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3 days ago

The Walhalla Memorial, with it's remarkable columns, towers above the Danube near Regensburg. Have you ever been? Thanks to @_patrickkuhn for this great shot! #germanytourism #visitgermany #visitbavaria

4 days ago

Have you ever been in the impressive Staatsoper Unter den Linden in Berlin? The opera house's repertoire includes selected plays from various theatre epochs, world premieres and modern interpretations of classical opera. #germanytourism #visitgermany #germanoperahouses

5 days ago

The Saar Polygon changes its shape depending on the angle you look at it from. It is a symbol for the change that has taken place in the Saarland region. You can even look at it from the air as there is the opportunity to go paragliding! Many thanks to @_benritter for the photo! #germanytourism #visitgermany #visitsaarland

6 days ago

Illustrator Nina Streit scribbles delicate lines on her tablet... For hours she could draw herself through the city map of picturesque Ulm! @dreamingofmidsummer #traeumweiter #GermanySimplyInspiring #jungedonau

6 days ago

It is Diana and Marcin from @lostitalianos signing off with the picture from the weirdest tourist attraction we have ever visited! F60 is a previous conveyer bridge, turned into a museum. The whole construction is literally massive and you can actually feel it once you have climbed to the top of it (which is almost 80 metres above the ground! ). F60 is often called a reclining Eiffel Tower of Lusatia but it actually beats the Iron Lady when it comes to its size - it is 182 meters longer (502 meters vs 320 meters ). Impressive, right? Have you ever seen anything like it? #germany30reunified #germanytourism #hansemerkur #handinhand #visitgermany

1 weeks ago

Hey guys, Diana and Marcin from @lostitalianos here! Over the next few days we will be taking you on a fun roadtrip around some lesser known parts of Brandeburg and showing you all they have to offer 30 years after the country's reunification! First stop - Spreewald which is a Unesco Biosphere Reservat literally filled with nature and leisure possibilities. With around 300 km of water canals it is a true paradise for all the kayaking lovers out there! ✨ #germanytourism #germany30reunified #visitgermany #visitbrandenburg #hansemerkur #handinhand

2 weeks ago

The town of Heppenheim, south of Frankfurt, is full of medieval architecture, lovely old streets and idyllic squares. Thanks to @journey tom for this brilliant photo! #germanytourism #visitgermany #visithessen

2 weeks ago

Marienberg Citadel lies close to the centre of Würzburg in Bavaria. Surrounded by vines, you can enjoy amazing views of the river Main and the city below. Thanks to @schmiddibrah for this brilliant photo! #germanytourism #visitgermany #germancastles #visitbavaria

2 weeks ago

Not far from Hamburg lies the charming town of Lüneburg. Nestled in northern Germany’s beautiful countryside, it's home to quaint half-timbered buildings and offers a whole host of ways to unwind. Many thanks to @yannik_gaertner for capturing this sunny scene! #germanytourism #visitgermany #mylowersaxony #discovergermancities

2 weeks ago

Did you know that thanks to its many canals, the port city of Hamburg actually has more bridges than Venice? Thanks to @jhs brgr for this wonderful photo! #germanytourism #visitgermany #hamburg_de #discovergermancities

2 weeks ago

The last rays of sunshine add a magical glow to Großer Garten Park in Dresden. The perfect surroundings to enjoy Germany's mild summer nights. Thanks to @don moment for capturing this scene! #germanytourism #visitgermany #germansummerstories #visitdresden

3 weeks ago

With the sun peeking through the pretty timber-framed houses in Bremen's Schnoor quarter. What could be better than a stroll along these lovely lanes on a sunny afternoon!? Many thanks to @yannik_gaertner for the great photo! #germanytourism #visitgermany #visitbremen

3 weeks ago

Meißen is worldwide known for its fine porcelain. But there is much more to discover during a visit - such as Albrechtsburg Castle! Here with a wonderful reflection in the Elbe river. Many thanks to @journey tom for the beautiful picture. #germanytourism #visitgermany #simplysaxony

3 weeks ago

The beautiful old town of Naumburg lets you experience a journey back in time to the Middle Ages. Did you know that even Luther visited the city twice? Thanks to @florian kolbe for the great picture! #germanytourism #visitgermany #visitsaxonxyanhalt #discovergermancities #luthercountry #reiselandsachsenanhalt

3 weeks ago

Be bold, be colourful! Striking architecture and a striking colour. Check out this beautiful building in Hamburg! @ankit gee thank you for this impressive picture! #germanytourism #discovergermancities #visitgermany #hamburgahoi

3 weeks ago

The goal of Markus Betz' journey to Regensburg? Finding new flavors for new beer! Inspiration came almost from A to Z: from brewing beer over the Danube boat trip to the Walhalla. #traeumweiter #germanytourism #GermanySimplyInspiring @beerloversvienna @jungedonau

4 weeks ago

Narrow streets, cobblestones and timber-framed houses. #Quedlinburg is a throwback to medieval Germany. Are you as much in love with its old town as we are? Thanks to @rale_p for this amazing photo! #germanytourism #discovergermancities #visitsachsenanhalt

4 weeks ago

These small boats look a little quaint set against the gargantuan container ships that glide in and out of Hamburg each day. But they add just as much to the character of the city’s famous port. We’re grateful to @themodernleper for capturing this! #germanytourism #discovergermancities #hamburgahoi

