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Have decided to put some music into the world for the first time in years. Thank you @mantraemcee for helping me do this. Dropping next week 30.08.18 @tell_music 📷 @michelleghunder

2 days ago

Big news tomorrow. @tell_music @mantraemcee 📷 @michelleghunder

2 weeks ago

Dropped my latest clip for @oneruel yesterday & we #5 trending on YouTube today 🚀🚀🚀 Big shouts to my team! Cinematography and editing from @nickrieve at @tree_house_studios_ Effects from @lumberfly Colouring from @danielstonehouse at @wearecrayon Production from @leftproductions Clothing from @masonsofficial Additional clothing from @garbagetv_ for @ecaf_xxii @zappatage & @nateflagrant for holdin it down for the whole lead up to this ting. Also thank you @mphazes for the dope music inc Pictures (!!! ) Mo tank yews to come I reckon. Link in bio 👻📽🇫🇷

last month

Filming tings in Paris 🇫🇷 👀

May 2019

Art Direction, type & layout by ya boi ⚡️👻 Illustration by the incredible @jason_solo 🖊🙌 Staunch mug by @sethsentry 😶

May 2019

This is my friend Seth Sentry. He believed in my ability as a creative since day dot and as a result I toured with him, designed his whole release campaigns, directed his music videos and oversaw the aesthetics of the project - all the while not realising I was training for my dream job; to become a Creative Director. Now that’s what I do but it wouldn’t have happened without the homie @sethsentry He is releasing new music and one of the perks of my job is that I get to hear the shit before anyone else.. and let me tell you this song is dope AF! We’ve got the old team back together which of course includes the always amazing @michelleghunder on the 📸 Congrats Setho - here’s to new dope music ⚡️✌️Kids gon’ froth when they hear this shit 🎧 #wrongone

February 2019

When I lived in the northern streets of hipster ridden Brunswick I was used to walking out the door and being one minute away from the tastiest single origin three quarter double ristretto almond milk flat white served by a moustachiod character who I’m sure had faun legs if you peered behind the 40 thousand dollar coffee machine. Skip forward in time and I found myself moving to the far away lands of Frankston South, aka ‘Frankganastan’ which for all it’s natural plusses isn’t exactly known for its cutting edge culinary contribution (at least for now ). So... literally the first morning we moved out to the peninsula I googled ‘best coffee in Frankston’ and got in the car to Stereo Espresso. From the moment we walked in we were relieved by the familiar scene: exposed brick, industrial light fittings, good music and a group of what many would refer to as wankers but who I see as “appreciators” or perhaps “misfits” or... okay okay yes yes wankers. We felt at home and the owners Les & Bianca became instant friends. They also immediately introduced us to numerous like minded peeps and a lot of the friends we have today. Plus - they served us literally the best coffee we’ve ever had. Anyway, the point of this verbose story is that unfortunately this cultural oasis has just shut down and I wanted to give a thank you gift to my friends Les & Bianca in the form of an illustration and a story. Trust me guys... all of us who loved coming to your lil coffee shop will hold all the memories dear. Thank you both so much for copping all the wanky coffee orders, feeding us jaffles, bagels, reubens, having random chats and providing such a dope space for us all. We wish you the very best in whatever it is you do next!!! RIP @stereoespresso xxx @bancaboo83 @huntiero #illustration #stereoespresso #coffee #frankston

December 2018

Made some silly shit for the legend @dylanjoel 📹👻🌴🚘 Last ting for the year ✌️ Vis effects: @graceemilycarey DOP/Colourist: @treehousestudiosaus Feat: @iamsoliloquy & @francoistunes Shout outs to @p_eat_a for the loan of Joan the pretty red van 🙏🚘💋

November 2018

On the day of shooting this vid in LA I went to set up Playback via Spotify, I found the track and at that moment realised it has 60 million plus streams 🤯 I had no idea and it made me nervous AF to get it right haha. Shout outs to the total legend behind the camera 🎥 @itsbabrahamlincoln and to @chinnnstagram for making it happen 🙏 @gladesmusic y’all are total legends and I wish all the success in the world for you 🙌🍑🌏 Keep killing it 👊

October 2018

Halloween in the burbs 🎃🔥Sound on 🔊 🎧 @mantraemcee 📹 by uncle @p_eat_a 🧒 🧒 by @juleiaah

October 2018

👀 👻📹🌴 @treehousestudiosaus @oneruel

October 2018

2 kids = 1 million kisses #dadlyfe @juleiaah

October 2018

Forgot tah post this one on mah grid. Latest clip for the homie @dylanjoel is out if yah haven’t peeped 👀👻📹 shouts to @sherwin_akbarzadeh @christina_remnant @wearecrayon & the whole legendary team ✌️

