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{In reality I wish you’d choose me but I know you’ll choose her. In reality I still love you like we never ended. In reality I’ll be the second choice. And in the end I’ll be the one saying my goodbyes.}💔

4 weeks ago

•So many strong women began as broken girls•🥀

May 2019

“And in the end , we are all humans..... drunk on the idea that love ,only love , could heal our brokenness “🥀

May 2019

–Every ending is happy,if your not happy,it’s not the end🙂

February 2019

~mis amores~💘

February 2019

We have our little golden moments ❤️

December 2018

Literally my best friend is better than yours because through all my family drama to my school drama she never gives up on me .bri whoever wife’s you up they are truly blessed to have you and I’m truly blessed to have you THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME I LOVE YOU 💞

December 2018

Well this is just a lil appreciation post for my best friend your always there for me and I’d don’t know what I’d do without you I’m truly blessed to have you Bri .Also your probably the only person that can handle my crazy life whatever Gods doing for us in the future I really hope he knows what he’s doing .I LOVE YOUU 💞