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February 2019

For all the cheese you stole, thank me later Tom 🧀

January 2019

2 Lamborghini with them butterfly doors ❤️❤️❤️

December 2018

Happy burthday sisturrrrr piggy!!! 😘😘😘 #0912 #ItsOkayToBeLate #IndianTiming 😉

November 2018

Mary Poppins who? Forgive my sweaty shirt HAHAHAHA

September 2018

Catch me in a maserati that I don't own, I rent to be somebody 🔥🔥 #PacMan_eminemdiss #lastlab #teethbrighterthanmyfuture #chemistry

August 2018

KMJ Football Team. Eventhough we lost at quarter finals, we worked as a team to reach the best we could. Sorry my mistakes let y'all down but I'll do my best next time. Thanks for the memories and experience 🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌🙏 #teamKMJ #KAKOM

July 2018

Future onion specialist? #biolab 🤓👐

June 2018

Xotic 💙

June 2018

Jumping back to Mars... #Alien 👾 👾

May 2018

Mr. Arvind 😂 #doraemon #messyhair

February 2018

Caught in action 😂 😂 😂 . . . . . . . Thx for the coffee @je_agnes

February 2018

Fam bam 👊❤️ 👊 #love #familylove ❤️

January 2018

2017 is the past, but being a thug life ain't gonna die. Happy new year peeps!! #newyear #2018 #thuglife

December 2017

Few more days to new year, and I'm living under a tree 🌳🌳 #goalsneveracccomplished #lifeless

December 2017

Happy birthday pig! Better late than never hehe 😂 P/s Manchester is blue 😎😎 #blue #sharkteam

November 2017

Two papers to go.... But I wanna sleep already!!! 😂😂 #spm2k17 #tidur #boring

November 2017

Despite taking my last ever moral exams... I still don't know why we learn moral 😏😏😂😂😂 Thanks for teaching me SooHun aka best moral teacher!!! #moral #spm2k17 😎

November 2017

5 years of school has finally come to an end 🔚. It's time to say goodbye which is really difficult. I remembered saying 'I can't wait to finish schooling days' but it changed. I don't want my schooling days to end 😂😂 especially the fun part of school and numerous holidays! 😉 Back then I was the most innocent guy😇, until I met with the devils that made me one HAHA 😈. Certainly gonna miss all the fun in school especially sleeping in class, eating whenever we feel hungry, 'lepak-ing' at the corridors, giving lame excuses to skip class and the fun of the teachers teaching 😏😏 and not forgetting the crazy shenanigans we did throughout high school life. Definitely gonna miss doing crazy shit with those idiots and being the idiot as well 😂. Well, every teardrop 😢 is worth crying for just to remember those memories that treasures with me forever! 💞💞 Thanks for all the memories!!! 💖💖 Hala Andreans! #amazingSAS #Andreans #memories #SASboleh

October 2017

While we're young, dumb and broke. 😂😂 👑 #YOLO

October 2017

When an Indian tries to be an Italian 👳 🇮🇹 Happy Deepavali 😂😂 #tb #deepavali #indian #chinese #multiracial

October 2017

Already missing the never ending craziness..... 😪😪😂😂 #interact #memories #tbt 😈

August 2017

I wonder what's in the corner.. Hm.... 🤔🤔🤔🤔 #Punished #Dunce 😜 #NiceAss 😂

August 2017

Happy birthday 🙈🙈 🎉🎊 All the best for SPM🍀 #0821

August 2017

I saw, I came and I conquered everything! 👑 #king #thug_life #ruletheworld

July 2017

Throwback to last Raya celebration with Bros 🙌🙌

July 2017

When Totti left the world of football, John Terry leaving Chelsea after years at the club and Phillipe Lahm retiring from football,an footballing era has come to an end. That's the same goes to us. When we leave the interact club community, a legendary era comes to an end for ICSAS!😎😪 #HalaICSAS #Goodbye #Legends #InteractBros

July 2017

With the one and only, Obiwan Kenobi! 😎😎 The force is too strong 💪 #RotaryInstallation #rcmuar #starwars #obiwankenobi

July 2017

Muar RYLArians and Obiwan 😎 May the force be with us... #RotaryInstallation #rcmuar

May 2017

Best debater of Johor! Good luck for nationals bruhh @lohe __

May 2017

Debate, a truly crazy yet fun experience! Although it was our first year being a debater, reaching the quarter finals at state is truly a remarkable achievement for us. At least we were in the quarter finals, wasn't knocked out on day one! Facing off against JB, the reigning champions twice in 3 rounds is pure madness. It was a difficult challenge but the most important thing is we've learned and gained a lot of experience through this debate. Learning something new is the best part in life! Although we did not achieve our goal which is top 3, but we're satisfied with our performance. Thanks to those who supported us and not forgetting my comrades for putting their best efforts in this debate and making it one of the memories in my life. Three tough motions were given and we had to crack our heads to get the points, and we did well! Although some of us might flop during the debate but it is a learning experience. With that, i would congratulate all winners, JB, Segamat, BP and Kulai and good luck to Johor team in the nationals! 😇😇 #debate2k17 #TeamMuar P/s don't forget to check out our quarter finals(our best performance )video on YouTube!

May 2017

"Drop Add Maths" - The Almighty God of Maths. #GodofMaths

May 2017

I've got too many fans! 😎😎 #niggasaintshit #croc #kemkaizen

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