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19 hours ago

A Sunday thought on a Sunday. ❤️ ( via @florence )

2 days ago

Have you met my F•R•I•E•N•D•S? 🤣 I’m pretty sure we’ve been thick as thieves for 25 years. ♥️ #happyanniversary #iloveyou #theonewherejenplayswithlegos @friends @courteneycoxofficial @mleblanc @_schwim_ @lisakudrow #jenniferaniston #matthewperry @slate_michael 👭👫👬🙋🏻‍♀️ . @lego (not an ad, I bought this because it sparked joy 😬👵🏼♥️ )

2 days ago

How’s this for weekend enthusiasm?👆🏻🤩♥️ #fbf #eightdollarhaircut #blessherhappyeyes

3 days ago

It’s just a small procedure, he said. Not even a cavity, he said. 🤐🤣🤐 #numbnumb #sonumb #numbitynumb

4 days ago

Move over ice cream truck—there’s a new game in town. 🙋🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍🌾😁👵🏼 @onceuponafarm #wednesdayrhymeswithfun #sodoescoldpressedorganicsmoothies #findusintherefrigeratedsection

5 days ago

A little bit of magic for your #TutuTuesday ✨ (courtesy of @yoann_bourgeois ) #letdancesurpriseyou #quickineedastaircase

6 days ago

This quote went up for my kids, but it stays and stays for me. 🤗

1 weeks ago

Won’t my kids think I’m cool when I’ve mastered this and can show all of their friends? #momsonaunicycle 👵🏻😎😂 #mooooom 🙄🙄🙄 (📹: @gkb_uniacademy 👏🏼 )

2 weeks ago

The world needs more @kellyclarkson , and by gosh, we’re gonna have it! Congratulations to the always lovable Girl With No Chill. 🤗❤️ Thank you for having @onceuponafarm and me today, @kellyclarksonshow 🎉🎈🥳 #youbringoutmyfeisty 🙈😬 #sameteamnexttimeplease 👯‍♀️

2 weeks ago

Back to 🙊’n school. 😣🤧😂 #comeandgetit #youknowyouwantit #huskymama

3 weeks ago

The cadence and rhythm of #GoingOnABearHunt help developing minds predict the outcome of a line and build vocabulary. #HelenOxenbury ’s loving illustrations of a dad and his kids tackling the great outdoors together are a bonus lesson about relationships and perseverance—not to mention risk taking (dads 🙄♥️😂 ). I’ve always loved #MichaelRosen ’s book (I mean, duh, it’s a classic ). Apparently, Birdie loves it, too. 🤷🏻‍♀️🐶🤓 #BooksWithBirdie #splashsplosh #apologiestorealhikers #wewerecrackingourselvesup

3 weeks ago

I was a giddy fan girl talking to brilliant @katiecouric with @onceuponafarm CEO (also brilliant 👨🏼‍🌾 ) @jforaker11 Thank you #INBOUND2019 for gathering this incredible audience and for giving John and me the chance to talk purpose driven business with our she-ro. 🦸🏼‍♀️❤️ #WCWonaThursday #feedfresh #feedeveryone

3 weeks ago

Fun fact: this girl ☝🏼 took violin in school for six years and was so bad that her mother offered to pay her $5 to never play again. 🤗🙋🏻‍♀️. Still. I’m grateful for the education. . Every girl deserves an education. But right now, more than 98 million adolescent girls are not in school. As a new school year begins, please consider taking action for girls’ education around the globe with @michelleobama and @girlsopportunityalliance #supportlinkinbio #TBT #sixyearoldme

