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4 weeks ago

Annoyed cause I got full & couldn’t order another one 🙊

last month

Painted skies 🎨

last month

Thank you to all of the fans who continue to love and support me. Also thank you to @youngandrestlesscbs for having me at this years fan event. It’s hard to connect and get to know fans through social media but the fan event breaks that barrier and provides a space for us all to meet. It’s always such a gift being able to hang out with you guys. God is good. ❤️

June 2019

I will always accelerate to a level I can elevate 🛵

June 2019

darn...I got 2 flat tires 🙃

April 2019

Happy Easter 🌷🐥

April 2019

Had so much fun today getting fitted for not just one (my daytime emmy dress ) but 2 dresses. As many of you know, I have a disease called Endometriosis. Endometriosis is when a women’s endometrial tissue grows outside of the uterus and sticks the organs together. As you can imagine the pain is excruciating and unfortunately it is a disease that is not well known and under-diagnosed. A year ago I wrote a blog post about my journey with Endometriosis because I was in and out of the hospital for about 2 weeks due to Endometriosis attacks and a lot of you wanted to know why. The blog post and being apart of Y&R has brought me countless opportunities to expand awareness about this disease that affects women of all ages. I’ve been able to communicate with so many of my fans who also suffer from it and have even gotten the chance to meet a few of you! I was able to have a few features in magazines which was another blessing and it doesn’t stop there. So THE BIG NEWS IS: I got an email from my amazing manager yesterday and he informed me that The Endometriosis Foundation of America has invited me to this years Blossom Ball in New York City. It is a huge ball which is a charitable event and the chair person is Whoopie Goldberg (of whom I am a huge fan ) and many others who I look up to. For further information you can look at https://www.endofound.org/a-gala-for-womens-health-and-empowerment-inside-the-2018-blossom-ball. I am so excited to be a part of this and meet many other people who are aware of the issues surrounding this disease. ❤️

March 2019

When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day ✨

March 2019

Rare picture of me smiling in my @princesspollyboutique 🌼

January 2019

What an Arvo 🌞

November 2018

Missing my butterflies 🌹🦋. Ps. I was singing random stuff in the tub to practice runs and this kinda came out. I’m very nervous to post this because I’ve never posted a singing video let alone something I just wrote like 5 min ago so please be nice. 😊

September 2018

Beach baby (v ) A salty little sweetheart with sandy toes and a sun kissed nose • Ps. head over to @aerin_swim to get a suit like mine 👅

August 2018

Easy breezy beautiful -Colored girl

August 2018

Do you double scrunch? ft. henna freckles

July 2018

I eat everything and run away from anyone that gets close to me. Who am I? 😶

June 2018

Hollywood devil not an angel

June 2018

A lot has been going on the past couple weeks but here’s what I’ve been up to: Building my Empire Finding myself and what parts of me I lost Loving myself Thinking for myself Being passionate Growing friendships Meeting new people Making new memories

May 2018

The bare necessities -Baloo

May 2018

When life gives you signs you gotta read em 🌴

March 2018

Missing Maine and the people in it 🌞

February 2018

Raise your hand if u wanna travel while ur young 🌴🙋🏽‍♀️

January 2018

You are my golden boy. My ray of sunshine. And now my angel. I’ll never forget when I first saw your nose smooshed up against the cage of your kennel at the humane society. I’d give anything to start the journey all over again with you. Rest in peace baby boy. I love you forever. ✨ || 1-15-18 • 1:22 PM

December 2017

‘Tis cold as f @ #% ❄️

December 2017

When we are old, grey, and 100 years old....we will still make the retirement home let us have bubble baths together #fiveyearoldsatheart 🛁

November 2017

That’s a lot of water 🙄 #bali #Indonesia #travelbug

November 2017

The volcano hasn’t erupted yet so thats cool

September 2017

Soaking up some vitamin sea while sailing with the best sailors I know ⚓️🌊⛵️😉

July 2017

Smiling cause it's Friday and in one week I get to see my baby 💋

July 2017

New suit. Who dis? 🍒

May 2017

Feeling blessed and ready to work towards my first nomination! Is that too ambitious? #cbs #daytimeemmys #youngandtherestless #ashby #matilda #firstredcarpet #herveleger #emmyaward #nomination #soaps

March 2017


August 2016

Paddling away from all of my responsibilities 🐳