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1 weeks ago

This is how I apply oils to my hair to help with my dryness in the summer and to keep it moisturized.(using the @rejubrand oil )

2 weeks ago

Omg I can’t believe this, I just got back on Instagram and this is what I see. This is honestly so sad, RIP and you will be missed 😔 #CameronBoyce

4 weeks ago

Just your average every day avatar💙🦕

4 weeks ago

This is my updated curly hair routine and I was so happy I was having a good curly hair day☺️( the mixture in the oil is black castor oil, aloe, coconut oil and vitamin E oil. All of those things help my hair grow and make it look more shiny )

last month

I rarely straighten my hair and most of the time I do it but I was to lazy and went to get it done. I also got my hair trimmed for the first time in forever and I love how she did it💛(yes I did use heat protector on my hair ) #curlyhair #curlybundles #straighthair #curls

last month

Im going to tell you right now this wasn’t a easy hairstyle for me and I had to film it twice because the first time it didn’t come out the way I wanted to. I also did it a different way the first time but this way is a lot easier for me💛

May 2019

I tried to do a top knot but we all know that never works out ☹️ but I think it was still cute 💛( don’t get how people do top knot buns they are so hard 😡 )

May 2019

Fairytale real ness 💜💘💕 ( @shopponyfly hair paint wax 💜 use code “Kalle5” for smoney off 💵 ) lashes from @winkedbydannieb

May 2019

Hi, I’m Kalle Wills from @kallewills and your watching Disney channel🖌 (lashes from @winkedbydannieb )

May 2019

I did my little sisters curly hair and half of the time they love me doing and the other half they were whining because it hurt 😂 but they have they prettiest curly hair ever💛 #curlykids

May 2019

This was supposed to be my face makeup routine but just turned into a natural makeup look 💛 tehe😌

April 2019

Pink sunset look with the @elevenlashes and they are so bomb💛 these might be my favorite pair of lashes —————————————————— -Foundation ~ Fenty beauty shade 240 -Concealer ~ colorpop -palettes : Niki K palette -Bronzer ~beauty benefits pressed powder -Baking powder~Hard Candy translucent powder ——————————————————

April 2019

A low slick ponytail is my favorite hairstyle to do because it looks so cute but it’s a lot of work tho 😂

April 2019

I’m about to do a slick ponytail for school tomorrow should I film it🌼

April 2019

Do you ever be just bored out of your mind and do weird stuff like this.......... no ? Well I do sooooo

April 2019

I be bored 🙃 (song~ last song by Brett Gray )

April 2019

Throwback to my favorite look I’ve ever done 🥵 like geez where did my talent go 😂

April 2019

This was originally just supposed to be how I put on my fake lashes but I decided to do a little extra with the glitter ✨

April 2019

I’m quitting Instagram for good because it is just to much and someday I might come back but this will be my last post for a while so you make sure you guys like this up😔 love you guys 😘 ( edit: it’s now 12 am the next day and I just wanna say y’all got pranked 😊 )

March 2019

Good night to everyone but the people that don’t like @theslumpgod 💛😂

March 2019

So I finally tried the @hairpaintwax and I’m going to upload a YouTube video so you guys can hear all my thoughts on this product so stay tuned for that ❣️

March 2019

Here’s a skin care routine so you guys can stop asking Products used - . @equate health makeup remover cleansing towelettes . @freemanbeauty ain’t stress Dead Sea minerals clay mask .african black soap( any beauty supply store ) . @equate health ale Vera gel

March 2019

Basic makeup tutorial for y’all luvs 💛

February 2019

This is how I dye my eyebrow and pluck them but I haven’t done this in forever 💛 they kinda look the same 😂

February 2019

So I tried the Aztec clay mask 👽 the full video is on YouTube ( link in bio )💛

April 2019

I’m on the high 💕 they on the low😓 I was inspired by @makeuptiffanyj for this look 💝

February 2019

Will you guys leave me alone now 🤠😓but happy Valentine’s Day 🥰

February 2019

Happy birthday to my amazing grandmother without her I wouldn’t be here today 💛 rip beautiful I miss you 😓

February 2019

Love sick 💞🌹 IKR I finally posted

January 2019

Updated eyebrow tutorial for you luvs 💛💛 hope this help you

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