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#TrapDad Gwynn Sinatra 109BS🚾 N.C.4L Singer/SongWriter Vice President of @sduapparel Booking info @pauljones1228 @adrian_cobb #OTS #LastEver #BSC

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4 days ago

Out Here Making Ya Ex Wife Smile trust me dawg she ain’t coming BACC

2 weeks ago

It’s A Marathon When Your Chasing A Big Dream know Your Gonna Make It This Ain’t A Quickie - Me

4 weeks ago

“TrapDads Prayer” is for all the dads out there that Take Risk And Prosper i recorded this myself s/o @lasteverent for always letting me record at 4am and Jus being here for me in general and s/o @toantracks for sending me this vibe but this for the trap dads from Baltimore to Watts

4 weeks ago

They Love My Accent Fucc @theshaderoom

4 weeks ago

Been In My Bag If You Agree throw a 😈 in my comments and tell @dcembermoon he killed this beat To unlock the next song I need 3k views and 50 comments

last month

Lmfao this nigga is a fool lmfao @hilariousomartv why you do the homie im dead the homies gonna trip when they see this

last month

Been Doing This Since High SKoo

last month

“I Wish The Real One’s Was Bullet Proof Throwing Ones Out The SunRoof We’d Still Have Nipsey And SCoota Somebody Tell HOV I Cannot Respect The shoota” - Me #LongliveTD

last month

Blacc Star Power

June 2019

Happy Father’s Day To the TrapDads from a couple of TrapDads Trials n Dripulations Out Now!!!!!! Link in bio

June 2019

Father’s Day everyday

June 2019

“I Been Out Here Soul searching Trying to See If my Soul Working”- Me

June 2019

June 15th... Production by @toantracks and @daytonathashit @soundcloud @datpiff @tidal @applemusic @spotify

May 2019

I know the Trap Gods Are Blessing the TrapDads

May 2019

Out now !!!!! Link in @__tsavage Bio

May 2019

“Who wanna bet us that they can't fuck with us Stack cheddar forever, live treacherous, all the et ceteras Until the death of us me and my confidantes, we shine We make the ambiance, you niggas just rhyme You little niggas need guidance you barking up the wrong trees Pissing on the wrong hydrants, I'm a high fence I grew up around violence, you grew up playing violins In your hood silence, where I'm from sirens” - @myfabolouslife

May 2019

Wake up on the beach everyday

May 2019

May 11th

May 2019

I’m Almost Done With My EP

April 2019

“Males shouldn't be jealous that's a female trait Whatchu mad cause you push dimes and we sell weight? y'all don't know my expenses, I gotta buy a bigger place Hehehe, and more baggies, why you all aggie? Nigga respect the game, that should be it What you eat don't make me shit, where's the love?” - ICEBERG SLIM 📸: @buddhadad

April 2019

Trials and Dripulations Is When You Shine And Deal With Bitch Niggas That’s Hating -Me

April 2019

@__tsavage I can’t thank you enough for all you do we have the same dream you a #Trapmom ima a #TrapDad Soeaking for those who are like us and those who know People Like Us I’m So happy we didn’t listen other when they said this a love song AYE Cuhz We Working We The #GrammyFamily S/O @balleralert for posting and supporting us with this beautiful #TrapClassic @maggie you the hottest out

April 2019

Oh I'm gone keep gettin' cash, I'm gone fuck these hoes later Takin' care of my fam, 'cause all the money don't make us Smilin all on you niggas, shinin' like I'm Las Vegas Next I see Mitch Booker, I'ma say a prayer for my haters I'm gon' keep gettin' cash, I'ma fuck you hoes later Takin' care of my fam, 'cause all the money don't make us Smilin' all on you niggas, shinin' like I'm Las Vegas - @nipseyhussle

April 2019

"oh He On his high horse" bottom line bitch nigga this is my horse - @nipseyhussle

April 2019

@adrian_cobb and I use to watch this king on TV now We had The experiences of working with him on @asapferg ✖️ @asaprocky Music Video They Needed Dirt Bikes And called Adrain and I Brought My Hood And Dirt Bikes...I Jus Want To S/o @nutty91 for showing love and holding us down like a Boss I know you make @snoopdogg Proud Cuhz Can’t wait till we shoot our video

April 2019

@kingflame41 hating on my blunt Rolling skills ... #McKinleyBoys

April 2019

My beautiful BlaQ Queen 👸🏽 109% Trap Dad

April 2019

Go Where Most Niggas Won’t Go I Grow Where Most Niggas Won’t Grow ...Ima Late Bloomer - Me

April 2019

Where I Say I Be That’s The Differences Between Me N Them On Community🔷Restoration 🔷In 🔷Progress 🔷 🅱️💲🚾🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵

April 2019

Wow @__tsavage After All We Been Thru just to get this music out the day is finally coming this song has inspired me to put my EP out ASAP I can’t wait to show the world what else we have to offer thanks for allowing me to co Write And perform on this Trap Classic this for everyone from the bottom

April 2019

“Real shit you Can mark my words '85 Cutlass, I'll make my swerves These ho niggas tryna take what's yours Take a stand or have to take one first BaCC him up, but only take one burst With white Chalk I'll make 'em paint your Curb Rest in peace, have 'em paint your shirt If a nigga's tryna take my worth But you know” - @nipseyhussle ________________________ 📸|Me 📸| @rollxmjoey 📍| The Jungles _________________________ #WestLA #jungles #Love #Squad #Music #baldwinhills #BSC #FlyCrip #Life #Vision #WattsUp #Follow #GwynnHilton #Worktogether #WarPaintProductions #Baltimore #indiemusic #Newmusic #OSBS #109st #Newagegent #nocap #newmusic #newrnb #indiemusic #newmusic #flycrippin #real #triller #trapdaddy #Daddgang #Trapheros #trapordie

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