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5 hours ago

Photo by @tkbm4410 for #Lr_Light || The neon from the building signs reflected Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood onto the road. To me, it looked exactly like a river made of light. When I take pictures on a rainy day, I always start from this place.⁠ •⁠ When you exit Shinjuku Station to the south and turn right, it becomes a little slope. The wet, reflective sidewalks in the rain turn the scene into a neon wonderland. When I shot this, it was raining hard, so there were fewer pedestrians than usual. Because of this, I was able to capture the reflection of the light on the road.⁠


Photo by @gartentashi for #Lr_Light || One day, I was on the search for a poppy field. There were not many poppies around my previous home. Over the years, I only found a few lonely poppies here and there. ⁠ •⁠ This year, we were moving to a new place. After one visit to our new home, I immediately saw poppies resting at the edge of a field of grains. The light was enchanting. I thought to myself, “This must be a good omen.” 😉⁠

2 days ago

Photo by @airpixels for #Lr_Light || My first day in China, I arrived late to Guilin and made the decision to skip sleep and go down to the Li River for sunrise.⁠ •⁠ As I travel further up the river, a fisherman starts paddling downward to meet me.⁠ •⁠ The fog is moving in and out over the river, revealing the beautiful, karst mountains in the background before it suddenly disappears again. The sun pops over the mountain, and for a second, everything looks like a fairytale.⁠

5 days ago

Photo by @shreyasyadav0 || It was a cold winter’s evening, and daylight was fading fast. The darkness of night was spreading across the forest. We were on our journey back, when a mysterious, cat-shaped silhouette popped up on the side of the road, peering between two trees. As we slowed to a stop, the shape appeared from the shadows. We were stunned to see a leopard!⁠ •⁠ For the past decade, I took multiple trips to this forest in search of leopards and black panthers but was never successful. I was so happy to finally capture this shot; my dedication finally paid off.⁠ •⁠ This is my favorite photo because the leopard’s eyes are gorgeous and green, just like the surrounding forest.⁠

1 weeks ago

Photo by @maxbluey for #Lr_Light || This was taken near Fürth, a small city in Bavaria. I was searching for poppies because at this time of the year poppies bloom in their full magnificence.⁠ •⁠ While I was roaming around, it started to rain, but the sun was still shining. I thought this would be the perfect shot: wet poppies kissed with the beautiful light of a warm sunset. After a few shots, I decided to change my point of view. I know that people hardly ever change their point of view, which often leads to missing the good things around them! I try to fight against that notion, so, I looked to the right and saw this amazing rainbow.⁠ •⁠ I was torn between capturing the poppies and the rainbow, trying to shoot both sides. I couldn’t really decide which perspective I wanted. But these moments of struggle are why I love photography. Sometimes the most beautiful shots come out of the most unexpected conditions.⁠

2 weeks ago

Photo by @broniveller for #Lr_Light || My friend and I had planned to wake up early and visit the Tegallalang Rice Terrace in the morning. We wanted to get there at first light to avoid tourists and soak in the landscape.⁠ •⁠ It proved to be a real challenge to wake up at 4 a.m. and ride a motorcycle for two hours. But, it all paid off when we arrived at the destination. Tegallalang’s rice fields are so beautiful in the morning. I love the fresh morning air combined with the green scenery and the beautiful sun rays. It was truly unforgettable.⁠

2 weeks ago

Photo by @navajomylo for #Lr_Light || In April of 2010, a few days before my birthday, I had a dream so vivid that I remember waking up in a panic at 2:18 a.m. In my dream, the sunrise was strong. The light was clear – no smog or dust in the air. Most of all, I recall how intensely quiet it was: so quiet I could only hear the sound of my own breath and heartbeat. •⁠ I viewed this dream as a vision or invitation to visit the place. The day before my birthday, I packed my gear, drove and camped out. That night, it rained and snowed. I felt like an idiot chasing a crazy dream. The next morning, the roads were so wet that all valley tours were canceled in the park.⁠ •⁠ But later that morning, it was just as I had dreamed. That exposure won me quite a few awards and also helped me financially. Now, I use the proceeds from my photography to bring light to homes across the American Southwest.⁠ •⁠ Announcing this month’s new theme: #Lr_Light Make sure to share your bright photos with us and tag #Lr_Light for a chance to be featured on the Lightroom Instagram page!⁠

