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Ufff too much hard work behind the scenes. ! . . #super30

2 days ago

Striking chords with every teacher, student and individual, get ready to unfold the #Super30 anthem - #NiyamHo out tomorrow!

3 days ago

Sharing a moment out of the scene which is being talked about the most ( not taken permission for this ; ) have u guys watched the movie yet ? . . Thank you for all the love guys. . . Enjoy 😉

4 days ago

#WarTeaser is ready to take over your TV screens! Watch it on Star TV network at 7.59 PM TONIGHT. #HrithikvsTiger @tigerjackieshroff @_vaanikapoor_ @itssiddharthanand @yrf @stargoldofficial

5 days ago

ఇదుగో #WarTeaser తెలుగులో Link in story . . @tigerjackieshroff @_vaanikapoor_ @itssiddharthanand @yrf #HrithikvsTiger

5 days ago

வழங்குகிறோம் #WarTeaser தமிழில் Link in story . . @tigerjackieshroff @_vaanikapoor_ @itssiddharthanand @yrf #HrithikvsTiger

5 days ago

You're just starting out in a world I've mastered, @tigerjackieshroff Take a seat! Presenting #WarTeaser Link in story #HrithikvsTiger @_vaanikapoor_ @itssiddharthanand @yrf

5 days ago

#Repost @farahkhankunder with @get_repost ・・・ Little short of #Super30 mother of all Sunday lunches.. #happypeople #foodcoma #peopleilove ♥️ thank you farah, so much fun 😁

2 weeks ago

As a child Math certainly wasn't one of my favorite subjects, but as an actor love is an emotion I strongly connect with. . . It was the chemistry between Anand & mathematics that translates into pure romance. So with all the love in my heart, I present #Super30 to my audience today. . . #releasedayjitters #love #strength #passion #super30 #India #patriotism

2 weeks ago

. . . Hope always survives . . . #super30 #july12th

2 weeks ago

His vision translated into their success. Creating geniuses and changing lives despite all odds. #July12th #super30

2 weeks ago

Anand aur Anand . . Bas आनंद hi आनंद । . . #super30 #july12th

2 weeks ago

Anand Kumar would travel every week for six hours by train with no money just to access the library at BHU into which he used to sneak in because outside students weren’t allowed. Only so he could access the foreign journals which they stocked. . . It is the sneaking into BHU bit that got me 😜 . #Super30 #july12th

2 weeks ago

हर ' अगर ' का जवाब ढूंढना है, हर #QuestionMark को सुलझाना है! #Super30 Totally loved singing in the Bihari accent for this !

2 weeks ago

'पूछो , पूछो’ ! अब मिलेगा हर अगर का जवाब, #QuestionMark करेगा अब सबका हिसाब! Giving voice to every question literally !Had a ball of a time not just filming but singing the super fun song Get ready to raise your questions with Question Mark, out NOW. Full song link in stories. #Super30 @mrunalofficial2016 @nandishsandhu@theamitsadh #PankajTripathi #AnandKumar @sarkarshibasish #SajidNadiadwala @suzanne_dmello @ajayatulofficial #AmitabhBhattacharya @reliance entertainment @fuhsephantom @nadiadwalagrandson @zeemusiccompany @super30film

2 weeks ago

Opening the doors to the Jugraafiya of the world with #Super30 !

2 weeks ago

When I entered the room, I never imagined I would be standing before such dynamic packets of talent that would synergize their energies with mine forever! The first class of #Super30 began with me learning quite a few lessons of incredible spirit! #MyClassOfSuper30

2 weeks ago

प्रतिभा और साधन दोनों हैं तैयार, बस छलांग लगाने की देर है! India all set to take the leap, this 12th July! #Super30

2 weeks ago

डर ही है, जो हमे रोकता है । जिसका डर है उसे करने से मत डरो , आगे बढ़ो #super30 #july12th

2 weeks ago

राहों के गड्ढों को पार करने का वक्त आ गया है, India छलांग लगाने का वक्त आ गया है! Taking the leap on 12th July #Super30

2 weeks ago

तूफान आने वाला है। . . #super30 #july12th @super30film

2 weeks ago

चील चूहे को कैसे पकड़ता है, वह Point A पर नहीं आक्रमण करता जहां चूहा हैं, वो अपना निशाना बदलता हैं और Point B पर साधता है, जहा चूहा नहीं हैं, पर होने वाला हैं! . . Life lessons from Anand. It’s all about hitting a moving target. Cause life is unpredictable. . . #super30 #july12th @super30film

3 weeks ago

I sat DOWN and OPENed up to GQ. Open the magazine to know more ; ) @gqindia #GQIndia #GQExclusive

3 weeks ago

Dancing with Madhuri Dixit had me shuffling in my head between assistant and hero. Thank you mam for encouraging that clapper-boy , he still aspires to be your hero. #comingsoon #dancedewane #super30 @madhuridixitnene image: @yogenshah_s

3 weeks ago

Even in our worst state of despair , we must have the courage, strength and wisdom to stand up strong and change our attitude towards life situations and events . . Stand up and dance if u have to ! . . U control. don’t let the environment control you . . . A very different side of super 30 class. I really enjoyed my young co actors who are from diverse backgrounds and most of them are facing the camera for the first time. . . #super30 #keepcreating #keepgrowing #wearetheworld #studentsforever

3 weeks ago

अंग्रेजी का डर हटाओ। . क्यूँकि ऐसे बहुत से दरवाजे  हैं दुनिया में जो सिर्फ इसीलिए नहीं खुलते क्यूँकि लोग 'May I come in' नहीं कह पाते । . . #BasantiNoDance #Super30 #July12 @mrunalofficial2016 @nandishsandhu@theamitsadh #PankajTripathi#AnandKumar @sarkarshibasish #SajidNadiadwala @prem_areni @janardandhatrak @aslidivyakumar @parmarchaitally @ajayatulofficial #AmitabhBhattacharya @reliance entertainment @nadiadwalagrandson @zeemusiccompany @super30film

3 weeks ago

Hone waala hai hungama! Gear up for #BasantiNoDance Out tomorrow. #super30 #12thJULY

4 weeks ago

This song is an experience I will cherish forever. These 30 poured their hearts into it which will last me 30 years of incredible memories . Gear up for #BasantiNoDance Out tomorrow. #12thJULY @mrunalofficial2016 @nandishsandhu@theamitsadh #PankajTripathi#AnandKumar @sarkarshibasish #SajidNadiadwala @prem_areni @janardandhatrak @aslidivyakumar @parmarchaitally @ajayatulofficial #AmitabhBhattacharya @reliance entertainment @nadiadwalagrandson @zeemusiccompany @super30film

4 weeks ago

“The papad selling phase of Anand Kumar’s journey is an important one as it was cathartic and became the genesis of all that he did later on in his life.” #Super30 #12thJULY

4 weeks ago

ये है कुसुम. Biotech engineer बनना चाहती है. पीठ में दर्द होने के बावजूद सेट पर रोज़ आया करती थी. . . और उसके पीछे है केशव. मेरी तरह हकलाता है. पर दुनिया को अपनी बात बताने से डरता नहीं . अन्दर से बोहत strong है . . इस फ़िल्म का असली हीरो कौन है. इसका जवाब कोई नहीं दे सकता। . . #super30

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