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I play guitar for people. Recently: Ellie Goulding, Beyoncé & Chloe X Halle. My band is @caroucells.

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21 hours ago

@caroucells tomorrow night at @apothekela With @milesjaymusica & @fabriceyouviolin

6 days ago

Looping and harmonizing with an ebow is like trying to paint with a firehose. That bend behind the nut on the open E is tricky too. I like how the bends sound like alarms in 3rds. @novoguitars @strymonengineering

2 weeks ago

Melted faces today with @elliegoulding & @hammondgal

3 weeks ago

I have no words for how incredible this guitar is. Speechless... Thank you @matthewtimmons @dennisfano @novoguitars 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

last month

Our little man is on the honor roll this year at school. So proud. 💜💜💜

2 weeks ago

Had a blast filling in with @beberexha this week! Repost: @beberexha GOT A NEW MESSAGE FOR YOU!!!!! More dates have been added to the @jonasbrothers tour and I’m opening 🎉 Register as a verified fan by 10pm ET tonight to be able to get tickets Friday ⏰ general public on sale is Saturday! Link in stories #HappinessBeginsTour

last month

Working on fluidity with licks in between chords to fill up spaces but always trying to land smoothly. (I try to imagine it like how cats always land on their feet gracefully. ) Never to actually fill up every spot but just to have them up my sleeve. Also @brittonnash you killed it with this jazzmaster.

April 2019

Way too much fun playing and partying at the @kroq Coachella house with my dude @djjeremiahred JEREMIAHROD is a thing now. @kroqbeermug tell Stryker I’m sorry for ruining the tournament. 😂

April 2019

@kroq Coachella party house 📸: @dennissespieces

March 2019

Tracking some ambient soundscapes today. I saw Adrian Utley from Portishead do something like this once live. Though he was using some kind of sharp tool instead of his fingers. I love how spooky it sounds super verbed out. Using an @abasiconcepts pathos with really light gain to give it some grit.

March 2019

📸: @mattbeckley

February 2019

Finally got a day off to sit with my guitar from @mastercraftsmanguitars Love this thing! Playing through a @twonotesaudio torpedo. @bogner_amps goldfinger 45 and a @vemuram_official jan ray. Drum loop by @litloops

February 2019

Stoked to have a played a tiny part in @chloexhalle ’s Grammy performance adding some guitar soundscapes and swells. The vibe of this performance was 🔥. Thank you Derek Dixie for trusting me. 🙏🏽

February 2019

Visited my buddies at @mesahollywood So many great toys. This @novoguitars is absolutely the next guitar I’m getting. Wow...

December 2018

Happy birthday to this amazing and beautiful woman 💜 @dennissespieces

December 2018

@elliegoulding testing my reflexes.

November 2018

I’m always grateful. It’s been an incredible year. I do my best not to get caught up in all of it. At the end of the day it’s all for my family. 🙏🏾 Wishing you all the best.

November 2018

Great playing with @daya tonight. Band was slamming. @dangelicony @bogner_amps

November 2018

Playing @onairwithryan with @elliegoulding This song is 🔥.

January 2019

I’ve never had this much fun running around from station to station playing and doing interviews. Thanks @elliegoulding ! You’re a unicorn. 🦄

October 2018

I kept a human alive for 12 years! Happy birthday kid. I love you.

October 2018

It was an absolute pleasure working with @beyonce this week. She’s truly in a class of her own. Much thanks to my dude @trakshun ! 👸🏽🐝

September 2018

@victorwooten teaching me how to ride his Segway. “You ever fallen off this thing?” “yes!” 😂😂😂

September 2018


August 2018

So proud and in awe of my lady @dennissespieces 😍 Crushing the yoga teaching game. 📸: @heatherlemmon

March 2019

I’ve been tracking a lot of ambient soundscapes from my studio lately. (I tend to get called for more of that than anything ). I’ve been experimenting a lot with the @strymonengineering timeline. This is the reverse delay at 100% mix. This always sounds really nice kinda tucked away in the mix and panned slightly. The audio isn’t off, that’s just how much of a delay there is since there’s no dry signal. This is off the Rise & Shine EP by @heavymachineryband @dangelicony @lollarpickups

August 2018

I’m quitting music and becoming a coffee model. I’ll keep you guys posted on how that goes. This one is called “Mornings are for coffee and contemplation”.

July 2018

Great hanging and shooting for a new tv show with @fantasticnegrito and these killer players yesterday.

May 2018

Man. So cool hanging at the @lollarpickups factory yesterday. Got to try some new pickups and fell in love with these gold foil pickups. Thanks for the love guys. And thanks for making my favorite pickups! #Repost @lollarpickups ・・・ While @iamrodcastro was visiting, we talked about "rush hour" traffic, attic found pre-war Martin guitars, memorable guitar show attire, punk rock session players, and, of course, great guitar tone. Here he is making our Gold Foils sound even better in this @collingsguitars 360 model.

May 2018

So, within the 9 months or so since my mother’s passing I’ve seen this lady walking her dog at the same time I drop my son off at school. The first time, I saw her through my periphery and my heart stopped. She wore a hat almost identical to my mother (to cover baldness from chemo treatment ). After a while I kinda just felt a warm but sympathetic feeling everytime I saw her. Yesterday morning I was getting my oil changed and a car came by playing a song that my mother used to love. My son reminded me “grandma loved that song. Do you think that’s her reaching out to us letting us know she’s here?” I said it’s very possibly but also possible that it’s just playing on the radio.” This morning I was eating my breakfast at a cafe and that same lady who I would see every morning saw me from outside the window and came in asking me if she could take my picture for a contest that represents “something you love”. She said she hadn’t been inspired and that while seeing me through the window something made her want to approach me. She asked if she could buy me a cup of coffee and photograph me drinking it (since most people love coffee ). I’ll admit the entire conversation and approach seemed surreal and out of this world. She was incredibly nice. She sent me a few pictures and said she chose this one for the contest. Is it a coincidence? Perhaps. Is it my quasi-existential crisis reaching for some kind of sign that there is still some metaphysical connection to my mother? Maybe. Did it help me with some closure. Definitely. I like to believe or at least acknowledge the pleasant possibilities. I like to think there’s magic in this world. Love you mom.

May 2018

I met my favorite celebrity today.

May 2018

The sheriff is back in town. One of my absolute favorite human beings. Mr. Reinhold Bogner. Missed you dude! @sonicfragrance

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