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And then this the middle of the most gorgeous landscape...this all American diner with all the trimmings and the nicest waitress. She said it was Happy Strawberry Day! Happy Wednesday! #hudsonvalley

2 days ago

Counting my filter.. grateful...Happy Tuesday! #hudsonvalley

3 days ago

Love seeing this piece by Italian architect and design pioneer @gaetano pesce in the little dining room @hoteltivoli Works of art and wonderful design everywhere. Happy in Tivoli. Kicking off the week with colour. Happy Monday! #livingwithart #tivoli #gaetanopesce

4 days ago

Home away from home @hoteltivoli every room full of art, design and flowers. Early morning breakfast. Happy Sunday! #tivoli #hudsonvalley

4 days ago

Always take the long walk home...this "Italian" facade stopped me dead in my tracks. The Hotel Deleroche built in 1829 for the French artist Paul Deleroche. On the rue Saint Lazare, a street created in the 18th century. The inside courtyard was meant for the horses. History in the streets of Paris. Happy Saturday! #paris #architecture

6 days ago

Evev with over 500 fountains in Paris, it is always a special treat to see one running in its full glory. This one in front of the Comedie Francais and dates from 1872-74. Sculpture by French artist Albert- Ernest Carriere-Belleuse. Springtime in Paris. No filter. Happy Friday! #paris

1 weeks ago

Take a peek inside the gracious apartment of communications expert @jasminespezie A traditional Parisian flat filled with art and design, collected over the years. Enfilade view into the charming kitchen. See full story link in bio. Happy Thursday! Photo @julio piatti @archdigest #livingwithart #contemporaryart

2 weeks ago

Springtime in Germany. Picture perfect. No filter. Happy Wednesday! Photo by Uli Gassmann.

2 weeks ago

A room with a view...nothing like Paris at twilight. After non stop rain, a glorious evening light. Paris is always a good idea. And dear friends. Happy Tuesday! Merci @cathyvedovi #paris

2 weeks ago

Early morning coffee with the first peonies of the season. Pretty in pink. Happy Monday! #flowers

2 weeks ago

Walking into the Right Bank apartment of communications maven @jasminespezie is like a breath of fresh air. In what is a typical and gracious traditional space, Spezie has infused it with great art, design and cozy seating. The gorgeous natural light doesn't hurt either...take a peek at living with art in the heart of Paris. See full story link in bio. Happy Sunday! @archdigest photo @julio piatti #livingwithart #contemporaryart

2 weeks ago

Had to go and take another look at this stunning show of Belgian artist @johan_creten @leilahellergallery Spectacular installation, beautifully curated and new works. Can't take my eyes off of this one....visit the artist in the South of France, where he goes to get away and dream. See full story link in bio. Kicking off the weekend with art! Happy Friday! @archdigest #contemporaryart

2 weeks ago

Nothing like a great staircase....looking down @leilahellergallery Happy Thursday! #architecture

3 weeks ago

Put your feet up and enjoy the view....always a good idea. The Palais Royal. Happy Wednesday! #paris #gardens

3 weeks ago

It was that kind of day...with an extra 30 minutes in between appointments, had to rush over to the Palais Royal to see the gardens in full bloom. And they are. Perfect symmetry, an oasis of calm and beauty in the middle of Paris...perfect way to rebalance....Happy Tuesday! #gardens

3 weeks ago

Contempory living with art..the world of artists @johan_creten and @othoniel_studio in the quiet town of Sete. A bit off the grid to rest, reflect and create...see full story link in bio. Happy Monday! Photo @simonpwatson @archdigest #contemporaryart #livingwithart

3 weeks ago

Woke up thinking about this wonderful house on the seaside in luxury. Simple fresh and cozy. A family house full of history and warmth @cathychami @michelechami1 Happy Sunday! #adxindagarebeirut @archdigest @indagaretravel #beirut

3 weeks ago

Festive table at the wonderful winery and vineyard @ixsirwine in the mountains outside Beirut. All set for an afternoon celebration with ribbons and baby's breath. So simple and pretty. Organic garden in the back, cool drinks in front. Happy Saturday! #adxindagarebeirut @archdigest @indagaretravel #beirut