4 weeks ago

Yaya and Lloyd from @HandLuggageOnly signing off now with this beauty that is Bernkastel-Kues - the most “gingerbread”est of Gingerbread towns! 😄😄😄 It’s a beauty in summer but it does make us wonder what it must look like in winter, covered in a layer of a snow... Anyway, that’s it from us for now. Have a great rest of the week and an even better weekend ahead! #GermanySimplyInspiring

4 weeks ago

Hi! Yaya and Lloyd from @HandLuggageOnly here again! 😁😁 If you’re a sucker for beautiful castles perched on a hill, The Rhine Valley in Germany is definitely where you should be heading to. They’re everywhere here, like imperious guards, standing watch over the valley and you can even stay in several of them and become the King or Queen of your very own castle here... at least for one night! 😄😄 #GermanySimplyInspiring #VisitGermany

4 weeks ago

It’s us again! Yaya and Lloyd from @HandLuggageOnly 🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️ As Londoners, I guess we think of ourselves as city folk, but after a few days in beautiful spots like this in the German countryside (and falling in love with them instantly ), we’re starting to seriously reconsider that. 😄😄😄 What do you prefer - the city or the countryside? #GermanySimplyInspiring

4 weeks ago

Hey! 😁😁 Yaya and Lloyd from @HandLuggageOnly here again! Yesterday was filled with so many German beauties but watching the sun set over Eltz Castle has got to be the highlight of our day! 😍😍 #GermanySimplyInspiring #VisitGermany #BurgEltz

4 weeks ago

Hi! Yaya and Lloyd from @HandLuggageOnly here again. Just taking a quick break from falling in love with all the cute villages and towns in the Moselle valley to show you what sunset looks like in Bernkastel-Kues! The fairytale vibes are strong here... 😁😁😁 #GermanySimplyInspiring

4 weeks ago

Hi! Yaya and Lloyd here from @HandLuggageOnly ! 🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️ Over the next few days, we’re gonna be over the @GermanyTourism Instagram account and taking you on a road trip through The Rhine Valley and The Moselle Valley - famous for their delicious wines, fairytale villages and amazing castles... like this beauty in Bacharach! 😍😍😍 #GermanySimplyInspiring #VisitGermany

last month

Pomp and splendour as far as the eye can see. The gilded auditorium of the opera house in Bayreuth will take your breath away! Thank you for the great photo @franksfotografie ! #germanytourism #visitgermany #visitbavaria

last month

Frankfurt - a city of contrasts. The old town and skyscraper skyline couldn't be more different but somehow they combine to create a perfect cityscape. And doesn't this tower look like it is part of a fairytale castle? Thanks to @schenkka for this brilliant photo! #germanytourism #visitgermany #discovergermancities #visitfrankfurt

last month

The town of Bad Buchau is renowned not only for its prehistoric pile dwellings but also as a thermal spa resort specialising in mud and moor peat treatments. How would you like to spend your holiday in this paradise by the water? We have @aloha_lars to thank for this beautiful picture. #germanytourism #visitgermany #enjoygermannature #visitbawu

last month

This stretch of woodland along the Baltic Sea coast is called ‘ghost forest’ because of its strangely shaped trees. We think it’s simply a magical place! Thanks to @bastifbr for capturing its unique appeal! #germanytourism #visitgermany #enjoygermannature #aufnachmv

last month

The Austrian photographer Rafael Bittermann throws himself into the urban life of Stuttgart with an open aperture and an eagle eye. An inspirational journey with a change of perspective! #traeumweiter #GermanySimplyInspiring #germanytourism @rafaelwien

last month

This bird’s eye view of Hohenzollern Castle really shows off the stunning architecture. Hands up who’s done the walk to this fairytale fortress? Thanks to @chrismartinscholl for this fabulous shot! #germanytourism #visitgermany #visitbawu

last month

Endless scenery and endless shades of green! Are you up for a hike to the summit of Mount Herzogstand? Or perhaps you’d prefer to take the cable car? Thanks to @muellerflix for this stunning picture! #visitgermany #enjoygermannature #visitbavaria

last month

Looking down on the rocky landscape of Saxon Switzerland is one thing. But have you ever tried walking between some of its steep rock walls? It’s a breathtaking experience! Thanks to @wunderwaldphoto for this extraordinary picture! #germanytourism #visitgermany #enjoygermannature #visitsaxony

last month

Probably the most famous castle in all of Germany. How many of you have been to Neuschwanstein? It's like something out of a fairytale, as this great photo from @manuel whpt shows! #germanytourism #visitgermany #germanysimplyinspiring

last month

Houses on stilts, dramatic dunes and land yachts racing past, not to mention mile upon mile of beautiful beaches! The North Sea is full of surprises and always worth a visit. @bielefoto confirms as much with this fantastic shot! #germanytourism #visitgermany #enjoygermannature #welterbegermany #schleswigholstein

last month

Summer is here and the mountains are calling! This weather is perfect for walking and enjoying the great outdoors. Have you ever been to the top of Mount Zugspitze? @blazingstar has perfectly captured the atmosphere - thank you! #germanytourism #visitgermany #visitbavaria #enjoygermannature

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