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2 days ago

We’re so excited we couldn’t wait until noon, sooo the giveaway is officially LIVE!!!!!! Click on the link in @loveoneint ’s bio OR swipe up on my “giveaway” story highlight to buy entries to win your favorite package(s ) 😍 every single dollar from these entries will provide life-saving medical care & rehabilitation for kids like little Mattheus and Violet 💛 & are they not the sweetest little faces you’ve ever seen?! 😭💙🥰💕 I just love them so much!! thank y’all in advance- your excitement is so CONTAGIOUS and I KNOW we’re going to knock this fundraiser out of the park! 🤩🥳💪🏾💪🏾🎉💚💜 You have until October 13th to sell/purchase entries... ready, set, GO!🤸🏼‍♀️

3 days ago

Heyyy y’all 💛 so I have been working on a book (yep, a book. I know, I’m pretty shocked too ) and I’m releasing it in May! Sharing my life and my heart in a book was definitely not something I thought I would ever do but I think God had a different plan haha : ) I’m excited but of course a little anxious because I think sharing a detailed window into someone’s personal life with people you’ve never met would make anybody a little nervous! But I hope y’all enjoy it, or at least laugh a little, or feel more confident in your faith (or find your faith🙌🏼 ) or feel related to as a mom or a wife or just as a person because no matter who you are: none of us are perfect, we’re all the same at the heart and we aaallll need a little love/help/friend/community as we navigate this life. And I hope this book becomes whatever you need in the moment and I hope you feel loved through it 🥰 Live in Love is available for preorder now and you can get it through the link in my bio💛 and I have to thank y’all SO much for y’all’s constant love and support of me and Thomas Rhett and our growing little family (and even our friends! ) because y’all are the reason for this book💛💛

3 days ago

NYC with my baby and my bestie 🥰🥰

3 weeks ago

Y’all! I got to throw a Halloween party with @countrylivingmag and YOU’RE invited🧡👻🎃💛 I’m so excited to share their first ever digital exclusive cover for October 🙌🏼 and I seriously just about DIED when I saw Willa Gray and Ada James all dressed up…😩😭🧡💛🌽🍎😍 You can see their adorable costumes (they’re the most precious things everrr ), my fall favorites, and the full story about our family in the link in my bio! 💛🍂🧡 To see more of my stories in future issues (including an upcoming tour of our house! ), I’ve got a special subscription offer for you to use at 😘

4 weeks ago

💛🦇💛🦇💛 too soon..? well, here’s the thing, I’m still puking and already feel like I’m 30 weeks pregnant so matching Halloween pjs, cookies, milk, and Hocus Pocus (with @kasey_akins @connerbrandon10 @macycpage & @jtylerpage ) really sounded like the win we all needed tonight. And it FOR SURE was a win 💛💛

last month

Another sick-ish day so naturally we went to sonic and got a large Oreo & Reese’s blast to share (that makes everybody feel better right? ) while we sat on our front porch at our new house🍦🏠💛🥰 #buildingahouseandababy #milkshakesmayormaynothelp

last month

My little sunshines ☀️☀️ on our “adventure walk” around the neighborhood (a game I made up on the fly because we desperately needed to get out of the house before we all lost it even though it was almost a million degrees yesterday ). SO READY to be fun mommy again when all this more-like-all-day-not-just-morning-sickness goes away 🤢 #pregnantlivingwithtoddlerslife #mykidsdeserveamedalforlivingwithme #andmaybemydogs #DEFINITELYmyhusband

July 2019

Reposting this girl pic of my sweet friends after everyone else posted it because we hardly ever get these good pictures anymore 💕 love you cuties 😘🥰

July 2019

Charleston weekend ☁️⚡️⛈💙✨

May 2019

Y’all! I’m so excited because the summery soda float social I dreamed up with the editors at @countrylivingmag MADE THE COVER😍☀️🍨💙🎈You can get a copy of the June issue on newsstands and see more of this super sweet little party with it’s fun crafts-like those soda cap pinwheels💙❤️- and super cute (also super easy! ) party tricks that will help your party look straight out of this magazine but won’t make you go crazy🤪 like frozen water balloons as ice cubes💙🎈🙌🏼 I mean, how cute?! Aaand if you’re interested, you can get a one-year subscription for just $8 at 😘 Also...I cannot WAIT for you to see what we’re dreaming up for October-the start of one of my most favoritteeee times of the year 🍂💛🎃🍁🧡 happy reading AND party planning!! 😍😘😘 **share your pics of your party if you use some of these ideas! I’d love to see💙❤️

May 2019

...after practically begging him to sit on the rock with me 💚💙 proud of you honey 😘 sheer drops are not his thing #checkhisdeathgripontherock 😩✊🏼💪🏼

April 2019

Easter sunset 💛 Happy Easter everyone : ) thankful for Jesus. He is risen. He changes everything 🙌🏼

April 2019

much needed family date night at the movies with our little princesses ✨

April 2019

nbd just married to the ACM male artist of the yeeeaaarrrrr 🔥🔥🔥🤩

April 2019

Mom & Dad. His & Hers. Dolce & Gabbana. 😍😍

April 2019

dock sitting and sipping under this beauty of a sunset in our new @loveoneint swag 😍☀️🧡 link in my bio to get yours 😘

March 2019

🥥🌺 little hula girls 🌺🥥 I just can’t handle it 💕🌈

March 2019

Talk. About. DREAMY. ☁️☁️☁️💙

March 2019

St. Patrick’s day in Sydney 💚🍀💚🍀💚

March 2019

cuddling these cuties 🥰 my favorite place for them to be 💕

March 2019

💋💋 on a glacier 💙

March 2019

dancing in the new zealand rain 🌧💚

March 2019

A week left to order these ULTRA SOFT cute sweatshirts and super cute tshirts benefiting @loveoneint 😍🙌🏼🙌🏼 ** link in bio #allyouneedislove 🥰

February 2019


February 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day to my Africa loving honey😍💕❤️💗❤️💕 I love yoouuu babe 😘💗🥰❤️😍💕🥰 ( #tbt to last week to the dreamiest day in the dreamiest place with the dreamiest guy )

February 2019

Sundowners in Kenya 💛🧡

February 2019

This girl🐘💗. She is the most amazing elephant. I think her head is about as big as my entire body haha. She is the leader in her herd and she has such a sweet, gentle spirit💛 I could have sat with her all night. She kept leaning in closer and closer as I rubbed her giant face and held her trunk and when we left I gave her a big kiss, leaving a mark on her red dirt, dusty face-and left a big piece of my heart with her too 😘. Thanks @dswt for introducing me to my new BIG love 💕 Mutara 💕🐘. Can’t wait to be back to see my girl again soon! (I know @gracemhackett feels the same way 😘😘 )

February 2019

TR loving on this little cutie = my 💛 (in a puddle )

January 2019

little cutie, happy (SANDY ) beach babies playing in the sunset 🥰

January 2019

Happy New Year y’all✨ I’m sooo excited to let you know I’m gonna be this years Country Living magazine’s new Home & Family Contributor😍 So I’ll be working with their editorial team to dream up everything from barn parties🎉 to gift ideas🎁 to fun new ways to get kids outdoors💕💙☀️🌈 (I also hope to introduce some charity partnerships, too! 😘😘 ) yall check out the announcement in this month’s issue (Jan-Feb ) AAAND if you want to subscribe, they’re offering my followers a special deal: only $8 for a one-year subscription at 🙌🏼🙌🏼 CANNOT wait : )

December 2018

Last skiers standing ⛷ & peppermint schnapps hot chocolate for the win ☕️❄️

December 2018


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