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4 days ago

I love these guys and this photo. I know it’s not the best pic of Dillon, looks like he may have been having some sort of allergic reaction or something at the time and didn’t know, but we only had one chance to take it because it was on a disposable, like in the old days. Speaking of old and diseases, Jason must have Benjamin buttons disease because he’s looking younger everyday!

2 weeks ago

Last nights show was wild, I’ve never seen jason sweat so much and I’ve been working out with him for the past 6 months.

3 weeks ago

I Normally don’t share too much of my personal life but here are my real friends 📸: @bryant

5 weeks ago

You guys into sex, drugs and violence!? check out our podcast, we also do motivational speeches sometimes!

last month

Anybody else forget how to tie their shoe laces sometimes?

last month

Happy birthday dav! Thanks for everything you’ve done for me! And you’re welcome for everything I’ve done for you. I’d take a bullet for you man. But you already know that because you shoot me with shit all the time. Btw sorry I’m a day late but so was your vlog so it doesn’t matter anyway! 📸 @bryant

July 2019

Thanks @Colgate for keeping me on my routine. This hydrogen peroxide formula in the Colgate Optic White High Impact toothpaste is #WhiteningThatWorks 😬 #ColgatePartner

July 2019

Please no one photoshop me into a prison bunk ok? Thanks 📸: @tienphotographer

July 2019

F marry kill?

July 2019

Say no more fam

June 2019

First episode of Jeff's Barbershop presented by @OldSpice series is out now ft. @JasonNash Watch as I teach him how to style his mop with @OldSpice Fiber Wax. Stay tuned this week to see our other guests @NeelsVisser @shuapeck and @nick_colletti get put through the ringer with the help from my pals @OldSpice #JeffsbarbershopWithOldSpice #sponsoredobviously

June 2019

Our podcast gets worse every week! @vanilladingdong @doesntmatterpc

June 2019

Look what just came in the mail. Thanks for perscribing

June 2019

I will protecc him at all costs

June 2019

I introduced my friend from the beach to my friend from the streets

June 2019

I use @goat as my trustworthy sneaker plug! And I don’t trust anyone!

June 2019

In n out of the slammer! Good to have you back brother. (New vid in bio )

June 2019

I had professional DJ @dillonfrancis on an episode of #jeffsbarbershop (full vid in bio )

May 2019

Now that I’ve got my profile pic on @Bumble I don’t think @daviddobrik stands a chance.... let’s show him who can get more matches.. probably still going to be him. #bumblepartner

May 2019

Listen to me very carefully. There are three ways of doing things around here: the right way, the wrong way, and the way that I do it. You understand?

May 2019

Coming soon.. #littleblackmirror @netflix @shots

May 2019

New barbershop episode w/ @simonrex415 is up on my u-toob now. Go watch before it gets banned in your country!

April 2019

found a baseball in Todd’s backyard.. Crazy how I picked up right where I left off 10 years ago. #baseball #100mph

April 2019

Met this kid in the airport today. He told me he’s a huge fan of my videos (especially the barbershop ones ) and that his dream is to get a haircut from me some day. He was super nervous and didn’t know what to do with his hands so I told him he should just try crossing his arms, but he was trembling and couldn’t really form a sentence. He laughed nervously and told me that I was the coolest guy on earth, but I just said nah, I’m a human being just like you. he immediately started crying and ran off. It’s moments like these that really make me appreciate what I do. I love you guys so much!

April 2019

New fitness transformation documentary on @dillonfrancis out now on my YouToob!

April 2019

📸: @bryant

April 2019

#motivationmonday first episode of our one week fitness transformation w/ @jasonnash is up on my YouToob now! Don’t try anything you see in this video at home.. As a matter of fact, don’t even leave your home!

March 2019

Wow, I thought this was a pic of the Dolan twins! hahaha 📸 @tienphotographer

March 2019

It’s times like these I’m thankful for #UberRewards Check my IGTV for the full video. #ad Learn more at Terms Apply. @uber

March 2019

Edward chainsaw hands!

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