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I'm Greg T. of the nationally syndicated morning radio show "ElvisDuran & The Morning Show" thanks for following, and lets have fun

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Guess what’s in the @dunkin box from @seamless ?? It was specially delivered today to the @elvisduranshow @iheartradio on @z100newyork - what’s it the box?


It’s #FathersDay and I couldn’t think of anything better to do with my girls than to root on @uswnt in the @fifaworldcup 2019! Let’s go Ladies! Oh and celebrate all day! Don’t stop celebrating! Do it over the top! USA!!!

3 days ago

Yep! #HappyFathersDay to me! @harleydavidson #StreetGlide Who wants a ride! Where’s my open highway! Hey @anthony_fattorusso let’s ride!

3 days ago

Happy Pre-Fathers Day! It’s a Friday Night which means Cigars w/ Uncle Ted!! - Thanks @gkmoney40 for having us over!

4 days ago

Hey guys, I was asked to be on an interview with @firstclassfatherhood podcast and it was awesome! Give a listen or subscribe as well to this podcast. All #FirstClassFathers #HappyFathersDay enjoy the interview.

5 days ago

Thank You Jada & Ella for my early #FathersDayGift - Let’s go have some fun!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!! @iplayamerica Here come the T’s!! *Do yourselves a favor and take Dad to iPlayAmerica In Freehold NJ! for Fathers Day!! Create some new memories or grab some passes for a future date. Yo Dad! Take the kids to play!

6 days ago

Hahahahahah!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! These @uswnt Team USA!! Unstoppable! @alexmorgan13 with 5 freakin’ goals!!! Hahahahahah! And @carlilloyd gets in on the action!! Amazing!! I LOVE THEM ALL!! #Soccer #Soccer #Soccer They are the BEST in the WORLD! The universe! Hahahahah!! The best!!!!!! Women’s Soccer!!! Crushin’ it!

3 weeks ago

Today is the day! I’ll post pics all day long! Cause I love this organization! @njsharingnetwork In New Providence NJ! Today is their biggest day! #NJSN5K #CelebrateLife These are more of the faces, the people that I look forward to doing this with! 8years Strong! I’ve been with this organization!

3 weeks ago

The faces and the people that make today #5K @njsharingnetwork the best it is! I love these people! #njsn5k #CelebrateLife

3 weeks ago

These are just some of the great friendly faces of the @njsharingnetwork that I see every year! It wouldn’t be the same without them! (More faces of #njsn5k coming up ) I can honestly say I LOVE these people! This organization #SavesLives #celebratelife

3 weeks ago

To everyone! This is what the @njsharingnetwork means! I will see you there this Sunday in New Providence NJ! Please support the Nj Sharing Network! Be a part. I am. I’ve been there for 8 years! See ya Sunday!

3 weeks ago

Ok, so my daughter Ella has been having anxiety when sleeping. Truth. We were told about the @gravityblankets - So as a parent what do you do? You try anything to help. I was a bit skeptical at first but @tsforzat and I went with it. Have to say... it’s been 1 week and 1/3rd since Ella has woken up crying in the middle @of the night. Truth. I asked around about the blanket and found this info. - Use code ELVIS to get 20% off your purchase at, and unlock a $10 from Gravity to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation to help support mental health research initiatives Tag @gravityblankets in content and charity we are donating the $10 to - @bbrfoundation - So that all being said...When something is the right fit, I have to admit. This I speak of is TRUTH. From one parent to the next. Just helping out.

3 weeks ago

I can’t say it enough. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am @gregtfratboy and I stand by the @njsharingnetwork with all my heart! I’ll pbe running in the 5K this Sunday to support this amazing organization! This is the @njsharingnetwork Please look them up. Please learn about them. I truly love this organization and they mean so much to me. This Sunday is their big #USTA certified 5K Walk-Run to raise awareness for what the #NJSharingNetwork can do. If you have anytime please stop by and or donate your time. for more info.

3 weeks ago

Ok, I have to sit down for daughter Ella just came home from a store. She saved her own money (mind you ) and spent $30.00 on what she called #MagneticBeads from @neoballs - She told me that ALL her friends have them and the store is basically SOLD OUT! SOLD OUT!! Hahahah!! and can’t keep them on the shelves!! What am I missing!! What is wrong with us?! These are magnetic tiny beads!!!! WTF?!!! $30!! On magnetic beads!!! HELP! How do things like this become a trend?! How do I think of something like this! Magnetic Beads! $30!! Am I nuts!

