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7 hours ago

I don't know about you but this last full moon whooped my a** and left me with a softened heart.💖



3 days ago

And then ...

3 days ago

Wonder Twins ... activate!

4 days ago

I’m breaking these cycles!!! @jonmcreynolds

6 days ago

I am my peace. O’ Great One ... thank you for deepening this revelation for me every ... single ... day. I’m grateful 🙌🏽 ⁣ ⁣ 📷: @jas

1 weeks ago

When women run with wolves✨ @annekasvenskaofficial

2 weeks ago

🏌🏾‍♀️❤️ @swopes

2 weeks ago

Say it again @nickiminaj ! In every aspect of life, women are held to a higher standard. I’ve been guilty of expecting more from the women in my life then men. I’ve learned along the way that if we, as women, have more compassion for one another, we can bring each other more ease in this world🌸✨⁣ ⁣ Repost @theeamunet

2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

How was your holiday?🌴✨ @swopes

2 weeks ago

When it’s time to leave home and your brothers sing you a farewell song. I ❤️ Africa. I’ll miss u✨

2 weeks ago

Necesito practicar mi español😆✨

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

I just love this creation and message ❤️ @logistx_ugf @dtrix Hey guys, when I first saw this piece it was on a smaller screen on my phone. I didn't realize the women on the screen were the Kardashians. I thought they were pictures of random women as a representation of the feminine and promoting self love which WE ALL NEED NO MATTER WHO WE ARE! To me ... this piece represents self love. I don't know why the artist chose the imagery they did but the message is inspiring and beautiful. That's the part to focus on and I don't see it as a jab at all. That would be in direct conflict with the message of this piece. For those of you who believed it was a jab of some sort, let's be clear ... I WOULD NEVER PUT DOWN ANOTHER WOMAN NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES. I AM MYSELF TOO IMPERFECT FOR THAT KIND OF JUDGEMENT. This piece is going to stay up. Discuss it. That's the purpose of performance pieces of this kind. And just know ... I love ALL WOMEN ... even the ones I may be in disagreement with and have to love from afar. At then end of the day ... we are all in this together. Period.

3 weeks ago

I came face to face today with Lioness medicine/energy. She is calm, majestic, beautiful and straight powerful. She carries no doubt or shame. You know your place in her presence . It's not one of hierarchy. No need to bow down but she demands respect. In return, she gives you hers. Feeling her today was a beautiful gift and an absolutely needed reminder. She taught me much🙏🏾❤️ #divinefeminine #femalepower

3 weeks ago

Safari Girl in these Serengeti streets. 🥾🦁🌞

3 weeks ago

I wanna play tooooo😜 #DMXchallenge

3 weeks ago

Beautiful 🌸✨ @mind of.el

3 weeks ago

@sickickmusic x Jada mashup 😜😆

3 weeks ago

Facts ❣️

3 weeks ago

Emotional Independence: When you can emotionally sustain yourself and you need no one to buoy you up to feel your self worth or to even feel loved. Your love for your self is enough.⁣ This is the gift of self love.⁣ How do we get there? One step at a time😘✨ #rtthealing

4 weeks ago

My internal mood this Sunday ... so play if you want to. @rapsody - Nina ⁣ ⁣ Repost @wushu talent #warriorspirit #fiercewomen

4 weeks ago

Thisssssssssss tho!!! @rapsody

4 weeks ago

When your feet hurt ❣️

4 weeks ago

Exactly how I feel about mines😍 @saltwater__bae

4 weeks ago

The Art Of Noise ⚡️

4 weeks ago

Last night was ...

4 weeks ago

Join us on redtabletalk.com if you feel the need to deepen gratitude in your life. It’s a daily practice for me. Chile ... it takes work for me to stay in a grateful place and I’m grateful for the challenge 😜🙏🏽✨ #RTTHealing

4 weeks ago

What happens when the Set It Off clique meets up with The Godfather?😜 #setitoff #thegodfather

5 weeks ago

This is one of my favorite paintings in my house. It reminds me of the mysteries and power of woman everyday. What are the items close to you that remind you of your majestic essence?✨

5 weeks ago

Happy Sunday🌸 #thedivinefeminine @luzesentidos

5 weeks ago

HOBBIES are sooo important. I play golf everyday. It's the first time in my life I make time to do something fun everyday. Golf is not only fun but there are so many spiritual practices for me on the course. Also, @niecynash1 is on to something when she speaks about finding hobbies to do with your partner to keep relationships strong. @willsmith and I love playing golf together. It's fun bonding time❤️ My swing needs work BUT @rogergunngolf is going to take care of that as I stare at the beautiful swing of @choyeonhee1 😁 Share that one activity that you do everyday OR would do that would bring you Joy✨

last month

Repost @redtabletalk ⁣ ⁣ What are YOU flexing today? Sound off below. #RedTableTalk

last month

Know when to step in and know when to step ... out✨ @leamotion

last month

Big City vibez 🍎 @leamotion

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