3 weeks ago

The secret behind @pizzana (THE Los Angeles destination for real deal Italian pizza 🍕🙌🏼 ) is my longtime friend @danieleuditi (Also, hi, @candacenelson ❤️ ). I could not be happier for Daniele’s success— I could not be more excited to have him here — as my one and only #PretendCookingShow exclusive. 🤣🙌🏼❤️🍕😁 #watchingmakesmehungry #nowondermyjeansdontfit @pizzana Margherita Pizza Ingredients: 4 1/2 cups bread flour 2 cups water 1 teaspoon yeast 1 1/2 tablespoons salt, plus dash for sauce 1 can San Marzano whole peeled tomatoes Fior Di Latte cheese (or another dry mozzarella ) Parmigiano cheese Olive oil Fresh basil . Directions: 1. Preheat your oven to 500 degrees. 2. Crush your can of tomatoes in a bowl by hand. Add a dash of salt. Mix by hand and set aside. 3. Add yeast to water, mix (Daniele does it with his finger!💪🏼 ). Pour into a bowl with 3 cups of flour. Dig in with your hands. Knead for about 5 minutes— by bringing the bottom of the dough to the top center. Add more flour as necessary as you go. 4. Move dough to a flat working station and let rest for 2-3 minutes. One more quick knead and then give it an hour under a— hot tip— stainless steel bowl. 🤯 5. When ready, divide the ball into four. 6. The dough is airy, so you will take your cute ball and push the air to the sides as you flatten into a sphere. You don’t need it very thin. About 10” in diameter. 7. Drizzle oil in a circle following the outline of the crust. Rub in a little bit with your fingers. 8. Spoon on your sauce (don’t be stingy, Daniele uses a lot! ) 9. Add basil (again, Daniele uses quite a bit! ) 10. Bake for about 10 minutes, or until your crust is starting to brown and bounces back. 11. Remove and add your cheese and another swirl of olive oil! 12. Bake for 2-3 minutes more, just enough for the cheese to melt. 13. Yum. 🍕😬🍷

3 weeks ago

It was time, Lord, yes. But why does the house feel so empty? #itstooquiettogetanythingdone #butthankyouteachersandgoodluck

4 weeks ago

The most amazing example of sportsmanship!! 😭♥️ I know nothing about tennis, but I will learn the rules to be your biggest fan, @naomiosaka and @cocogauff Your parents must be so proud. 🤗 Thank you both for being awesome. xxx ( 📹: @usopen )

4 weeks ago

The dance community’s ferocity and love for each other, for their art, and for the hearts of boys who dance — in spite of teasing and misconceptions — is inspiring. I’m a little late to the party, but hey—let’s keep the celebration going!! 🕺❤️🤗 #letshearitfortheboys #thankgoodnessboysdancetoo •Thank you @goodmorningamerica and @lara spencer for owning up and turning a ☹️ into a 😁• ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Featured male dancers and borrowed videos: @dpulbricht @lord_pegleg @jamesbwhiteside @nytimes @kidathegreat @thiswashollywood @daniil @marcelua @ricardo_pessoal @madonna #davidbanda @justin_peck @lilbuckdalegend @donte colley @thehughjackman @bboyshoya @napalmquist @renni_anthony @erikokire @calebmarshall67 @rickeythompson @calvinroyaliii @calebteicher @jonboogz @benjaminmillepied #MikhailBaryshnikov ❤️

4 weeks ago

Remember to breathe. #❤️❤️❤️ (🧘🏻‍♀️ via @aolanow )

4 weeks ago

When it comes to kids having access to fresh fruits and vegetables, we are not messing around.  @onceuponafarm is partnering with @wholesomewave to introduce…….drumroll, please…. A Fresh Start! Each month families in @savethechildren ’s Lake Los Angeles program will receive pre-loaded debit cards they can use at their grocery stores for fresh fruits and vegetables. 🍎🥕🍐❤️🥦🍉🥑 #asmallstartisstillastart #bakedintoourmission #findourWICproductsnowinWVandFLandWY (❤️ more info on our partnership is at the link in biothing ❤️ )

4 weeks ago

Happy #nationaldogday to our very good girl, Birdie, and all of yours, too. 🐶❤️

4 weeks ago

When you see yourself in a duck. 😬🙈 #whysoextra #bornthisway #weeblewobble

last month

Seeing is believing— @onceuponafarm is cold-pressed to give your baby farm fresh, texture rich, fiber filled, next best to homemade, bursting with sunshine blends. 🌞🥭💛 #thefoodshouldntbeolderthanthebaby #ipromiseididntmakeamesstomakemypoint #butletusmakeyourdayeasiermama ❤️

last month

😭😭😭 Does this make me cry because it’s time for going back to school? #kidsaresobrave #ihopethiscockroachhasagreatyear #👵🏻♥️🐜 (🎨: @margaret__elisabeth via @newyorkercartoons )

