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18 hours ago

• •🕺🏾✨🌲• Light Leaks • Always A pleasure to go through my archives and relive my favorite memories from past adventures. I snagged this shot in the summer of 2017 on a road trip through Victoria. One of my favorite images I’ve made. Looks like it’s time to revisit this beautiful place. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

19 hours ago

• •✨⛰☁️• Lean and Linger • Looks like someone cut a slice out of Kauai and pasted it right into the Drakensberg mountains. You don’t see me complaining. These vast and large mountains have a way of making your problems seem tiny and insignificant with their vastness and sheer magnitude, probably the best place to happily get lost. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •✨🕺🏾⛰• Set in Stone • Sometimes you find yourself in scenarios that are so breathtaking, you forget what to do with your arms so you stretch them out towards the view and try and hold unto the moment. Soft light poured into the Amphitheatre valley from between the clouds as fog began to roll over the hills in the distance. If this is what every morning looked like, then I’m most definitely a morning person. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

4 days ago

• •✨☁️⛰• Giants Gorge • This is Maletsunyane falls. It’s the 13th tallest waterfall in Africa. This picture barely showcases it’s insane magnitude so let me help you put into scale. It’s 630 feet. That’s about 60 regular school bus stacked on top of each other. That’s also about 1300 regular America hot dogs glued together end to end. I don’t know why you’d be measuring a waterfall in hot dogs but hopefully that helps put things into scale. #whpplanetearth Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

5 days ago

• •✨⛰✨• Hidden Highway • Here’s a little patch of road that lines up really nicely with the mountains. I’ve been absolutely blown away by the magnitude and sheer scale of the landscapes here in South Africa. Can’t wait to share more. #whpplanetearth From an adventure down in capetown with @giuligartner Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

2 weeks ago

• •⛰✨🌊• Crystal Cove • I’ve decided that Indonesia is the most ideal vacation destination. Here’s why, cheap food (delicious and healthy too ) insanely blue water, perfect surf, majestic mountains and lush jungles all for very cheap too. Writing this caption’s making me want to book my ticket right away. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

2 weeks ago

• •⛰✨⛰• Clean Cut • Looking back at my photos from Hawaii make me jealous...... of myself. Can’t wait to go back and explore this magical coastline again. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

last month

• •✨❄️🏔• Blizzard Boulevard • Spent the last couple hours combing through the Norway archive and I’ve already began planning a trip back to this wonderful place. It’ll be much more convenient to do hikes without cold fingers and a frozen nose. Is it summer yet ? Thanks for the ride @sixtusa #sixtmoments Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

last month

• •🕴🏾🏔✨• Fleeting Flames • During our trip to Norway, we were plagued with moody weather and cloudy skies. But every so once in a while, the clouds would part and the sky would deliver a fantastic light show. This particular blast of light was from the final sunset we witnessed before hopping on the plane and flying home. Truly a sight to behold. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

last month

• •🛶🏔🌲• Smooth Sailing • All this wet and frigid weather has got me reminiscing about summer nights. Hiking in nothing but shorts, taking breaks to jump into every swimming hole, spending nights outside the tent staring up at the stars. Safe to say I’m completely prepared for summer. Anyone else ? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

February 2019

• •✨🏠🏔• Light Lane • A couple of days ago, I got to experience this cotton candy sunrise on my way to one of the most photographed places in Norway. Sometimes the journey is even more satisfying than getting to the destination itself. From a blast of a time ripping around Reine with @alliemtaylor and @giuligartner Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

February 2019

• •🌇✨☁️• Light Latch • Reminiscing about running around Hong Kong looking for the best views the city has to offer. Caught these amazing colors overlooking the city just as the sun came up. @Kowloonshangrila Thanks for being such excellent hosts and showing us this amazing view. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

