #SummonerShowdown " kicks off at 4PM ET tomorrow! Tune in to all the action:

2 weeks ago

Silver Sablinova, AKA Silver Sable, is known for being one of the deadliest ladies alive. This week on #Marvel101 , she's out to save Symkaria.

2 weeks ago

What are you reading this #NCBD ?

2 weeks ago

This new Loki novel by @themackenzilee is now available throughout the Nine Realms! Get your copy now from @disneybooks :

2 weeks ago

TODAY! At 4PM ET, three summoners will face off in week six of the "Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown." Tune in here:

2 weeks ago

The #XMen ’s greatest battle will change their future. Watch "X-Men: #DarkPhoenix " on Digital today:

2 weeks ago

Krakoa is so much more than just an island. This week on #Marvel101 , the X-Men come into contact with a land they do not understand.

3 weeks ago

Did we mention it's our birthday? Tell us your favorite Marvel memory! (🎨: @AdamKubert )

3 weeks ago

#TodayInMarvelHistory in 1939, Timely Comics published "Marvel Comics" #1, paving the way for the entire Marvel Universe as we know it. #Marvel80

3 weeks ago

Avengers, assemble! Celebrating 80 years of Marvel Comics. (via @styledbymarvel ) #Marvel80 #StyledByMarvel

3 weeks ago

Here's your look at the comics hitting shelves next week! What are you most excited to read?

3 weeks ago

📖 80 years! 80 creative teams! Celebrate #Marvel80 with "Marvel Comics" #1000, available now at your local comic shop or digitally.

3 weeks ago

In 30 minutes, three contestants will face off in this week's " @MarvelChampions : #SummonerShowdown "! Have you been watching the tournament? Catch up here:

3 weeks ago

It's almost showtime! Tune in TODAY at 4PM PT on the Marvel HQ YouTube channel for the premiere of " @MarvelRising : Battle of the Bands," and live-chat with the singer/songwriters Doug Rockwell and @TovaOnMars ! #MarvelRising

3 weeks ago

Cosplayer Eddie Pagan ( @e_mazing20 ) transforms into Carnage with the help of makeup artist Aria Ferraro ( @ariaofny ) on a new #MarvelBecoming ! Watch the full episode on, and pick up "Absolute Carnage" #2 at your local comic shop today.

3 weeks ago

What are you adding to your #MarvelPullList today? #NCBD

3 weeks ago

Happy Birthday to the King, Jack Kirby! 👑

4 weeks ago

"If there is nothing but what we make in this world, let us make good." Your #MarvelMotivation , presented by @GEICO

4 weeks ago

In an all-new #EatTheUniverse , chef Justin Warner ( @EatFellowHumans ) makes a bone-shaped dog biscuit fit for Lockjaw himself, or in this case, Justin's dog Kewpie! Watch the full episode, and get the recipe on

4 weeks ago

Today at #D23Expo , Marvel Comics Editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort unveiled "INCOMING," the comic that will shape the future of Marvel Comics in 2020 and beyond. #MarvelComics

4 weeks ago

The cast of Marvel Studios’ “The Eternals” takes the stage at #D23Expo

4 weeks ago

Just announced at #D23Expo : Ryan Coogler returns to direct Marvel Studios’ BLACK PANTHER 2, in theaters May 6, 2022.

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