2 weeks ago

Photo by @navajomylo || Before we had BB guns, we ran around with cedar branches from our treehouses. We never played Cowboys and Indians because we knew John Wayne couldn’t kill 10 Indians with one shot. Our metal Transformer toys lasted through all the Rez dirt, and we all wanted to be Ultimate Warrior when we wrestled.⁠ •⁠ During those early years, my father took me everywhere. We never camped, but we took a ton of day trips all over Northern Arizona and into Southern Utah. He’s seen and supported my growth behind the camera, but one important thing he’s taught me is simply to put everything down and view the land.⁠ •⁠ This is my favorite kind of "time out." Nowadays, when we are both home, we often head out, and he still shows me these awesome places. He wants me to photograph them, but I’ll often leave the lenses, filters and tripods behind. I believe these trips are about spending time with him and, in a way, putting everything aside.⁠ •⁠ I can’t thank my mother and father enough for allowing me to spend so much time in nature. When I took this exposure, the only living thing I saw was an old coyote. I called him in from afar while playing my Native American flute. Out here, sounds can travel across the plains.⁠

2 weeks ago

Photo by @navajomylo || 40 years ago, my father scouted this location for a film crew. We still have a photograph of him standing on the left ridge. The production crew never actually made it here due to the treacherous road conditions; they filmed his scenes in a different canyon.⁠ •⁠ In my elementary school years, my father took me here too, and I was amazed at the view. It’s one of those places you just don’t forget. Well over a decade ago, this image became one of my early exposures from my 4x5 large format view camera. If you pinch and zoom, you’ll see loads of dust spots, vertical scratches on the emulsion and a soft foreground (amongst other imperfections ).⁠ •⁠ One thing my father taught me was that, as we see in nature, beauty can still exist with imperfections. Mother nature has changed over time, but regardless of her disasters – natural or inflicted by mankind – she is always beautiful and powerful! My father taught me so much about nature in this spot. I am grateful for my footprints that remind me of where I’ve been and teach me to have a strong, next step as we continue to Walk in Beauty…the Navajo way.

3 weeks ago

Photo by @navajomylo || Hi everybody, my name is Mylo Fowler ( @navajomylo ) and I’ll be taking over the Lightroom Instagram page this week. I'll show you a little bit of the light in my work, where I take proceeds from my exposures to light up more homes all over the Southwest. As a photographer, one of my favorite times of day is just before the sun goes down and everything gets dark. I love it, not because I get to photograph the stars, but because I know people all around the Navajo Reservation get to push a button in their homes and have light for the very first time.⁠ •⁠ Early this morning around 2 a.m., I was reading while lying in bed when a small voice in my head, almost like a whisper in the wind, reminded me to “just look at nature.” This is now a mantra I live by. The beauty around us has weathered many storms. Many years of rough, torrential water carved out this Navajo sandstone landscape to appear as it is today. ⁠ •⁠ I feel this way about each of us. Life isn’t always easy, and, at times, it is meant to be endured. When the many storms are weathered, we all will have something beautiful like this hillside.⁠

3 weeks ago

Photo by @cumacevikphoto for #Lr_Wander || I took this photo near Mount Erciyes in Turkey. I wanted to capture a close-up photo, but I knew I couldn’t get *too* close without scaring the horses. I followed them for almost two kilometers before I got the perfect shot.⁠ •⁠ When this group paused for a while, they let me approach them. They made sure to keep a bit of distance, but they didn’t run away. Instead, they watched me with timid eyes as I took this photo. Getting close to these wild animals was an incredibly emotional moment for me.⁠

4 weeks ago

Photo by @st_ella for #Lr_Wander || A few weeks ago, my friend and I drove to visit Hangzhou. The temple you see in this photo is called the Chenghuang Pavilion. It is one of the most famous spots in this area. • The sun was setting at the exact moment I took this photo. I felt very fortunate that the temple lit up right at the same time. In the background, behind the temple, you can see the entire city of Hangzhou. I love that I was able to capture this combination of old and new.

