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2 days ago

FaceApp... Vocês acham que se eu ficar velha e com o dinheiro da Oprah eu não vou ficar a cara dela? #mydream #myintention #ajoke #lovelyewoman #greatwoman @oprah

3 weeks ago

So Soft and Pretty! Like me, for sure!😘😃😋

last month

Mas pra nós só tem solução, né @dirceusarcinelli ? Feliz Dia dos Namorados, com amor, humor, saúde, viagens e tudibom! ❣ you! 😘❣😘❣😘😃

last month

@dayanadestefani @larissaaquinof @4nnecoelho @robertacareta @sabrina_canal Luana Braga @margodp - dia de aprendizado e muito trabalho em equipe! @unimedsulcapixaba @orgulhodeserunimed @dacasa @dadaltocasa

May 2019

Simply the best! Mammy Dear! Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday tomorrow! God bless us all! #mothersday #moquecaalways #Enseada with @dirceusarcinelli ❣❣❣❣

April 2019

Arya Stark is a queen! Now Cersey, "not today" for you too ! #gameofthrones @gameofthrones @gameofthroneseason8 @maisie_williams And Lyanna, giant killer, my applause!!!

April 2019

So sad! Notre-Dame 😥😥😥 a beautifull part of history leave us today. We're glad we know that wonderfull church #france #notredame with @dirceusarcinelli

April 2019

What a sunday! Sun all day, with bike, friends, love and a Whale Musseum, snow from Game of Thrones and rain right now! 😃 God bless us all!

February 2019

Oscar this year really pleased me! Virtually all awards received black and Latino men and women as presenters. And, of course, as winners of the statuettes. Really, there is no wall that blocks the talent !!! Black Panther, for his mastery and representativeness, was a great salesman. If it's just a politically correct Hollywood attitude? Well, I know I liked it! Rome, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Favourite, BlacKkKlansman, Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse, Vice and Green Book were my favorites and won! The glamor of the ruffles (how they wore ruffles! ) And the phrase "God is Good! All the time" closed the party beautifully! Let the Disney Year (Aladdin, The Lion King, Toy Story 4 and Dumbo ) and Marvel Begin! #Oscars #OscarnaTNT (Photos captured by publishments in Instagram and Internet )

February 2019

Diva! @dianaross ! 🎶Make this World a Better Place🎵 #GRAMMYS #grammystnt 75Birthday

February 2019

I, Marcia Christina, in advance thank you Miley Cyrus, the eternal Hanna Montanna, who will send me the little shoe she is wearing at #GRAMMYs #grammyawards #grammystnt #loveit @mileycyrus

January 2019

Marcinha, if you could choose the voice of a singer to be yours, who would it be? Lady Chaka Khan, of course! #musicislife #thebest #iwillsingoneday 😍😘🤩 @chakaikhan

January 2019

What a year! In the end, the word and the feeling of friendship was stronger as it had long had no time to experience! Reunions with friends from here, friends from work, and some now even international (through whatsapp ), were wonderful! Wonderful! Come 2019, with great courage, love, health, prosperity and creativity.😘😆

December 2018

Today is the day of My Hero, My Friend, My Love! Happy Birthday @dirceusarcinelli Always save me from the monsters! Rsrsrsrs 😘😍😘😍

December 2018

What a Friday Night! Queen Experience in Concert! Wonderfull show! #WearetheChampionsMyLove @dirceusarcinelli #FredMercuryForever #iwanttobreakfree #JustSucess #SingandDance #MarvellousMomentsinLife

November 2018

É tarde cultural que fala? #Feriado #Exposições #PalácioAnchieta #MuseudaVale @dirceusarcinelli 😘

October 2018

I have a dream too, Mr Luther King! A better world, good persons all around and Peace! #tbt @dirceusarcinelli 💏

August 2018

That's what Friends are For! Thanks God for this wonderfull Night with good Music and Magic Friends and Love! #dionewarwick ❤ Andrea Resende / @claudiafeliz / @dirceusarcinelli

August 2018

Tá cold ou tá hot? I only know that its marvelous!

June 2018

If it's not to have a godfather like this, I do not even want to date! Happy Valentine's Day! And may more travels and adventures come! LoveYou @dirceusarcinelli #LoveDisney #ItsallMagic

May 2018

Lua cheia, ilumina minha vida! #Moon

September 2016

Ah, a lua! E seus encantos!