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18 hours ago

@lizdeancasting you are fckn good at this casting shyt! Lol WELCOME @charlyne_yi and @jackiecruz !!! @nbcgoodgirls


Please show some love for @ioneskyelee !! Blessed to have you! #nbcgoodgirls #goodgirls

3 weeks ago

All love to one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met in this business. @lesdogggg A person that isn’t scared to compliment another person and spread love. I’ll miss watching you homie. Congrats on all the great things coming your way. Blessings! #snl

4 weeks ago

Man I’m a step away from deleting all social media. I barely use this shyt anyway.

July 2019

Gotta thank @lbgreenroom for all the love! Best shop I’ve ever been to hands down. They really know their shyt and the selection is CRAZY! Bless you guys.

July 2019

If the people you’re working with don’t keep you in the loop, involve you, and make you feel like you’re the only client they have DROP’EM! Thanks @ungrealestate !! My chosen family. Long Beach natives! #realestate #design

June 2019

@hdiky1 takeover!!! Go to my stories, click on @hdiky1 to see full question with another guest. Hint... she’s super cute ☺️ #hdiky1 #podcast #longbeach #norfside

June 2019

@cvspharmacy how many trees did you kill for these annoying ass coupons that always make my wallet look like George Costanza’s... just put them on the card 🤷🏽‍♂️

June 2019

I’m in such awe of this young woman! @rosaliefishx Painted the letters MMIW (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women ) and had a red hand mark across her face to show her fight for indigenous women being kidnapped and murdered across America. Bless you young lady.

May 2019

My favorite episode of @hdiky1 yet!! No bullshyt. These 3 have crazy chemistry! I was dying the whole time!! Full podcast available in my stories @mrlucky005 @adelfamarr @dcjuniorbfsb #hdiky1 #podcast #podcasts #funny

April 2019

Please show some love to my muthafckn BROTHER!!! @chuckdizzle and @djhed on the @latimes !! These two made a way out of no way. Go follow them send them a shout!

April 2019

All new @nbcgoodgirls tonight at 10 on @nbc !!!! #goodgirls #nbc

April 2019

As the great @adelfamarr says... “It’s official tissue” @nbcgoodgirls season 3!!! Thanks to everyone for watching for making this happen!! Your love is seen, heard, felt and appreciated. Blessings from me and my family. 🙏🏽❤️ #goodgirls #nbc

April 2019

Best time I EVER had in an interview!!! Please go watch when it posts. We had some fckn fun. Bless these dudes. @mrlucky005 @dcjuniorbfsb @hdiky1 #HDIKY #nipseyhussle

March 2019

Shyt is getting REAL!!! ALL NEW @nbcgoodgirls tonight at 10p on @nbc Hope you like it 😊 #goodgirls #nbc

March 2019

Have you checked this show out!? Finally able to catch in on @netflix @cwallamerican My muthfckn family @kech99 and @jamieturner510 are running and writing the show and it’s DOPE!!!! Please go watch!

March 2019

ALL NEW @nbcgoodgirls tonight at 10p on @nbc !!!!! #goodgirls #nbc

March 2019

ALL NEW!!! @nbcgoodgirls tonight on @nbc at 10p!!! #goodgirls #nbc

March 2019

Glad you guys got to meet my little man last week! @madydave is one of the best kids you’ll ever meet! So fun to work with and he can school you in all things Fortnite 👊🏽 New @nbcgoodgirls tonight at 10p on @nbc !!!

March 2019

This dude is one of the reasons I started acting and I’m honored to call him a friend. Please show some love to @victorrasuk for booking the lead in a new ABC pilot that sounds AMAZING!! Hermano ✊🏽

March 2019

Season 2 @nbcgoodgirls @nbc premiers tonight on NBC at 10p!!! And make sure you watch our amazing lead in show @nbcworldofdance #goodgirls #nbc #worldofdance

February 2019


February 2019

@nbcgoodgirls Season 2 premiers Sunday March 3rd!!! Everyone in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, UK, and around the world we’ll be airing on Netflix right after the season ends here in the States so please be on the look out! #goodgirls #nbc

February 2019


February 2019

2 weeks!!!!! Countdown is on! @nbcgoodgirls season 2 starts March 3rd on @nbc !! #goodgirls #nbc #season2

January 2019

@nbcgoodgirls is back March 3rd!!! #goodgirls #nbc

January 2019

“You taking a picture baby? Oh ok. Take the picture. Oh your recording...” LOVE U MAMA!!!! @adelfamarr #everytime #bestfriend #ewsagawardsparty

January 2019

Students from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky wearing #MAGA hats mocked an elder at the #IndigenousPeoplesMarch on the national mall. The Superintendent of Schools Diocese of Covington @supmikeclines was in DC with them. Call the Catholic school at 859-491-2247

January 2019

My muthafckn friend!!! This woman is a force, kind, funny and caring. She has the best boxing gym I’ve ever been to and it’s like family in there. Come meet me for a class!!! @guvnorsboxingclub #longbeach #guvnorsboxingclub #boxing #OCWeekly

January 2019

Start the year off right! Season 1 of @nbcgoodgirls is now on @netflix !!! Thank you to everyone that watches! I appreciate all the luv ❤️ #goodgirls #nbcgoodgirls #netflix #netflixshows #netflixandchill

December 2018

Coming from radio and REMEMBERING how hard it was/is it was a GIFT to meet and talk with a legend. Thank you!!! @angiemartinez @power1051 @iamchuckdizzle

December 2018

In sync gum chewing partners @adelfamarr @themulefilm #themulefilm #clinteastwood #worldpremiere

November 2018

Hey! My amazing wife @adelfamarr and I are hosting an awesome giveaway!!! If you want to be a part of it please go to her page and follow all instructions! Can’t wait to sit and talk with one of you!!!!! 🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽

November 2018

Sunday’s at the Montana residence.. big bro @mgeemartinez and wife @adelfamarr making me smile 😊 #bluevalentine #sundayfunday

November 2018

Daternoons... the annoying term my wife sings ALL the way to the movies when we see a movie before 5 🤪 Looooove youuuuuu @adelfamarr @jonahhill @mid90smovie #daternoons

November 2018

My BROTHER!!!! @iamchuckdizzle Some you’re lucky enough to be born with some you’re lucky enough to have met! Make sure to listen to him on your late night/early morning drive on @real923la And let’s get him to 10k followers!!! #real923la #homegrownradio

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