February 2019

• •❄️🏠🏔•Viking Village • The feedback from the reindeer post a couple of days ago has been so important. I have a duty to perpetuate responsible and positive outdoor behavior especially if I’m consistently encouraging people to stay adventurous. If you missed it, I posted a photo and video flying my drone too close to a family of reindeer. I realize now that appreciating wild life is best done when your subjects have no idea you’re in the area. Posting images and video like the one I did could motivate another creative to strive after something like that. The last thing I want to do is prompt another creator to put animals in danger. I’ve made a promise to myself to never compromise the safety of other animals and people for the purpose of telling a more invigorating story. Looking forward to growing even more over the next couple. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

February 2019

• •⛰🕴🏾✨• Dirt Drives • Currently out here in Finland wading in neck deep snow. I’m confident I’ll never feel my toes again. At least it’s beautiful out here. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

February 2019

• •⛰🧜🏾‍♂️✨• Cotton Candy • From quite the distance, this lake appears to be full of delicious blue Gatorade. However, upon closer inspection I can indeed confirm that the lake is ABSOLUTELY NOT full of a refreshing beverage. It is in fact a poisonous acidic lake that’ll corrode your twinkle toes if you dip them in. 10/10 do not advice dipping your toes in. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

February 2019

• •⛰✨☁️• Cloud Cutter • It’s only been like 36 days and I’m already getting Hawaiian withdrawal. I miss it’s tropical beaches, rolling green hills and lush jungles. Probably not the most ideal location to be fantasizing about before a trip to the arctic circle. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

February 2019

• •⛰✨🌊• Wave Worn • About Mama Fong; I found a couple of video-clips she left on my phone. I cut them together and made a little Mama Fong appreciation montage. If you’re interested in seeing it, check out the link in my bio. Some more about everyone’s favorite grandma. A couple of days ago I had probably the most wholesome and heartwarming experience with a stranger I met in the mountains of Hong Kong. She treated @thewandertravels and I like her kids chaperoning us to the top of the peak and back down. After our hike she made us smoothies and took us to breakfast, all while trying to communicate via very broken English. The experience was set eye opening in that it made me yearn for more human experiences in travel. It’s got me very excited for the rest of the year. If you’re interested in checking out the video I made about Mama Fong, check out the link in my bio. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

January 2019

• •🕴🏾⛰✨• Gleam and Glass • Currently trying to make my way towards Finland but the snow storm that’s cutting across the Midwest is proving to be a bit of an obstruction. Hey winter, if you wanna stop being such an major pain, I’d be completely fine with that. Also you make my fingers hurt. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

January 2019

• •⛰🧜🏾‍♂️☁️• Midnight Magic • I’ve been lucky to experience the magical phenomenon of Northern lights 3 times in my life. The first time I saw the aurora, I dropped down to my knees (in dramatic movie fashion ) and sobbed tears of awe and marvel. A vulnerable yet liberating experience completely justified after seeing the sky implode and churn in different hues of emerald. This time around. I saved the tears for the biting cold that ripped at my fingertips and ears while I sat around all night shooting photos of the night sky. Big thanks to @h0rdur for braving the cold and driving halfway across the tiny country of Iceland to experience this magic with @giuligartner @joellefriend and I. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

January 2019

• •⛰✨🚐• Highway to Heaven • It’s hard to see how valuable something is until it’s long gone. Yes, this is another post lamenting about the length of winter and why we can’t just have summer come around again. Heck, I’ll take spring right now. Anything but this frightful bone shivering winter nightmare. *books trip to Finland* Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

January 2019

• •⛰✨☁️• Ridge Runner • Dirty shoes, messy hair and an unwipeable grin from ear to ear - these are the results of a weekend well spent adventuring. What do you have planned for the weekend ? I’ll be spending time with my sister in Kansas, getting the worst case of itchy feet but also filling up on much needed family time. #whpmovement Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

January 2019

• •🧘🏽‍♂️⛰💧• Spliggity Splash • Only 133 days, 13 hours, 22 mins and 7 seconds until summer. Not like I’m counting or anything. From an early summer adventure with @braybraywoowoo @thismattexists and @brendinkelly Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

