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Do the Wilbury Twist • Watch the full video on @youtube

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11 hours ago

Ain't never been nothin' quite like it • The full "Wilbury Twist" video from @travelingwilburys , available for the first time on Youtube now. Watch in bio.

2 weeks ago

‪Happy Birthday Ringo! • George and @ringostarrmusic would spend Ringo’s 29th birthday recording “Here Comes the Sun” in Studio Two at Abbey Road #peaceandlove

3 weeks ago

“...Michael Palin who is such a nice person, and he, he’d written this television series for BBC called Ripping Yarns. A series of about six thirty minute films. And so I said to him why don’t you write a big Ripping Yarns and so we did that film was called The Missionary." • George on set with Michael Palin for "The Missionary" in 1983

3 weeks ago

George hidden amongst the members of @montypythonofficial for a cameo appearance during "The Lumberjack Song" at New York City Center in April 1976

3 weeks ago

George and a couple of friends from @montypythonofficial • Handmade Films would release Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl in June 1982 and a number of films starring members of the troupe during the decade

4 weeks ago

George and @oliviaharrison at the premiere of Handmade Films' "How to Get Ahead in Advertising" in 1989

5 weeks ago

George with Ray Cooper and @richard e.grant on set of "How to Get Ahead in Advertising" (1989 ) • "We’ve got an amazing film that’s just being made in England by the same writer and director who did a film called "Withnail and I". It’s also the same actor, Richard E. Grant It’s called "How to Get Ahead in Advertising", which is a very lunatic kind of film about a guy who’s an advertising agent and he’s having trouble coming up with a campaign for a pimple lotion and then he grows a boil on his neck and the boil starts talking to him and it’s pretty weird but it’s a brilliant little film."

last month

They say it’s your birthday! Love and blessings to @PaulMcCartney from the Harrisons. 📷: Bruce McBroom © Apple Corps Ltd

last month

George with actress Cathy Tyson (center ) and @ringostarrmusic on the set of Handmade Films' "Mona Lisa"

last month

George with Bob Hoskins • HandMade Films received their first Academy Award nomination when Hoskins was nominated for Best Actor for "Mona Lisa", which premiered on this day in 1986. He would go on to win a Golden Globe and BAFTA Award for the role

last month

"We made Life of Brian; we made a follow-up, which was a spinoff from the Monty Python's, Terry Gilliam’s film called the Time Bandits. We made all kinds of films." • George on the set of "Time Bandits" (1981 )

last month

"He gave us the money to shoot Life Of Brian because he wanted to see the movie. It remains the highest price ever paid for a cinema ticket." – Eric Idle on George's funding of Monty Python’s "Life of Brian", released in 1979

last month

"Music’s always, you know, is the main thing, that I, I do. The film company, as I’ve said many times before, is a sorta, like a hobby..." • George at HandMade Films, his production company founded in 1978

last month

George rocking along side @jefflynneselo , @robertplantofficial , The Moody Blues, @ub40official and more for the Heart Beat 86 Benefit Show in Birmingham, UK

last month

George with @officialnilsson • Listen to George's slide guitar on Nilsson's "You're Breaking My Heart" on the George and Friends playlist in bio

last month

George with Badfinger • The band would play on "All Things Must Pass", and have George produce their 1971 LP "Straight Up", including some slide guitar on 'Day After Day'

last month

George with Jesse Ed Davis, @bobdylan and John Trudell at the Palomino Club in North Hollywood, 1987 • Jesse would hop on the guitar during the Concert for Bangladesh, and join in the studio for a number of songs on "Extra Texture (Read All About It )" • Listen to their collaborations in bio

last month

"It's like, you know, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart or whatever – he's a composer and he's composing music, which nobody's doing." - George on teacher, collaborator and friend Ravi Shankar

last month

A happiest of birthdays to @bobdylan !

last month

"He’s an unbelievable guitar player. With guitar players like him around, it makes me just feel like a skiffler.” • George would contribute slide guitar to Gary Moore’s "That Kind of Woman”. Have a listen on the ‘George and Friends’ playlist in bio.

May 2019

George helped Cream write ‘Badge’ in 1968 under the pseudonym L'Angelo Misterioso • "We were working across from each other and I was writing the lyrics down and we came to the middle part so I wrote Bridge. @ericclapton read it upside down and cracked up laughing – 'What's BADGE?'”

May 2019

"We didn’t have a song, so we made it up, and I just pinched the chords from (Leon Russell’s ) ‘Delta Lady’ and away I went." • George would collaborate on five songs for Doris Troy's self-titled debut, including "Ain't That Cute", in 1970

May 2019

George and @mickfleetwoodofficial working on Fleetwood's version of ‘Walk a Thin Line’ for his 1981 solo LP "The Visitor" • George would play slide guitar on the track, a cover of from Fleetwood Mac’s 1979 record "Tusk"

May 2019

50 years ago today • May 9, 1969 Listen to George’s second solo album in bio.

May 2019

George would add some guitar to a number of songs from @johnlennonofficial ’s "Imagine" in 1971 and "Some Time In New York City" in 1972, as well as some piano to 'Instant Karma!'

May 2019

George and @ringostarrmusic at Ringo's wedding, April 1981 • George would work as producer on a number of Ringo tunes over the years including "Photograph", "It Don't Come Easy" and "Back Off Boogaloo" • Listen on top of the George & Friends playlist in Stories

April 2019

Listen to some of Klaus Voormann and George's collaborations for Voormann's birthday today on the George and Klaus playlist in bio • Happy Birthday @klausvoormannofficial !

April 2019

Celebrating Jim Keltner on his birthday today • Keltner would be one of George's most trusted men on the drums playing on many of George's solo records, as well as in the Traveling Wilburys • Listen to a playlist of their collaborations in bio

April 2019

George and Splinter at Friar Park in 1974 • The band would be the first signee to George's Dark Horse Records and he would produce the entirety of their debut "The Place I Love"

April 2019

Still got a lot of love to give • Happy Birthday @officialroyorbison

April 2019

"One for you, nineteen for me" • George in the studio recording 'Taxman', his opening number for @TheBeatles ' "Revolver", on this day April 22, 1966 © Apple Corps Ltd. • Listen in bio

April 2019

George with Billy Preston, @RonnieWood and @MickJagger • George would appear on Wood's first solo record in 1974, playing slide on Ronnie's version of "Far East Man", a song George would re-work for his own "Dark Horse" record later that year

April 2019

George would invite Billy Preston to play with @TheBeatles during the 'Get Back' sessions and Preston would become the only musician to be credited on a Beatles record aside from the group • Listen to The Beatles and Billy's versions of the song in bio

April 2019

George in Maui for the "This Is Love" video shoot, 1987 • @oliviaharrison has joined Instagram and she is taking over George's page, with some of her favorite photos she has taken of him

April 2019

George in Maui, 1978 • @oliviaharrison has joined Instagram and she is taking over George's pages, with some of her favorite photos she has taken of him, to celebrate

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