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I’m Black. I read books . And I know things. Creator/Host of the “All That’ podcast! Houston, TX📍

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2 weeks ago

Episode 36 is another one for the ladies! I met @frenchiedidit on a cruise last month lol during one of our conversations she told me that she wanted to start a podcast called,” Mom’s F*** Too”. I thought that was such a catchy title, and thought she should come on my show to tell people what she wanted to cover on her podcast. So on Ep 36 we talk about life after her divorce, dealing with infidelity, getting back in the dating game after being married so long, and my favorite topic: THE HOE PHASE, and much much more! Link in bio! PS: This the most explicit podcast I’ve done so far😂😂😂

3 weeks ago

On Episode 35, I have @djoverflow on the show, and man what a story he has. Overflow is a CHRISTIAN DJ, I’ve never heard of that before lol that’s what intrigued me! DJ Overflow has an AMAZING testimony about overcoming drug addiction. He grew up a PK (Preachers Kid ), so we discuss that. We chat about his love for hip hop, how the church needs to adapt to the changing world, and how he almost got in a fight with Lil Wayne at the galleria😂😂! Him & @az_christlike also spit some freestyles for us! Link in bio!

4 weeks ago

Episode 34 of the All That Podcast: Abusive Relationships. This one is for the ladies! @kellemariexo wanted to come on the show and talk to the ladies about abuse in relationships! The kind of abuse we usually don’t talk about...mental and emotional abuse. She talks about her experience of being in an abusive relationships, how it’s affected her relationships since, and what steps she’s taking to get over abusive relationship “PTSD”. Take a listen! Link in bio!

last month

We’re back with EP 33. This one, as you can tell by my face and even the weather in the background, was a HEAVY conversation! @ameamusic phoned in to tell me about her experience of being raped by someone she thought was a friend. We talk about how the Alabama abortion laws made her feel, and how if she lived in Alabama she would have a 2 year old right now. We talk about the hypocrisy of the church, white supremacy, and much much more! Please listen. Link in bio! Btw Apple is reviewing my podcast right now for some reason, so please listen on Anchor!

last month

Call me ‘Front Page’ from now on lol. I’ll like to thank @voyagehouston for reaching out to interview me! Click the link in the bio to read the interview! 📷: @seangoody4

May 2019

On Episode 31 of the All That Podcast I talk with my friend @jeannettestagg about Entrepreneurship! I wanted to have her on the show because she is somebody who left a secure 9-5 to pursue her own just 22 YEARS OLD! We had a great conversation about the all the things that following your dreams comes with....fear, doubt, failure, and triumph! Listen to how she went from a couple of clients to working for a celebrity hair stylist during New York Fashion Week! Link in bio!

April 2019

Y’all know I had to jump in the #beforeiletgochallenge ! @beyonce #beyonce #dance #challenge #homecoming

April 2019

My latest article focuses on what I believe is the most important part of Nipsey’s legacy: Buying Back The Neighborhood! In this article, I’ll touch on how when we (black people ) get some monetary gain we flee and abandon our neighborhoods. Nipsey was an example of what should happen when you “make it”, come back...and give back! Link in bio!

March 2019

For me, the hardest part of growing up has been having to deal with watching my loved get older. Not only watching them get older, but also watching them deal with health issues & unforeseen circumstances. When we were kids, adults used to always warn us against growing up to fast. But it seemed, at least in my case, that their warnings were always centered around responsibilities. Now that I am an adult, I wish their lectures about not “growing up too fast” included dealing with mortality! The picture above is of my cousin, standing over his wife in a hospital room. He’s standing there looking over her, not knowing if she would live to see another day. I’m not going to tell her story, it’s hers to tell.....but her almost losing her life pushed me to get back to writing after a 3 year hiatus. So here’s my latest blog post: Mortal Man! Link in bio!

March 2019

On episode 30: Raising A Special Needs Child! I invited my aunt, Karlie Dennis, on the podcast to talk about her experience raising a child with special needs! It’s a really great listen! Link in bio!

March 2019

Episode 29 of the ‘All That Podcast’: Leaving Neverland. I usually interview people on my podcast, but this one is more of a debate (that I won😂😂 ). Monday night, @yepez__ & I were on the phone going back and forth about the Leaving Neverland documentary, and she had the idea to do a podcast about it. So here it goes. I believe the documentary is bogus, she believes Michael Jackson did the things he’s accused of. Listen and see who’s side you’re on! Link in bio!

March 2019

On Episode 28 of the All That Podcast, I sit and talk to @chanelloc , owner of @blockadeapparel (which I’m an ambassador of😜 ). We talk about her clothing line of course, but we had a deeper conversation about depression. Chanel has been battling depression for most of her life, and tried to take her life last December. She tells me how she’s using her clothing line to bring awareness to depression! It’s a great conversation! Link in bio. Also I’d like to thank @nami gh for sponsoring this episode. If you know somebody or if you’re dealing depression and you live in the Houston area, please contact them!🙏🏽!

