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🇵🇷 y🇩🇴 Gabriela Montero❤️💍 VEGAN🌌

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4 weeks ago

It feels as if time just flies by, like time doesn’t apply to you. When we started you were only 14 now you’re 17 going on to become this beautiful, strong, kind and smart woman. Throughout these years spent with you it’s been amazing you’ve changed my life for the better and helped me grow to be a better man. And I can’t wait to grow more with you and spend the rest of my life loving you. I love you so much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL😘💞💍 @__.shortstacks.__

April 2019

I’m late but she made my 2018 one of the greatest years ever and I’m looking forward to many more with her. I love you sooo much 😘💞 #happynewyear #gorgeous #couplegoals

March 2018

Love you ricooooooo😊❤️ You make me mad sometimes and sometimes I wish I could be there to throw water on you when I’m mad at you because You fall asleep on the phone. Sometimes I also wish I was there to give you lots of hugs, make you sum good food, and talk about the universe and the way the stars exist in the fabric of time and space. I wish I could be with you everyday. I wish that you knew how bad I feel when I see couples at my school when I have a boyfriend of my own that needs love and deserves love more than anybody I know. I wish that one day you’ll get your dream job. I wish that you’ll keep on succeeding in life. I wish that I could have better grades than you too. I wish that we’ll get eloped one day and use the wedding money and honeymoon money to travel around the world together. I wish we’ll have children and grandchildren and maybe even great grandchildren. I wish that we’ll have a bright future together that won’t end until one of us die. I wish that we’d never die so that we could have all the time in the world to just love each other. You’re more than my boyfriend, you’re my best friend, the type of best friend that you tell all your embarrassing secrets to. You’re also more than my best friend too, you’re the man that I love unconditionally no matter the circumstances, and situations we face. You’re my best friend and my peanut head😭😊💍😍

August 2017

#nationalgfday I Love You So Much Bighead😍❤️💍 @__.shortstacks.__

May 2017

Gabriela you are my everything, you make me so happy and just being with you makes me feel great and when we have those deep conversations I just feel more and more connected to you, your a blessing and I'm glad that I have you in my life, and I wanna grow old together and live a happy life with you. Te amo con todo lo que tengo bebe💞😘💍 @__.shortstacks.__

March 2017

This is for just in case one of y'all forget that he has a wife😭😂😂😂😭💍💍☺️ ~ @__.shortstacks.__

March 2017

He didn't want me to delete it but I did so I posted it again😂🙂😂

March 2017

WCW- Goes to my lil boo joint😍❤ she a keeper💍💯.... @__.shortstacks.__

February 2017

@__.shortstacks.__ was here....love you baby🍾💟🌌