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Sophomore Loves soccer❤ Ps4 Drawing, photography dream job bodybuilding 3 years of lifting OPHS22 ⭕ ♎My journey is just beginning

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January 2019

"True art doesn't just look good but has meaning and purpose". #celtic #calligraphy #art #drawing #youngartist

October 2018

Sorry didn't know what to post so thought i should just post my new haircut. #random #selfi #boring

July 2018

People come and go, but life is simply about seeing who cares enough to stay~~~unkown. #lifequotes #life #vibes #quotes

June 2018

Ik this kind of random but wanted post it because tbt😂😂😂😂😂 #throwbackthursday

May 2018

I know this is probably a bad picture but whatever lol graduation was fun and im gonna miss the fun memories i had at lakewood but most of all i will never forget the amazing teachers i had and i cant wait for highschool im so excited it will be alot more fun and i cant wait to play sports for the highschool it will be really fun and yes ik this is such a bad picture of me or maybe not but whatever graduation was fun cant wait for highscool and start being more of myself #classof2022 #litvibes #beyourself #positivevibes #hyped #hilariousphoto

May 2018

Just keep following your dreams and striving for greatness #mindset #striveforgreatness #motivation #growthmindset #almostsummer

April 2018

U either let your enemies win and consume u or u be the bigger person and try your hardest out there and win but it takes true effort , and hard work to acheive a major goal u cant just automatically get a win u have to work for it, and of course some people are gonna doubt u or be jealous but, just be yourself who cares about what someone thinks about u be yourself and be happy dont let negativity consume u. #motivationalmonday #motivation #beawinner #winorlose #effort #beyourself #goodvibes #positivity #winner #tryhard

February 2018

This is my first year playing basketball and im making progress and working on the form i just hope we can comeback and get that W we cant give up now or else we will live with regrets i say we go out there on that court and try our hardest and win that game #balleralert #2k18 #goodvibes #lkms

January 2018

Hope everyone had an amazing 2017😂😂. Happy new year and i hope everyone is still having an awesome christmas break. #newyear #2018

December 2017

Just because its throwback thursday😂😂 #throwbackthursday #savage

November 2017

It takes hard work patience motivation to achieve a goal. Dont stop dreaming keep dreaming some people achieve their dream their goal wy. Because they work hard for it they get their own motivation they make their own motivation they have patience it takes time sometimes. And there might be some people that will doubt that person and sometimes that person doesnt care what anyone thinks or if they doubt them they keep going they work hard for that dream that goal and most time they achieve it because they are being positive and are serious about that goal. Dont stop dreaming be who u want to be and do what u want to do. #motivationaltuesday #dreambig #logang

September 2017

Where the logang at. Btw keep in mind dont let anyone change u like for example at first yes my hair didnt look good but i found new ways of how to style it and make it look good. Yea ik its random but anyway i will always be a maverick. Dont let people change u. Be u sometimes its hard but hey we all like to be ourselves. #logang #logan #maverick4life #maverick

September 2017

I like my new football team. My new position is tight end. Our team is strong we have alot of strong people. Good stances. I think we will do very good this season. Tbh this is my favorite team. Im very positive that we will win.

August 2017

Football is here im so excited cant wait to get on the field btw this is old picture so 😂 yea i am so excited lol even though this is gonna be my second year playing im still excited and cannot wait to play practice is tomorrow. Cant wait to play for overland park middle school

July 2017

Core workouts every week

July 2017

It was a shitty school year not gonan miss the school but most of all i will miss my friends it was nice meeting new friends and playing football im gonna be nervous at my new school but i think i will like overland park

May 2018

Maxed out with 270 today with lateral rows i started out with 4 sets of 8 then went down to 3 sets of 6 reps when i went up higher with the weights haters gonna hate

June 2017

Today i did cardio sprinting also worked on stamina 😂 ik this is gonna sound stupid but i went without water on the tredmel for 1hr but i didnt have a water bottle so i mean yea it took lots of hardwork and effort to put into my 1hr cardio workout i mean i got through it i did it although i didnt have water but i was. It was the farthest i have ever run and the most calories i have ever burnt

June 2017

Im logan pauls doppleganger i look just like him even my friends call me logan paul lmao #loganpaul #logang #maverick #maverick4life #logan @loganpaul

June 2017

Tbh felt like i couldve gone for 1hr but didnt have time i ran 2 miles 17 yards

June 2017

Sometimes there are people that can destroy your motivation or put your motivation down sometimes there are friends that can stop u from working out or lifting just some motivation advice also sometimes friends can stop ur motivation to work out but if u seek to work out and lift then dont stop even if people doubt u just dont let your motivation down motivation gets harder later on the reason i started working out and lifting was because i wanted to become an nfl football player there are always people that will doubt u but dont let go of your dream if u have lost your motivation just know that working out and lifting is more healthy then doing nothing now thats a key even if anyone doubts u or lets u down even if your depressed also anger helps with lifting and working out what inspires u

May 2017

Due to the bullying at ems i have gotten the school to make the safety council the safety council will be at ems next year unfortunatly i wont be here next year but the safety council is a club were kids can join and they will talk about bullying how to avoid it. how to stand up to bullying it is a club where kids can join and stand up to those who bully them. middle school has been the hardest for me but for those who are being bullyed at ems next year there will be an anti bullying club u can creat posters such as stop bullying and also ik it is hard for some people and i see that there are some kids that just cannot be left alone and its so sad as for me i was so sick and tired of it i talked to the school to make a club so that we could help stop bullying and stand up to it

May 2017

This is so entertaining

May 2017

I got 2miles and half burnt 357 calories

May 2017

At the Y lifting.

May 2017

I got 3miles and half for my cardio workout so proud of myself doing interval training and speed cardio

May 2017

Music is life

April 2017

2 years of hardwork and training lmao lifting partners for life 😂

April 2017

On the bus field trip to lecompton

April 2017

@luke davis65 lmao remember that face lol thug life

April 2017

When someone steals your bench

April 2017

Kahlob life boi

April 2017

Love the dog ears

April 2017

Just got snapchat

April 2017

Reincarnation of logan paul 😂anyone agree

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