4 weeks ago

Photo by @rainerblickle for #Lr_Wander || My wife and I were on vacation touring around Italy. The Amalfi Coast was our last stop of the week-long trip. We had one free day, so we asked the hotel concierge where to go. She told us to visit Ravello. • It’s a quaint town set in the hills away from the coast, which makes it automatically less touristy. The town is home to Villa Rufolo, which is where this picture was taken. We were hesitant to pay the 10 euro entrance fee, but it was worth it. As we walked around the beautiful garden lining the back of the property, I noticed a large tree overlooking the ocean below and had to take this shot. • Big shout out to my wife for letting me use her camera after I dropped mine in the ocean a couple of days earlier!

4 weeks ago

Photo by @stefanogera for #Lr_Wander || A few kilometers from the shouting of tourists visiting Pisa and its iconic leaning tower, there is an island of nature that remains silent and far from the changes of urbanization. It is the Natural Park of Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli, a protected site that includes wetlands, marshes, coastal dunes, and the great Lake Massaciuccoli, a once-ancient, brackish lagoon. • I’ve seen this avenue of trees photographed over the years, and finally, I had the chance to see it with my own eyes! I decided to go for a walk in the afternoon, and I discovered this enchanting and quiet place, where fallow deer live and where the light spills through the tree branches, creating a magical atmosphere. • If I didn’t know better, I would have thought I was in a fairytale.

5 weeks ago

Photo by @sebastianeppler for #Lr_Wander || New York is my absolute favorite city. I was there for a week in January this year. I'm always fascinated by this city, and I feel like I’m in a movie when I walk through the streets. I try to travel on foot in order to discover new streets and neighborhoods, and my camera always comes with me. • This photo was taken on a freezing cold winter’s evening in January. I really wanted to photograph this iconic view from the Manhattan Bridge looking onto the Brooklyn Bridge. The wind blew icy cold, and I struggled to hold my camera. I could not feel my fingers. I was about to leave when suddenly the sky behind the buildings began to light up. There was something magical about the skyline. Sometimes the light and mood of a setting can change in just a few minutes, and it's well worth the wait.

5 weeks ago

Photo by @sharynhodges for #Lr_Wander || When Dominique and Frank first asked me to photograph their “Trash the Dress” shoot on honeymoon in Namibia, I thought they were joking. Then, I became delighted by the possibilities in front of us. • I found myself at Deadvlei, Namibia. I did the usual day-before-the-shoot rekkie (Australian slang for “reconnaissance” ). It was February, one of the hottest months in the Southern Hemisphere. Despite the heat, those wispy clouds, those dead trees, the orange dunes and the white river bed brought out all kinds of inspiration. The shoot was beyond epic. Happy clients, happy photography!

last month

Photo by @erenjam for #Lr_Wander || This was taken at the famous Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, where I was hoping to capture some long exposures. I saw this guy on a bike and thought it would be really cool if I could capture some light trails with him frozen beside them. Fortunately, he must of been having a very interesting conversation on his phone as he hardly moved an inch. It was one of those rare, lucky moments where a scene played out exactly as I wanted it to.

last month

Photo by @ahmetgultekinphoto for #Lr_Wander || The Italian region of Tuscany is especially known to food- and wine-lovers for its delicious local fare. However, it also has a lesser-known appeal for photographers, particularly in the spring. Tuscany provides a visual feast at this time of year, and I was lucky enough to visit! • I was not very lucky, however, with the weather. It rained for four days continuously until the morning when this picture was taken. When the rain finally broke, the sunrise was so beautiful that it seemed to make up for all the gloomy days. The early-morning light and that little a bit of fog were all I needed. • The fog decorated the road like a beautiful painting, and my friend jumped into the shot as my model. It was an unforgettable experience.