October 2018

Latest clip is up for the legends Glades. We shot it in a dope LA studio last month with a gang of good eggs inc DOP @itsbabrahamlincoln follow @gladesmusic to peep full clip ✌️👻📹 Colouring by @treehousestudiosaus Editing by @directedbyhoodwolf Shout outs to @chinnnstagram

September 2018

My latest visuals out now for the homie @dylanjoel Love this brother big time and pumped to be working with him on his new shiiiit. Proud of my sis @michelleghunder who filmed this too 🙌🙌🙌 Link to full vid in bio 👻📹⚡️

September 2018

BTS for Younger up now. Link in bio 📹 by @bedrockbam

September 2018

Skated all my teenage years and all I got was this shitty low to the ground kickflip 😂 📹 by @bedrockbam

September 2018

The very rare occurrence of me sitting and eating on set. My pal @christina_remnant took this on the last music vid we put together in cold ass Melbourne with a gang of legends. Real psyched about this one - can’t wait for it to be out in the world 📹⚡️Coming sooooon

August 2018

Bye South Korea 🇰🇷 Hello USA 🇺🇸 @michelleghunder #twinsies

August 2018

Shooting with @nylonkorea ⚡️🇰🇷🖤 @oneruel

August 2018

Goodbye Japan 👋🏼 Time to go film in Seoul, South Korea.

August 2018

Watching @oneruel killing in front of our visuals on the biiiiiig screen at Summer Sonic Tokyo ⚡️⚡️⚡️ @summersonic_official

August 2018


August 2018

Japanese AF. Thanks for the 📸 @chelseadonoghue_

August 2018

Standing in (sitting in ) for latest shoot for @dylanjoel with sister from another mister @michelleghunder

August 2018

It’s out 📹✌️👻😱 Link in bio

August 2018

New vid new vid new vid #comingsoon

August 2018

The homie @directedbyhoodwolf put together this BTS for the Dazed & Confused vid. Full vid on @oneruel Vevo

July 2018

Growth update 🖤🖤

June 2018

My ma bought a pup. His name is Donut & I love him. The end. 🖤🍩😍

June 2018

New art for new tings. Shouts to @michelleghunder for the 📷

June 2018

On set vibes 📷 by @michelleghunder

June 2018

Stoked to av Art Directed n Styled the new new new EP for the homie @oneruel Photography by the always amazing @michelleghunder Shout outs to @scotchsodaau & @masonsofficial for the thread game⚡️✌️

June 2018

Pumped to share my latest clip for the @oneruel new single 'Dazed & Confused.' (Link to full vid in bio ). Snow/Outback/Dance/Guitar/Colours/Glitch/Warps aaaand crocodiles - that's essentially the gist of it. HUGE shout out to my team on this one: DOP - @sherwin_akbarzadeh VFX/Colourist - @will_weightless Stylist - Wendy Jiang/ @masonsofficial Co Producer - @jimmynessss A/C - Nick Forster Gaffer - Tom Savage Best Boy - Albert Garcia Grips - Noah Snell/Hayden Somerville Sound - Tom Evans Runners - @l_kennedy_d & @sylvievd Staring: Dancer - @aishamarydance Guitarist - @chikeyman Shout outs to: @chelseadonoghue_ @nateflagrant @michelleghunder @directedbyhoodwolf & Kate Van Dyke You're all bloody legends 🙏🙏🙏 #ghostiestudios

May 2018

Happy Mother's Day to this gloriously beautiful, patient, fun & nurturing mumma (pictured here with tiny Dali )! Honestly you are the most perfect mother to our girls; so present and so loving and so on top of it all - I couldn't be more proud of the way you are raising them - with me tagging along for the ride 😂 Your spiritedness and kindness and cheekiness and sheer beauty is in both of them and, well - I am one luuuuucky man! Not just for having you in my life but for having our beautiful girls... Thank you my love! Oh and I promise to get more photos of you with both kids! Kloveyoubye 🖤🖤🖤🖤 @juleiaah

May 2018

RIP Grandpa 08/07/1931 - 10/05/2018 My middle name is Robert, named after this truly inspiring man; my grandfather, Robert McKinnon who passed away Thursday night. My mum put it best when she said "His adoration taught me how to love and be kind. To be present with the person in front of me." He was always so enthusiastic and genuinely interested all the time and it made every conversation a joy. I hope that I can live to be more like you Grandpa; to appreciate all that is around me and to show enthusiasm and energy to those I come in contact with on a daily basis. Thank you for every moment, from telling me your imaginative Rufus stories (about a dog who could fly planes and drive tractors ) to telling me absurd jokes that made me laugh so much as a kid, to giving me your special celebratory 'Mackinnon Handshake' when I achieved something that you thought was worthy of such honour.. Even when you would say "get your whiskers in order" when I was looking a little bohemian. So many memories and so many wonderful times. Thank you X infinity. I love you dearly & I hope you are proud of all that you have left behind. See you on the other side x Your Grandson, Jeremy Robert Koren

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