February 2019

“Believe you’re great, even before anybody else believes it”

February 2019

Even if you’re not married, life insurance can be part of a sound financial strategy. If you have loans, a mortgage or debt with a co-signer who would be responsible to complete the payments should you be unable to, then a life insurance policy can help ensure that these expenses are covered. And, it can help you avoid leaving end-of-life expenses, such as burial costs, to your loved ones. You may even have a significant other, aging parents or a charity to whom you’d like to transfer wealth or leave an inheritance. Life insurance can also help you protect the family you may have in the future. If you’re in good health, a policy you purchase today can potentially be less expensive than if you wait to purchase one after you marry and start a family. Talk to a licensed WFG insurance agent to learn how life insurance can fit into your life now and in the future. Link in bio!

February 2019

Guys I did my First Vlog!! This past weekend my cousins and I, celebrated all of the February birthdays in our fam! We had so much fun❤️! Check it out, link in bio! ( @mtv @bet @vh1 we need that reality TV check )!

February 2019

On Episode 27 of the ‘All That Podcast’, I talk to @thebengalibelle ! Her work as been published in @huffpost , @thoughtcatalog , and @browngirlmag ! We sit and talk about dating in 2019! Take a listen! Link in bio!

January 2019

On Episode 26 of the All That Podcast, I sit down with my friend, @iamnormansann ! We discuss his hiatus away from music, how he hated his voice at one point and overcoming his doubts, spirituality, the state of hip hop, family, and he drops an EXCLUSIVE announcement! Link in bio!

January 2019

We’re back with Life Insurance Myth 2: Life Insurance Through Work Is Sufficient. A life insurance policy provided through your job is a great benefit, but it may not provide enough protection for you and your family! Click the link in the bio to learn more!

January 2019

On Episode 25 of the All That Podcast I sit and talk with studio recording artist and author, @jermaine_tolbert ! We discuss his career, what led him to not being able to sign a record deal w/ @pharrell , and his new book, “Remind Me To Think: The Genius Behind Crazy! This is an explosive interview. Link in bio for Apple users. If you have an Android go to

January 2019

Good morning guys! I started a new podcast with @ad_financial ! On this podcast we’ll be educating you guys on financial literacy (in a fun way )! We started a series called: 9 myths About Life Insurance! The first myth is: Young People Don’t Need Life Insurance! Link in bio! Please share and subscribe (I’m just starting my YouTube channel, so I need the help lol )!

January 2019

Do not compare yourself to other people! Social media is not reality! Stay in YOUR lane! Shirt: @athleteconnection

December 2018

It’s hard to wrap your mind around it, but they’re people that are comfortable in chaos, comfortable in mess, comfortable in depression, and comfortable in fear! Growth, peace, love, and patience make them uncomfortable! If you’ve been in a relationship, whether a friendship or romantic, where you present patience, love, peace, understanding, etc., and the person still pushes you away, and you keep wondering why. It’s not you that they’re pushing away, it’s what you present! You present something that makes them uncomfortable and forces them out of their comfort zone!

December 2018

Energy I’m on this morning!!!! I can do anyyyyyyyyyything! And so can you!

December 2018

We shouldn’t be fighting battles and be in competition with other people, when we haven’t even fought the battles with ourselves yet! Let’s focus on winning internal battles, before we try to fight outside ones!

December 2018

Don’t allow people to project their fears on to you! #mondaymotivation

December 2018

On episode 24 of the All That Podcast I sit down with @alynciadennis as she shares her and her son’s miraculous story. Found out she was pregnant December 2014. January 2015 doctors told her there was no baby, the sperm and the egg didn’t ever form. So there was just a sac. Doctors advised her to have a procedure to remove everything because she needed to get rid of the sac. Day before the procedure, the doctors say,”wait there’s a baby”. Then a few weeks later the doctors informed her that Issac would have complications. Organs wouldn’t be developed. He would only live a year. They advised her to terminate the pregnancy. She and her husband said,”no, we’re trusting God.” She has the baby at 25 weeks. He was born want to hear the rest? Click the link in the bio!!

December 2018

On Episode 23 of the All That Podcast I talk to my friend @katshoff about her journey to sobriety! A journey that included multiple rehab facilities, near death experiences, and an eye opening jail experience! Link in bio!

November 2018

I have a new concept guys: There’s no such thing as good or bad people!

October 2018

On Episode 22 of the All That Podcast, @revrodhtx and I discuss how drug addiction and losing a six figure job led him to to Christ. We talk about his unorthodox style of preaching, criticism he's received for it, the state of Christianity, and more! Link in bio

October 2018

On Episode 21 of The All That Podcast I talk to registered dietician Toni Marinucci! We talk about how she got started on her healthy lifestyle, she breaks myths about dieting, she tells you how you can get started living a healthy lifestyle, and more! Link in bio!

October 2018

On Episode 20 of the All That Podcast I talk atheism vs religion w/ @paolamena14 @paolamena14 explains why she chose to become atheist, her problems with religion, and more. And I challenge her on all those theories! Great listen. Link in bio! (It’s ironic that we actually met a church event lol )

October 2018

On Episode 19 of the All That Podcast, I interview @miriah s ! The up and coming lawyer and I discuss her humble up bringing, how trying to get her mom out of a toxic situation led her to want to be a lawyer, work/life balance, Harvard, her plans for the future, and more! Link in bio!

September 2018

My message this morning: The best way to be happy is to take responsibility for EVERYTHING that’s happened to you! Replace “this happened TO me”, with “this happened FOR me”!

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