last month

Photo by @silkymerman with @tinyatlasquarterly for #Lr_Wander || It’s been over a month since I’ve arrived home. I’m sitting at my desk, drinking lukewarm coffee, and eating day-old pizza. I’ve found myself in between a state of eagerness and near-painful nostalgia. My travel partner, Gabe, couldn’t have been closer to the truth when he confidently stated, “Mexico will take hold of you.” • I didn’t know it at the time, but that short stint south of the border would infatuate my mind for weeks to come. I don’t think I can pinpoint one particular person or event that aroused this insatiable wanderlust. It is a cumulative concoction of nature, food, music, dance and conversation. I can still taste that morning coffee – overflowing with freshly squeezed coconut milk on my tongue. I drift back to these long nights by a raging bonfire – the smell of lime and woodsmoke wafting over a bioluminescent coastline. I can still feel my feet stumbling through an impromptu salsa lesson, a skill I’ve since vowed to improve. • As a resident of Hawaii, I thought I mastered the art of relaxation. However, there is a certain pace (or lack of cell service ) in Guerrero, Mexico that made me appreciate the slow times more than ever. • This month is all about that wanderlust! Share your travel pictures this month and tag #Lr_Wander for a chance to be featured on the @Lightroom Instagram page.

last month

Photo by @ernathan for @tinyatlasquarterly || Right next to @PlayaViva is a turtle sanctuary called @LaTortugaViva (The Living Turtle ). The sanctuary is completely staffed by local and international volunteers and is part of a movement in Mexico to restore the numbers of endangered sea turtles who use the soft coastal sands to make their nests. • Working in pairs, Juluchuca local volunteers search the beach each night for the buried nests of Green turtles (Golfina ) and Leatherback turtles (Laud ). Once the nests are found and unearthed, the volunteers relocate the eggs to a pen safe from local predators whose populations have gone unchecked. When the turtle eggs hatch, the volunteers (and lucky guests at nearby Playa Viva ) carefully bring the babies back to the sand their mothers buried them in and release them. The tiny turtles take their first flipper steps out to the rushing surf and imprint the sand’s location as they go, using what scientists think is a magnetic field super sense. The females will return to these same coasts to make their own nests 7-10 years later and continue to return throughout their breeding years.

last month

Photo by @silkymerman for @tinyatlasquarterly || One thing a bit unique about traveling with a pack of photographers on a produced adventure is that we schedule our days around shooting. Naturally, we planned a horseback ride at sunset. • We have a series of images for you today on Lightroom’s Instagram Stories that show the variety of ways Ben, Meg, Gabe, and I told different stories of the same experience. Backlit, shallow depth of field, sunset flare, details, silhouettes, motion blur, and high-speed capture are among the differences.

last month

Photo by @meg_haywoodsullivan for @tinyatlasquarterly || In addition to Playa Viva focusing on cultivating and recultivating native species on their land, they are also deeply involved with the tiny town closest to them, Juluchuca. • The Playa Viva resident yogi offers free weekly classes to anyone who wants to join. Colleen Fugate, who works for Playa Viva as their Social and Environmental Impact Manager, lives in town and works on a variety of development initiatives including a recycling project the town now runs. One, called “Juluchuca Limpia” (Clean Juluchuca ), has local high school students make baskets to collect and recycle plastics. Our group also toured the small factories, or “fábricas,” where residents make a unique shredded coconut dessert.

last month

Photo by @silkymerman for @tinyatlasquarterly || One morning, predawn, we drove to Barra de Potosí, a small fishing village just south of Zihuatanejo. Sunrise shoots might be hard to wake up for, but we like to say “sunrise is always worth it.” Experiencing sunrise on the ocean also means clearer water to shoot through, smoother seas to ride on, and more marine life encounters. • Ben Ono ( @silkymerman ) shares, “Three miles off the coast, white cliffs rise from the ocean’s horizon. Pantropical spotted dolphins make their approach, chasing a school of yellowfin tuna through an emerald oasis. Thousands of birds make their nests on the jagged cliffsides of the islands, their vocalizations echoing between the sea caves. The sea is alive – hundreds of mobula rays glide below the surface, a community of ocean neighborhoods moving beautifully in sync.”

last month

Photo by @_gabrielflores for @tinyatlasquarterly || Hi, this is Emily, founder of Tiny Atlas, a photography community devoted to visual storytelling. One of our favorite things to do is to connect with our online community in the real world on adventures, and then circle back and share the stories with our community. • When planning trips, we are mindful of our impact on the planet. This image of a cashew fruit in the hands of Amanda, a permaculture farmer, is from our recent trip to Playa Viva in Mexico, on the Pacific Coast in the state of Guerrero. Along with our travelers were photographers Ben Ono ( @silkymerman ), Meg Haywood Sullivan ( @meg_haywoodsullivan ), and Gabriel Flores ( @_gabrielflores ). • Meg Haywood Sullivan shares, “True leaders in a sustainable design are few and far between. The people at this 100%-off-the-grid oasis in central Mexico make their own biochar to fertilize their crops. They’ve worked with the local community elders to reintroduce 24 native plants back into the ecosystem. We ate cashew fruit off the tree, had freshly pressed moringa smoothies, and the best flan I have ever had.”

