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Just a 'Sperm' now, fighting tough with my 'Scrotum-mates' to take a Birth.

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4 days ago

The mutual rays and the measurement of peace. #umargambeach #lighthouse #gujarattourism

4 days ago

University of Allahabad "Oxford of the East." Fourth oldest known modern University in India. #allahabaduniversity #allahabad_diaries #upnahidekhatohindianahidekha

2 weeks ago

Outside in the now dark night, croaking sound of anuras drifts from the nearby meadows, and the rays from the street light passes through the leaves, falls on the silky slow draining out water through the road casting a sign of "Moving forward". Looking behind to follow the traces from where the water is running out, I find it as my feet. - The past. #soundon 🔊

last month

When we started de-threading all the possibilities of evolving conversation towards cosmic mystery as leaving ourself into space of nothingness to re-evolving back into Ancient wisdom in search for the evidences of never ending possibilities, we started co-relating life by developing collateral immunity either as a radicle or as a plumule. We germinated into reason for Life being a kernel in transient hypofrontality. #cosmos #ancient #ancient_wisdom #travelgram #nostalgia #frames

May 2019

The carrier of Dreams, the keeper of Fire; In the ocean of Ice, why are the tides on Hire. #umbergaon #umbergaonbeach #valsad #gujarat #sunset

May 2019

All Rights reserved. Only Lefts to do.

April 2019

The Distortion in Vacuum generated in the nothing-ness by the presence of uncertainty or mass of memories, either to flow back in the suffered time, or to dive forward again in finding the survivor of clock as a piece of peace. The Distortion flows in and out throughout the breath to find the certainty, at the hold as the breath intersects. - Distortion in Vacuum. #sound_on 🔊 #sound #distortion #life #nostalgia

April 2019

Of Blood and Muscles, a Momentous Machine.

March 2019

Tesseract [Gk. τέσσερεις ἀκτίνες; téssereis aktines, "four rays"], also known as eight-cell, cubic prism, and tetracube, is the four-dimensional hypercube, or 4-cube as a part of the dimensional family of hypercubes or "measure polytopes". Why can't we say- there might be possibilities that Tesseract is the only "Keeper of Time" which allows us to access all the possible Ten dimensions using the 4TH itself in it. From the same start conditions of all the parallel Universes itself in vacuum to the different start conditions emerging out in singularity of any Universe. #astronomy #astrophysics #stellerspaces #tesseract #soundon 🔊

March 2019

Hymn to all things lost.

March 2019

Sometimes I feel that everything I've passed through creates rush of tides within me forming a vicious cycle of questioning that jumped over as a passed Life. And sometimes it was just yesterday... #allahabad #kumbh2019

February 2019


February 2019

The sky is now a deep valley. A river flows within it to meet back its tributaries beyond the clouds. #tripotocommunity #bobbyjoshi #_focus_up_ #kumbh2019

January 2019

Branching out into new direction of Life. #photography #naturelovers #travel #sunset

January 2019

Remember the Evening, when we stepped down the Light-house to walk the shore-line shimmering in those 'Good-bye' yelling rays? Ice-creams dissolving its cold-ness to the warmness of breeze getting transformed into Icy-breeze, added by the beginning of the new end of evening. We walked the particles of sand with bare foot, leaving the foot-prints behind adding a memory to the ocean, so that the tides could take away along with it pouring it into the deepness of Ocean. The spumes on the tides got stuck to us as a part of Ocean itself. The Sun behind the Horizon started plunging inn painting the sky Vermillion, leaving it to reflect few more stories at the end to the Ocean. We stopped walking, contemplating the Sun, your Eyes shiny reflective, enough to get easily readable by the clouds-'That One day, I'm going to conquer this World...'; and I smiled half thinking- 'I just want to jump over the Ocean in search of where this Sun goes for sleep after the Horizon'. We looked at each other in Love of finding the Cosmic Mystery of the singularity. Then a beam from the Light-house started revolving at its infinite reach, miles away drawling the twilight to light up the stars as a disc revolving over the sky. The breeze got transformed into Icy-breath killing the Warmness of Life to those Ice turned particles of Sand. -Walking the Shoreline for Life. #contestcki2 #clickkaroindia #clickkaroindiame #photographerbay

January 2019

Time may not know your birth, You may not know the other end of time. It's the end of you when time slows down and both of you find the evolution in each other. #contestcki2 #clickkaroindia #clickkaroindiame #photographerbay