4 weeks ago

Happy #memorialdayweekend 2019!! @pcrichardandson in Bellmore LI on Sunrise Hwy! All weekend! MONDAY as well!! #BBQ #Sale ! Thank you @pcrichardandson for being your neighborhood store helping out People enjoy their weekend a little bit more!!!! Love it!!!!

last month

Not a bad place for a brunch.... so beautiful in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 #elvisinpuertorico @caribehilton

last month

You’ve gotta figure, I’m standing where great men once stood and fought a great battle. Very cool #ruins here in Puerto Rico #elvisinpuertorico So much history beneath my feet.

last month

Ok, so this is the weekend the big 5K Run/Walk in Long Branch NJ - Again, this charity @njsharingnetwork means so much to me. Been a supporter for years now. They are doing such amazing things. Please sign up for the event, weather will be great as well.

last month

To my women in my life. Happy #MothersDay thanks Mom for raising a great guy, holding down the family, and @tsforzat for raising a great family.

last month

Guys! @barbasocialbarbershop Is AWESOME! Couldn’t be more excited for you! Raul @rrodjr had a dream. It was the only item on his bucket list. To own his own Barber Shop one day. After years of saving, he did it. Congratulations to an absolute terrific guy who deserves the best. Loved the #NEW @barbasocialbarbershop - #BARBER SOCIAL on Rt. 79 in Morganville NJ. - And to top it off, having a fantastic partner every step of the way in @georgie_shore a.k.a. #GeorgeDaBarber These two guys have become great friends of mine. Super happy for them and proud of what they’ve accomplished. Amazing!! I’ll be seeing you EVERY FRIDAY!

last month

Today is #receptionist Day! The @elvisduranshow loves our @iheartradio @z100newyork Anita! We delivered flowers to her and read an outstanding Poem. Thank your receptionist today!

last month

Listen up everyone, this charity, @njsharingnetwork is SUPER important to me. I’ve been working with them along side @elvisduranshow @z100newyork @iheartradio for YEARS, and they are always looking for more people to help, volunteer, or make a donation. They have 2 big 5K’s coming up. May 19th in Long Branch NJ on the great lawn. June 2nd in New Providence NJ. Get more info at - I mean this with all my heart. This is a FANTASTIC group. Anything, or anytime is thanked. It’s a Celebration of Life! The NJ Sharing Network! I will see you there!

last month

Another amazing night @ilnidonj in Marlboro NJ! Unreal food. Fantastic. Top notch! Reserve your spot now. NYC restaurant in Marlboro NJ! Wow!

last month

So tomorrow night, I’m hosting @iplayamerica from 7p-9p it’s a huge event. All are welcome! It’s iPlayAmerica’s FREE-RIDE Night + @topgolf @swingsuite is officially OPEN! 💯 OPEN! It will be an amazing night. W/ @z100newyork @iheartradio

last month

What a great morning! The @mssociety #WalkMS at Pier 97! Love these people and all they do!

last month

#SaturdayMorning Let’s go!! Head to your nearest @24hourfitness and let’s get going!!! #YourResultsYourWay #24HourFitnessDJ

last month

Ok, stop what you are doing!! The T’s are out and enjoying a great Saturday before Easter @ilnidonj in Marlboro NJ! Wow! A complete different level. What a wonderful experience. In Marlboro NJ! Wow! Home made! #delicious #Family #HappyEaster

last month

A awesome Saturday having FUN! w/ Knowledge and Science and Young minds growing and parents having a great weekend @nysci in Queens! Love it here!!!

April 2019

Hello Wednesday... why?? Why??? I’m so sick!! I hate being sick! And @tsforzat doesn’t care. Nobody cares about me when I’m sick.

April 2019

EVERYONE!! Seriously a very very very cool place! #WOW the ALL NEW @topgolf #SwingSuite @iplayamerica in Freehold NJ! An absolute must visit NO DOUBT! 100% AWESOME! Must Go! For Real! For Real! For Real! Finally a great place to hangout with friends! A must!

April 2019

Grand Opening of @partycity in Mt. Kisco NY!! So much fun! Enjoy my journey!!

April 2019

Tomorrow morning @sam_rosalie and I are hosting a huge event @goodwillnynj in Fairfield NJ from 10a-12n // Bring a donation and enter to win a trip to Paris France!! Tomorrow w/ @elvisduranshow @z100newyork special thanks to @iheartradio - see ya tomorrow!! Saturday!!

April 2019

Have you voted?? Try all the New @mmschocolate and vote for your favorite flavor by visiting

April 2019

Hello everybody. You may have heard my commercials on the radio for The Smile Center, in Rockland County; got a chance to meet them and they’re very nice. Here is how my visit went. #smilecenter #rocklandsfinest Dr. @mcnerney james - or on Facebook @smileandimplantcenter #Smile

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