last month

We called our friend “”, because he was all about it. Paul loved beauty—the perfect line on the eye, the perfect cheek (sigh ). Paul loved celebrity—being one as much as painting them. But the thing that really gets me, eleven years after he passed—social media was made for Paul, the ultimate teacher, the ultimate touchstone. No one would have loved this platform more than our friend, walking hashtag, beloved artist, high cheekboned #PaulStarr So we celebrate him here today. 😇⭐️♥️ . Photo by @jameswhitefoto for @esquire ( #100yearsago👵🏼 ) Hair by my favorite human @hairbyadir

last month

Fortu and his sweet sister have the best mom in Patricia ⭐️. Patricia has amazing support from @savethechildren coordinator and all around love attack Maria Olegine ♥️. On this home visit we may see a game of hide-and-seek—or “esconderse” 🤗—but Maria sees an opportunity for early numeracy, problem, solving and FUN! #meetkidswheretheyare #iwanttobelikeMaria #investinkids

last month

For scraped knees, and trees climbed, for hearing “You’ve Got a Friend” from the bathtub, for rosy cheeks and easy bedtimes, for nicknames and friendship bracelets taped to the back of anything standing. For dirty limbs and popsicle smiles, for role model counselors—soul protectors, for camp directors who deserve all the showers and all the winter to recover. For crafts that come home saying, “mama”. Thank you, summer camp. ⛺️🌞🤸🏼‍♂️❤️

last month

Uncle Robert and Aunt Janet have been busy 🐝 🐝 on our family farm growing Koginut squash for your little ones to enjoy— and they sent me the first three off the vine!! 🥰 Like all suppliers for @onceuponafarm , The English Family Farm is Non-GMO and organic AF. 👩🏻‍🌾🚜🌱❤️ #seeyouforharvest #squashinfluencer 🙋🏻‍♀️😂 #soyouthinkyoucanfarm

last month

They’re hearing us... 🙏🏻👵🏼 #evenifwecanttell 😬 #keepthefaithmamas ❤️

last month

End of summer feels. 🍉🤗🌞🌻🍉 (🐶: @thepuggysmalls )

last month

Around the third grade, my bestie and I had a company that made and sold homemade, hand cranked ice cream to the neighborhood. It was a smash hit. We only offered one topping, because only one is needed to turn a bowl or a cone into a party: MAGIC SHELL AND NOW YOU CAN MAKE IT AT HOME!!!! (I buried the lede ). This recipe has defined my family’s summer—it reminds me of the @dairyqueen dipped cones, but better (😬sacrilege🙈 )—and I’ve made it several times a week since it showed up in @nytcooking Two ingredients, five minutes, and you are the coolest chick on the block. #CandJIceCream 🤓🤓🍦 #PretendCookingShow #myfavoriterecipemaybeever 🤗 . @clarkbar ’s Chocolate Shell Ice-Cream Topping (via @nytcooking ) Ingredients: 7 ounces chocolate (I like to mix dark and milk, she calls for bittersweet ) 2 tablespoons virgin coconut oil . Directions: 1. Chop chocolate. 2. Melt chocolate over a double boiler. 3. Off heat, stir in coconut oil until completely dissolved, about 1 minute. 4. Pour/drizzle over ice cream. Chocolate will harden within seconds. ⭐️ 5. Store any leftovers at room temperature and gently reheat for future hero moments. 🦸🏻‍♀️ 6. Yum.

last month

Yesterday we said goodbye to our sweet Olive Egger, Gonnyi. Thanks to my daughter’s consistent loving care, this chicken lived a very good life. ♥️ #soyouthinkyoucanfarm 👩🏻‍🌾 #butyoustillneedavet 👩🏻‍⚕️ #prolapsedrectum 🙅🏻‍♀️👎🏻 #RIPGonnyi 🐓😇♥️

last month

Cheers for the days you can make fresh baby food! We’re here @onceuponafarm for the days you don’t. 🤗🤗🤗 #feedfresh #findusintherefrigeratedsection 👩🏻‍🌾🚜🍓🌱🥑👶❤️

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