last month

#Lr_Taste photo by @twolovesstudio || I am always on the look out for how I can make my images unique. During Christmas last year, I wanted to capture the essence of the season in a different way – something that would go beyond the traditional red, white, and green. • I had my heart set on Star Anise. There is just something so magical about these beautiful shapes. • Often in photography, the magic is in the details. A photogenic subject that might be overlooked can blossom in front of the camera. Taking the time to explore the details and textures in food has kept me passionate about shooting in this niche for over seven years.

last month

#Lr_Taste photo by @soulful_and_healthy || When it comes to food photography, the most challenging dishes to photograph are the most simple ones on the plate. This Beetroot hummus was one such dish. • When I shot this, I was waiting for that perfect, natural light, but the clouds kept moving and there was either very harsh light or not enough of it. The sun was just about to set, and I had to capture the last bit of daylight. I moved all the furniture in my living room to get the perfect amount of light on the pink bowl of hummus, and when the soft light hit the scene, I took my shot… and it was perfect!

last month

#Lr_Taste photo by @kathrynelsesserphotography || It was a warm, sunny week in Portland, Oregon, so naturally I was thinking about refreshing drinks. I started to experiment, and as a food and wine photographer I thought it would be lovely to photograph my creation. I came up with a cocktail of Gin and grapefruit juice with a splash of sparkling wine, and captured this shot for my personal portfolio.

last month

Photo by @andrewoptics || The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in the world, and certainly the most iconic landmark in the Bay Area. I had this shot in mind for a while, and when I finally got a telephoto lens, I headed over there for golden hour. The reason I wanted to zoom in as close as I could was to better showcase all of the bridge’s details, and also to allow the viewer to single in on each car and person. • I arrived during golden hour and caught some incredible light coming from the coast. The light created some incredible shadows on the bridge, which helped add a lot of depth to the image. • I’ve now lived in the Bay Area for almost three years, and still get star struck every time I see this bridge. It’s definitely a must-see for anyone who comes to visit.

last month

Follow along with  @BoxOfSpice ’s tutorial to learn how she creates beautiful effects on her food photography using Lightroom for mobile!

last month

#Lr_Taste photo by @sculptedkitchen || This photo captures the beauty of what nature has to offer. Looking beyond the colors and variety, it also represents a journey. • I picked up a camera after high school and started shooting weddings. Call it beginners luck, but without any experience, I began to get the knack of it. After taking a break and having children, I wanted to teach them the joy of eating well and how creating and cooking can unleash a connection with what they eat. • I started taking photographs of my food and found that food photography linked me to so many like minded people around the world. Now, I wake up every day excited to learn more about photography and editing. Any delays or stumbling blocks help me grow, and I am so excited to keep growing and seeing where my photography will go!

last month

#Lr_Taste photo by @00coffeecat00 || What evokes that cozy, warm, comforting feeling of “home”? For me it’s definitely the scent of homemade baking, spices, and flowers. Waking up early in the morning and sipping your first cup of coffee along with some seasonal dessert is something that makes me feel really happy and inspired. • The most important thing about homemade pies is that they don’t have to look perfect – they are not about that. They are about children’s happy smiles, lazy morning hugs & kisses, and talking with the ones you love.

last month

#Lr_Taste photo by @mississippivegan || In food photography, the goal is not only to style the food so that it looks aesthetically pleasing, but also to make it look as appetizing and inviting as possible. Creating movement and height helps to achieve this feel. • My goal is to create recipes that flow with the seasons, while incorporating local produce and fresh herbs from my garden. When I found local snow peas at the farmers market, I was inspired to create this dish. The result is a refreshing option for a summer meal with a delightful crunch. The gluten-free noodles are tossed with a sesame lime dressing and then mixed with snow peas, carrots, edamame, roasted butternut squash, cucumber, black sesame seeds, green onions, and freshly chopped Thai basil. A balance of salty, sweet, and tangy are achieved beautifully with a nice variety of texture and color. The full recipe is on my blog:!

