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“Counter/Public” Opening: 09-07-2019 At Deep Space Gallery 77 Cornelison Ave, Jersey City

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The Counter/Public is the space where we the subaltern change culture and create counter narratives that uplift our voices and fit our own definitions of who we are. The Counter/Public is the switching from English to a private language so you can curse at your boss, to say tenders things to your lover, to express the complexity of your being. The Counter/Public is an internal space for healing, a private realm that deals with our trauma and a strategy of survival against governments that dehumanize and scapegoat our existence. The Counter/Public is perreo turned into an act of decolonization, it’s the mixing of language that you use with your cousins, it’s honoring your ancestors with your actions. Counter/Public is a collection of my new and recent work that speaks about these truths and exists as a fold to my public mural work. These paintings, drawings and sculptures focus on my own migration in order to speak about a larger communal experience of people of color living in the USA at a time of crisis. • This exhibition is hosted by @deepspacejc in #JerseyCity and opening on September 7th along with an adjacent solo show by the homie @sean9lugo - all are welcome!

4 days ago

Thank you @hightstowncreative team and this whole community for welcoming me to your town and creating this mural at @njrise Extra #shoutout to el parcero de oro @johanbarbero from @elegant_barbershop_hightstown for the fuego cut! - final pics and unveiling ceremony date to come ✊🏾 #seguimos

1 weeks ago

#wip 🙏🏾

2 weeks ago

#doublefantasy color pencil and acrylic on paper 30 x 42 in this is a portrait of the “Huarmey Queen”, a forensic reconstruction of a 1200 year old skull found in #Peru and a current self portrait, both fictions and constructs of Andean existence and experience seen through the lens of art as a tool that creates questions instead of answers. • Este es un retrato de la Reina de Huarmey que fue reconstruida por científicos basándose en restos de su cráneo descubiertos en #Peru donde ella vivió hace 1200 años. Este también es un autorretrato de mi rostro y ser. Estas dos expresiones son una ficción de la realidad Andina, construcciones creadas con las herramientas del arte que sirven para hacer preguntas mas que ofrecer respuestas. • #layqanunayawar #drawing #colorpencil #art #contemporaryart #contemporarypainting #latinxart #latinxartist #nork #newarkarts #diasporichistories #diasporicart #subalternart #counterpublic

3 weeks ago

#repost via @hightstowncreative • After several years of exhibitions, Harvest Fair, Fun Fridays, Theater in the Park and Pianos in the Park the Commission Is thrilled to announce our first mural is set to begin painting next week at the @njrise Thrift Store. Stop in and watch the progress of @layqanunayawar as he makes his art come to live. This is the artist concept drawing. #hightstownculturalartscommission #hightstown #downtownhightstown #downtownhightstownnj #publicart #njarts

3 weeks ago

“ingles sin barreras” acrylic and spray paint on paper 18 x 20 in 2014

4 weeks ago

an imaginary is a collection of ideas, concepts and knowledge we perceive consciously and subconsciously. A migrant imaginary could possible be what connects legacy to dreams, the obscured past to an undefined future, continents, families, friends, history, all stringed together by memory and imagination. this is a preview of the final mural colab with @riccabret and produced by @muralarts @muralarts fi @muralartseducation - full info coming up

last month

“Una gota de agua rompe una piedra no por su fuerza sino por su CONSTANCIA...” #2018

last month

#Cuba , May 1st. #2018

last month

“we are Oscar Grant” a memorial mural for #OscarGrant , commissioned by the movie @fruitvalestation in #Brooklyn , #NewYork #2013 - featuring: @cost @enx108 @ellisgallagher photo by @dustyrebel #riposcargrant #oscargrant #layqanunayawar #memorial #monument #mementomori #muralart

last month

“bodega / bodegon” oil on canvas 30 x 32in #2015

June 2019

“north/central/south” airbrush and oil on canvas 32 X 22 inches #2016

June 2019

“neocolonialism / decolonización 1” oil and airbrush on canvas, 30 X 24 in. #2016

June 2019

“De Negro y de Indio sale Lovo” oil on paper, 14 X 17 inches #2016 a painting based on the colonial tradition of #lascastas with contemporary models @martielcarlos @camilogodoy & @desembocaduraa 🙏🏾