January 2019

• •🕴🏾✨🌊• Creep and Crawl• Over the last couple of days, the bleak weather and short sunless days in Iceland made me crave the warmth of French Polynesia. Is it already too early to be day-dreaming about being on the beach somewhere where it’s warm ? Thanks for snagging this shot of me @tiffpenguin Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

January 2019

• •⛰🕴🏾✨• Southwestern Summers • I went for a walk yesterday to clear the mind. I kept going until I got to the ocean and just stood there for a short while listening to the sound of the waves lap again at the rocks. Came back to the hotel feeling like I had just woken up from a full night of rest. Yesterday made me realize that It’s very important to take a mental break once in a while . Crazy what 30 minutes outside without your phone can do. Now excuse me while I go run around the north of Iceland like a headless chicken looking for aurora. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

January 2019

• •⛰🌥🌊• Voyage to Valhalla • Honestly, I’m currently having a little problem staying focused and motivated. I don’t know if it’s the jet lag or because the weather here in Iceland hasn’t been the best but I’m just a little off my game. Do you have any recommendation on what to do if you find yourself in a bit of a funk. PS this was from an adventure in the Faroes with @harry travel and @heykelseyj Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

January 2019

• •⛰🕴🏾✨• Cliff Clinger • The time I spent in Hawaii was too short. I can’t wait to return and explore this Particular ridge line again this summer. It’s places this large and vast that make me realize my problems and worries are infinitesimal in the large scheme of things. Happy Friday folks. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

January 2019

• •🏎✨🌥• Lost in Limbo • Missing this tiny Little Rock in the middle of the ocean. Rented this convertible mustang for the afternoon and made a 2 hour drive last a lifetime in my memory Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

December 2018

• •🌊🚤⛰•Cutting Cliffs • About a week ago I did an experiment testing out different cameras in Hawaii. If you’re interested in seeing the answer to the little game we played. Click the link in my bio for the answer. I made a video detailing my experience with the camera(s ). If you like my silly stories, you might have a blast watching this one. Let me know what you think about it. Taken with the @djiglobal #mavic2pro Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

December 2018

• •⛰✨🌊• Coastline Cruises • To me, the most exciting aspect of travel photography is the research. Spending hours sitting at a desk scrubbing through Pinterest, Tumblr and google maps looking for interesting locations and unique angles. It makes the process of photographing much more fulfilling. I wish I was a ‘go with the flow’ type of guy but I can’t help but obsessively over-plan my trips. Currently mapping out my moves for a week in Iceland followed by another exciting week in Hong Kong. Let the googling begin. Taken with the @djiglobal #mavic2pro Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

November 2018

• •🌲🚶🏾‍♂️🌲• Runaway Redwood • Spent some solitary time up in the redwoods over the last couple of days. It felt amazing to wake up early and have these trails all to myself. A reminder why California has a special place in my heart. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

November 2018

• •🦃⛰🥘• Falling Foliage • Here’s one of the last few shots I’ve been saving up from the fall adventure with @heykelseyj a couple of weeks back. The different perspective makes the tree look like a bowl of skittles. Deliciously fascinating. Speaking of delicious, #HappyThanksgiving to everyone currently preparing themselves for a face stuffing. Stoked for Christmas carols to begin playing on the radio and in grocery stores. It’s that time of year folks. Where’s my Santa hat? Taken with @djiglobal ’s new #mavic2pro Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

November 2018

• •⛰✨☁️• Cloud Climber • It’s moments like this that make me wish I had a pair of wings to fly along the coast between the clouds and experience these views for myself. For now, I’ll just have to settle with sending the drone up when the light gets good. From a stormy sunset flight back in the Faroes alongside @Harry travel, the worlds best pit stop drone battery switcher. Shot on the #mavic2pro @djiglobal Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

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