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last month

a clip from my loosely autobiographical short about a child actress raised in a dysfunctional mormon family

May 2019

the insanely talented @anniesertich

May 2019

another bts photo with the lovely Hannah Motola, who played the character based on me as a kid. i was blown away by how she followed her instincts and had strong opinions about what felt right for her character. when i was a kid actor, i was an over-rehearsed, anxious try-hard just praying i’d please the people around me. Hannah was the opposite - true to herself, open, opinionated. so much respect for her!!

May 2019

here’s a BTS pic from the first project i wrote/directed. it’s one that meant a lot to me - a short film loosely based on my upbringing (i was a child actress raised in a dysfunctional mormon family with a mother slowly dying of cancer. if that’s not great material, i don’t know what is! ) i knew right away i wanted the incredibly talented @anniesertich to play the character based on my mother and i was so so lucky that she agreed. working with her was one of the highlights of the project for me.

4 weeks ago

one of my best friends called me to tell me that my love of disney makes zero sense with the rest of my personality. i hung up on her and turned on a video from disney food blog.

April 2019

fun to see “Kenny” up on the big screen. thanks @floridafilmfest ! also sorry for spilling that entire thing of popcorn right before the screening started. trust me, i was mortified.

April 2019

very excited that my short film “Kenny” is an official selection of the Oscar-qualifying Florida Film Festival! an awesome cast and crew worked so hard to make this project and i’m proud of everyone involved

April 2019

there’s nobody i would’ve rather shared a traumatic childhood with than these guys!

March 2019

little excerpt from my piece for huffington post: “my life of red carpets, tv shows... and losing a tooth from purging!” link in bio

April 2019

i wrote a piece for @huffpost - “my life of red carpets, tv shows... and losing a tooth from purging!” where i come out about my history with disordered eating. i really wanted to show some truth (and hopefully some humor ) about eating disorders.

March 2019

many thanks to First Friday Film Fest, DMOF Fest, and Indie Visions Film Fest for supporting our short film Strong Independent Women (link in bio )!

March 2019

A frazzled mother puts all her energy into helping her daughter overcome an eating disorder in “Strong Independent Women” - link in bio.

February 2019

so excited. just found out SIW is an official selection of the LA Live Film Fest! can’t wait to see this sucker play on the big screen.

February 2019

this one! she is pure talent and a total pro. i can’t wait to watch everything she does. that sounded creepy, i mean everything she accomplishes. anyway, she absolutely kills it in the new short. (link in bio! )

February 2019

the new short film is out! link in bio! - - - the short is a dark comedy about a frazzled mother who puts all her energy into helping her daughter overcome an eating disorder. - - - since it’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, i thought today would be the most meaningful time to put this out. - - - thanks for your support ❤️

February 2019

working with Maria Bamford was one of my favorite parts of making this new short. she’s one of my favorite comedians and i have so much respect for her talent. yaaaay Maria!!! (PS check back TOMORROW )

February 2019

new short coming out super soon - it’s a dark comedy w some themes that matter a lot to me. excited for you guys to see it

February 2019

this was taken at the end of our shoot. usually adrenaline runs so high during a shoot that by the end of it, if we’ve got what we need, a huge surge of warm relief rushes through my entire body - kind of like a CT scan, except without all the dangerous fluids! love it!

February 2019

the new short i wrote & directed is coming out soon! in the meantime, enjoy this photo of me using my hands to describe something.

February 2019

God’s Girlfriend

February 2019

i’m NOT apologizing for taking up space in society!!

February 2019

don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to somebody else’s highlight reel!!

February 2019

the t-rex claw always comes out when i direct

January 2019

bigger? brighter? not sure what i was about to say but looks like it started with a B. excited to show you guys the new short i directed!

January 2019

just directed a project i’m really excited about! can’t wait to share it with you guys soon. i’m feeling the pressure to say something funny now. i don’t like this kind of pressure. now i’m all sweaty. bye!

February 2019

Christmas from about 20 years ago, before I understood the trauma happening all around me!

November 2018

i wear the same jeans as my grandpa!

October 2018

last one i swear just cuz i really loved this article OK BYE CRUNCHES🤸🏼‍♀️(link in highlights under bio )

October 2018

this concludes the “Kenny” portion of my instagram flow 😥.

October 2018

thanks for all the support for “Kenny” everybody! if you haven’t watched and you want to, link in bio : )

October 2018

a little teaser for “Kenny” - the short I wrote and directed - which you can watch now (LINK IN BIO ).

October 2018

“Kenny” - the short I wrote and directed - is making its online debut at! So many people worked really hard on this and I’m thrilled that a platform as cool and respected as @shortoftheweek wanted to support our project. Many thanks to everyone involved. LINK IN BIO!!!

October 2018

another still from “Kenny”. check back tomorrow!

October 2018

“Kenny” is a short i wrote and directed. i worked with a bunch of talented, creative people and we made something cool. check back tomorrow.

October 2018

#MentalHealthAwarenessDay 🧠

October 2018

happy #motivationmonday !

October 2018

what’s wrong with me?! 😟😱🤢

September 2018

when you’re trying to record a vlog intro...

September 2018

calm lady guides you thru a mindfulness meditation 🙏🏻

September 2018

solving your problems 💪🏻

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