June 2019

gracias to the team of Stephanie Avila and Mariah Matthews at @wbgojazz for hosting me for an interview on their podcast titled Art & Ism - now live and linked in my bio 🌿 • • #layqanunayawar #wbgo #newark #art &ism #podcastlife

June 2019

“the end of race / Libertad y Xul antes del desayunó” painted for #LosMurosHablan in #Harlem , New York - #2013

June 2019

“the devils highway” oil and acrylic on canvas 30 x 26 in #2014 #layqanunayawar #panting #contemporarypaintings #oilpainting #acrylicpainting #thedevilshighway #panamericanart #diasporadiaries

June 2019

Home is made of me and from me It tastes like my abuelita’s house, vibrant like the fresh blood from a cow’s neck that I drank for vitamins as a child. It tastes like sour medicine, like charcoal, like smoke, like green capulis we shouldn’t have climbed up this tree to eat yet. This home tastes like home, like the things I forgot, the places I never went back to, the friends I lost - It’s where I go when my mouth chews and my body time travels. Home is the smell of sweat and garlic, of horse manure and clean air the smell of fire, smoke, burning fireworks and burning mal-de-ojo rituals Home is the smell of diesel and the smell of orange peels my mother gives me for the car sickness It is the stove, el mote, los domingos en el parque, it is the same smell in Ecuador as in Peru, Diné, Queens, Bergenline. Home is the smell of your skin when we kiss. ~ #wip #portrait by @gaiastreetart

June 2019

“neocolonialism / decolonización 2” acrylic and oil on canvas 32 x 22 inches 2016

June 2019

“vile maxim” painted for @savage_habbit in #JerseyCity , #NewJersey - 2013 "All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind." ~ Adam Smith photo by @stephenolweck#layqanunayawar

May 2019

“Aqui nos Quedamos” un mural creado con el apoyó de @conectarte_street_art x @unitednations @worldfoodprogramme en Colonia Cruz Roja, San Salvador, El Salvador. 2017. #layqanunayawar #sivar #cruzeroja #aquinosquedamos #heretostay #communitymural

May 2019

#repost via @noestamostodas No estamos todas, nos falta Marbella 15/10/18 - Baja California - Tenía 44 años Ilustración por: Layqa Nuna Yawar IG: @layqanunayawar #NoEstamosTodas #NiUnaMenos #VivasNosQueremos #Mexico #Ilustracion #Illustration #layqanunayawar

May 2019

“Baltimore's Exonym & Endonym or Mi Corazón en África” Baltimore, Maryland for Open Walls. 2014.

May 2019

“mirada al cielo” acrílico sobre lienzo / acrylic on canvas 20 x 25 in 2018

May 2019

another one with @casitamariabx x @nycdeptofhealth @ #PS207 con la ayuda del homie @pain_tingzzz #wip #day2 ☀️

May 2019

“Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 French Patriot” pencil and acrylic on mylar 14 x 17 inches 2015 #frantzfanon #martinique #anticolonialist #portrait #mixedmedia #acrylicpainting #layqanunayawar

May 2019

“Ex Voto“ Acrylic and oil on canvas 30 x 26 x 1.25 in 2017 #layqanunayawar #panting #contemporarypaintings #oilpainting #acrylicpainting

May 2019

Seven years ago today in the #Sowebo area of #Baltimore with the help of @gaiastreetart and @marthacoopergram ✊🏾 • Una obra creada en este día hace ya siete años en el barrio de #Sowebo en #Baltimore con la ayuda de @gaiastreetart y @marthacoopergram ✌🏾 #pasteup #poster #wheatpaste #layqanunayawar

May 2019

“Visión de autogobierno / Vision of self governance” oil and acrylic on paper 16 x 20 inches Un retrato de el activista peruano Edwin Chota, quien fue asesinado por madereros ilegales en la defensa de su pueblo Amazónico en el 2014. • a portrait of the late Peruvian activist and indigenous leader Edwin Chota, who was murdered by illegal loggers defending his Amazonian community in 2014. #edwinchota #indigenousleader #saweto #layqanunayawar

April 2019

“montubio” x @fiestadecolores593 #2017 en #Briceño , #Ecuador #layqanunayawar

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