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January 2016

today is your birthday my dear friend!!😘 i want to wish you a happy birthday and to enjoy this day for the fullest!😍😍 i am really glad and grateful for that! you are my friend my partner in crime you are my one and only true friend forever!❤❤❤💕💕

June 2015

finally i have two eyes not one and i am felling very happy😄😄 and i want to thank the lord for being there for me and also all my family and friends who never left my side i want to tell them thank you very much for being there for me and i love all of you so much😘😘

June 2015

DAMN!! I look GOOD!😎😎

May 2015

we are not just friends! we are THE BEST OF FRIENDS!! you CMPLETE me! and i COMPLETE you!

May 2015

Flying high i wont look DOWN let my FEARS FALL to thr GROUND

April 2015

if LOVE is all you can give! then give it without a return!! cause that is the BEST GIFT you could ever give😌💖

April 2015

Listen to your heart and you will find your self in hevan😌💓

February 2015

me and my baby brother!!😁

August 2014

Stand Up For The LOVE

March 2014

My Mini Me : )

March 2014

My Dady Will Be Always My Number One

March 2014

That is something that is so true