May 2019

Photo by @_psudo_ || I love capturing the beauty of Bombay. I often visit this exact location to take photographs, and every time, the photos look drastically different! • On this day, it was too bright to take a slow shutter. All of a sudden, the signal turned green and the vehicles started moving. I couldn't waste another second, so I lowered the shutter speed on my phone's pro mode, but it didn't work. Then, I took off my sunglasses and used the lens as a filter, taking a RAW picture through one eye of my sunglasses. With the help of Lightroom, it worked!

May 2019

For International Day of Light, we partnered up with @dfreske Click the link in our bio to find out how he discovered his unique lighting style. Then, follow along with his video tutorial and learn how to create brilliant lighting effects of your own!

May 2019

#Lr_Taste photo by @bealubas || Eating is a multisensory experience… And so is a great food photograph. • In food photography, there is no sound, smell, touch or taste to support your message. You need to get to your viewer’s soul through their eyes and sneak important visual details into your images to wake up their imagination. • It means focusing on fresh colors, interesting textures and shapes, and wrapping it all up in beautiful lighting.

May 2019

#Lr_Taste photo by @heterei_fotogourmet || It’s important to me to show the delicious side of the foods I photograph. • I’m Paraguayan, and I wanted to give an authentic touch to my work, so I gave myself the nickname “Heterei” in Guaraní, our official language. Heterei means delicious. ☺️ • This is called “Pie de Limón” in Spanish. I learned how to make it from a friend who owns a gluten free bakery in Paraguay. This gluten free “Pie de Limón” tastes like heaven. 🤩

May 2019

#Lr_Taste photo by @kamilekave || All my life, I wanted to become an important business woman at a big corporation. After years of studying and finally getting that dream job, it only took me one year to realize that this life made me absolutely miserable. It was just not me. So, I flipped my life upside down to become a food photographer. Every day, I spend my mornings learning about photography and the rest of the day practicing or trying to meet other photographers. • It’s shoots like these when I realize how lucky I am. You see, this shoot was an absolute disaster. It took hours to prepare these doughnuts, and they turned out looking nothing like doughnuts. Even the frosting turned out wrong: it was way too thick. By the time I prepared one decent looking doughnut, the daylight was almost gone already… But, my god, I loved every single minute of it. • My cousin held the plate up right next to the window to capture just enough light. I took the only “doughnut” that looked a least somewhat like a doughnut, trimmed it with scissors and topped with raspberries to cover the ugly hole on the inside. I took the shot and used Lightroom to enhance the colors and play with the shadows. Pretty happy with the result!

May 2019

#Lr_Taste photo by @twiggstudios || I love baking bread at home; it’s such a simple, honest food with only a few ingredients. This was my first experience baking or eating Hokkaido milk bread. I saw the recipe in @tworedbowls ’s cookbook and instantly knew I needed to try it. The smell coming from the oven while it was cooking filled the kitchen with the most beautiful aroma. • When I tore it open and saw just how incredibly cotton soft it was, I was amazed. I had originally baked it to use for French toast, but it was just so perfectly soft I wanted to eat it as it was. The thought of toasting it and turning that incredible center crispy seemed like a waste. We cut a big slice and ate it with butter. I think it’s probably the best bread I have ever eaten. • I wanted to try and capture that softness in a photo. So I put camera on my tripod and took a few shots with the timer and was happy with how I managed to show the bread’s pillowy inside. I did some basic edits in Lightroom and used the vignette tool to draw the eye to the inside of the loaf as it was the star of the show.

May 2019

#Lr_Taste photo by @aimeebourque || I love a good lesson from the kitchen, especially if it promotes food sustainability and zero waste. • This simple kitchen project started as a way to demonstrate to my daughter how not all vegetable scraps need to end up the compost bin – many will sprout again in water if given the chance. Part science experiment and part salad inspiration, this mini garden of repurposed produce ends brought a welcome touch of greenery to my table this spring. • Once you start looking, there are a thousand little ways we can make environmentally friendly choices in the kitchen. Re-growing vegetable scraps is just one of them.

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