November 2018

When you continue to walk your staggered feet, without caring of sleeves running below your arms; When you travel around with no steps, without any vague destination to find the Lost you or to Loose yourself as no one; When you continue flowing passively to lie dead, without feeling the air you take in or release; You start Creating the Core of arc deeper in you, larger than this world, without thinking of when it will come to an end & to know where it will re-originate from; You keep on Contemplating ants walking in the meadows, relating it to forest of forgetfullness, and rays falling in it as the End of the Ocean; You start finding yourself as 'More in Less', or this world as 'Less in More'; You keep on watching a particle of sand, or a bubble in the sky that bursts spreading the relativity of Universe creating all the dimensions; When you reach the singularity in nothing-ness after travelling the de-composition of the Universe, crossing the parallelity of another; You find that's not you waving you all the thoughts wearing you to the End. That's DEPRESSION #notashamed #schizophrenia #sound_on 🔊

January 2019

Let the cobwebs of Time flow through the de-generation, for its re-generation. #cobwebs #clickkaroindia #contestcki2 #clickkaroindiame #photographerbay

October 2018

How close the deepness in eyes for Flowing back into Nostalgia, measures the deepness of Love for diving Forward in Life.

January 2019

Oh! The Lost Sound of Life, Your Hug is the Sweetest Pain to Dive; The Rays of the Stars Falling in the Sky, Your kiss is the Brightest Breathe, Wanting for the Cry; In the Noisy Room, and Closed World, In the Smiling Bloom, and Crossed Heart; Where Searching for you is a Hope, And Growing in you is to Elope; The Holding of Hands with a Squeeze, And Running of Beats in a Breeze; The Tremors Swirls across the Neurons, When the Souls meet Inside the Arms; That Waiting in hope For the Rainy Cold, The Joy it Brings When the Tears We Drink. Oh! The Lost Sound of Life, Your Hug is the Sweetest Pain to Dive. #contestcki2 #clickkaroindia #photographerbay

September 2018

@nawazuddin _siddiqui at Marwah studios for promotion of "MANTO" @sandeepmarwah @aaft_india

September 2018

At the edge of the Infinity the Universe in the Vacuum and evolution of Life Sparkling through the Veins while the centres of the neurons explode in and out of Space where we fall between breathes when we slip through the birth and death of the moments like the Journey of a drop on an icy window glass taking all together in its way, like the yelling beats of our heart that will never grow back, and held high with the overlapping fractals diving deep throughout the veins and empty the emptiness of thoughts as all rush together at a time, to fall back in our senses as a new dimension of who we are..

August 2018

When you start feeling your evolution, when you try to think for re-evolution, when you have explored the infinite capacity of cell's nucleus, when you want to travel the reverse infinity of Life, you are close to the end of evolving. -Evolving towards the roots of life.

July 2018

When you travel the time story of your life time, You find you have skipped the time... And your soul flows in nostalgia...

June 2018

Want to hang up on your shoulder like a bag once again.. Want to float again on the surface of the ocean, without knowing what is going to happen, only on the support of your love.. Want to Love you and believe in the truth that my existence resides in your breathe and want to go back in you.. Want to feel the warmth of your palm when you touched me for the first time, other side of the wall and I was in the another world of Love.. Want to start the Life once again trying to create the memories with you all again, Feeling the change in each and every cell growing with you once again.. Want to hug you every time like we transferred the love for the first time.. Happy Father's day my Love.. #happy_fathers_day

June 2018

Where Soul and Body are Two Different Things.. #assi_ghat #varanasidiaries #banaras

June 2018

Where Soul and Body are Two Different things.. #Banaras #Varanasi #Assi_ghaat #80_ghats

June 2018

Where are we? At the dusk? Where there is no worry to wake up in search for a better tomorrow; Where we just want to live the moment and feel everything left behind; Where only we, only we are there to be loved by the sound of the Silence; Such loneliness in togetherness, where we have taken flight not to meet back to our body; Did we reached the twilight, lighting up the sky with the stars? Or we are about to wake up ray-ing the new dawn of Life? #In_Dream_of_No_Life

June 2018

I stopped moving. Feet rooted to the ground, soul up lifted, as if I was holding the air, or maybe it's the air that held me up. I smiled dead. The spell was cast. Two complete strangers, soul and the body, looked each other for the first time. It was the moment when the Life split. Who they were, before they met each other! The Two, or the world for each other?.

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