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FJHS 2016 Kairos 35/39 family, philly life LAX#14 "it's not about the cards you're dealt, but how you play the hand”

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April 2019

Take your #BeerPong game to the next level. Wednesday #BeerPongNight @redzbarandgrill sponsored by @bpnc us with in app points, player tracking, and head to head play, if you aren’t using the app you aren’t serious about getting your balls wet. Come out tomorrow night at 8pm for tournament play $5 gets you to in and a free beer. Cash prize and a bar tab to the winners along with your name on the wall of fame. • • • • • #beerpongtable #beerpong 🍻 #beerpongchampions #beerpongpartner #beerpongbar #beerpongphilly #phillybeerpong #beerpongchamp #beerpongchamps #beerpongnight #beerpongtournament #beerpongchampion #beerpongking #beerpongqueen #beerpongchallenge #beerpongparty #beerpongtime #beerpongtourney #beerpongpartners #philly #northeastphilly #phillysportsbar #phillyevents #wednesdayinphilly #thingstodoinphilly

January 2018

Made it onto their 2017 post, gotta say it’s pretty awesome

August 2017

So this happened this morning #picklerick #rickandmorty artist: @electricchurchtattoo @rickandmorty

June 2017

Needless to say, pretty successful day trip to firefly yesterday, here's the highlight of seeing chance the rapper thanks for bringing me @m3gh3art

May 2017

And of course to he ones that are blood, happy national brothers day ❤️

May 2017

Couple days late but it Was a great night with some even better people.

May 2017

When a co worker asks you to draw Belle

March 2017

Only cause I rarely post

December 2016

Little late to the party but last nights 2 AM Walmart trip for cookie dough that turned into a Christmas decorating all nighter was pretty awesome and definitely worth the loss of sleep😂 ⛄️🎅🏼🎄

July 2016

Can I go back to senior week, with this crazy crowd of people. To the best week I had and I really wish we could do it again this summer @will_vish @kristinenwagner @robfj2016 @ryan farris.ffjj_ @chuckie__30 @kevin coughlin @kelsiebrooks

June 2016

New tattoo

June 2016

A great senior week at 216 in good ole wildwood has come to an end. It was a bumpy week but we got through it

June 2016

Moby dick squad

June 2016

Well it's been a long but good 4 years at judge, it's ups and downs but I could not have asked for a better group of friends to spend those four years with and hopefully most will stick around for much much longer. Some have joined along the way but I'm still glad I met you all and had the opportunity to call you friends or brothers. I added people in the comments cause it wouldn't let me tag you, If I forgot to tag you let me know it was a long list of people I found so I was bound to miss a couple but I got most of you. We are now Father Judge Alumn

May 2016

Class of 2016's last day at lunch was an eventful one and a good one 5th period will be missed with zachs flinging of bottle caps out the window, trever giving zach fries, will usually doing homework, Farris messing with will while he does homework and dudley just enjoying the show

May 2016

Squad deep at judge senior prom 2K16 and it was lit. Why will or Bridget were not in frame we'll never know but it was still a great weekend

March 2016

Last night Kelsie gave kevin her ring to wear on his necklace as a good luck charm for it was his opening night as schroeder in "you're a good man Charlie Brown" ignore me in the back taking pictures Photo cred: @caitlinkline21

February 2016

Time flies and I can't wait to be back down with a great group of guys changing lives one way or another 😄🙏🏼 #blessup #kairos #39

December 2015

It's that time of the year where we make fools of ourselves cause well, it's awesome, Merry Christmas from the three amigos 🔴🔵🌲🎅🏼🎅🏼🎁

November 2015

I know I'm pretty late and if ur not tagged tell me and if u don't see a pic of u it's cause I couldn't find one but I'm very thankful for the group of friends I call family, I wouldn't change a damn thing about these people cause they make every day life just that much better, love you all and would take a bullet for any of you

November 2015

@the_batgeek #batgeek2015 joker Halloween costume

October 2015

Love can be a great and powerful thing....it can either strengthen you or break you

October 2015

Class ring

October 2015

Class of 2016 ring mass with the squad or at least the ones I actually got pictures with

September 2015

Happy batman day from Bailey, he's the hero Gotham deserves but not the one it needs right now 😂 #batdog #batman #batmanday2015

September 2015

My mans buddy, love this dog

September 2015

First tattoo on my left leg from mean street artists name was taco

June 2015

One of my favorite art projects from this year, Pride rock from the Lion King

April 2015

@shane_nolan #JakeAndTheNeverlandPirates look alike 😂😂

April 2015

Easter wit my favorite cousin 🐇🐰🐥 fo👣ow @little_briiz

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