3 weeks ago

Springtime on the table thanks to the delicate touch of @aoyamaflowermarket_paris The tiniest boutique with the prettiest and freshest blooms. And my favorite flower...muquet...Kicking off the weekend with a smile. Happy Friday! #flowers

2 weeks ago

About the other night...Nothing like dining under the stars and a frangipani tree in full bloom. The lovely, secret, little garden of Lebanese interior designer Serge Brunst. Another door opened into his beautiful, top to bottom richly decorated, embellished flat. Beirut under the stars with #adxindagarebeirut @archdigest @indagaretravel @naylaaudi #beirut

4 weeks ago

After many years of work and thought, this first short written and directed by @amalie_gassmann is finished and getting ready to be screened. Filmed in the Hudson Valley, Pink Boy is the story of a young boy growing up under difficult curcumstances....navigating the world alone and with a big secret. This is really the universal story about being different. Everyone carries secrets, even the very quiet ones...I am so proud of Amalie and humbled by her talent, vision and passion to tell this story. #pinkboythefilm #youngcreatives

3 weeks ago

A room with a view...and this is also Lebanon, in the seaside town of Batroun. Casual, chic, gracious living in the family house of the beautiful Cathy and her two sisters. A day by the sea with #adxindagarebeirut @archdigest @indagaretravel @cathychami #beirut

4 weeks ago

And no visit to Beirut would be complete without a visit to the mountains and one of the highest vineyards in the world. At 1800 meters @ixsirwine Go for a wine tasting but stay to visit the sustainable, green, outstanding building by architect @raedabillamaarchitects Stairway down to the cellars. Beautiful. #adxindagarebeirut @archdigest @indagaretravel #beirut

4 weeks ago

About last fete continue...the doors continue to open and each in their own special way...dinner under the stars for all of us discovering the beauty of Beirut with #adxindagarebeirut @archdigest @indagaretravel #beirut

4 weeks ago

From floor to ceiling, the celebration of great embellishment and culture continues at Beit Eddine. The beautiful 19th century palace now the summer residence of the President of the Republic The intricacies of design and multiple colors, no surface unadorned. Always look up...the amazing journey continues in Beirut with #adxindagarebeirut @archdigest @indagaretravel #beirut

4 weeks ago

Woke up like this...walking into the new studio of the talented designers @bokjadesign and being greeted with smiles, hugs, great coffee and beautiful creations. And these gorgeous, garden flowers...come for the embroidered fabrics and stay to hear about the importance of layered textiles and why every scrap the creativity happening in little corners around Beirut with #adxindagarebeirut @archdigest @indagare #beirut

4 weeks ago

Walking into this building in the middle of Beirut was a shock of sleek surfaces and modern curves. This is also Beirut...a city of great contrasts...old and new, great beauty and movement. Reminders of the past and spaces like this. Looking ahead...discovering all with #adxindagarebeirut @archdigest @indagaretravel #beirut

4 weeks ago

Nothing like the magic of Beirut...such a very special and fascinating city. Full of hidden treasures like this beautiful place which the super talented couturier @rabih_kayrouz has just moved into to showcase his creations. Through a little garden full of honeysuckle and up a small flight of stairs... discover the poetry and beauty of this hidden gem. Come behind closed doors and discover this city I love with @indagaretravel @archdigest #adxindagarebeirut @naylaaudi #beirut

5 weeks ago

Stills from a film about a young boy growing up under difficult circumstances and navigating the challenges on his own...and with a big secret. This is a moving and beautiful story about being different...Pink Boy, written and directed by @amalie_gassmann Shot on 16 m in upstate NewYork, her first short film. Sharing these stills from her film with immense pride and respect for her craft and talent. #pinkboythefilm #youngcreatives

last month

I had the privilege and pleasure to spend a few days with the prolific artists @othoniel_studio and @johan_creten in their wonderful house in Sete, France. Take a peek inside and hear all about these two who have devoted their lives to creation and tackling the art world on their own terms. See full story link in bio. Happy Monday! May issue @archdigest Photo @simonpwatson styling #sebastiansargeant #contemporaryart #livingwithart

last month

Easter Sunday with my Mother who turns 96 next week and my two wonderful nephews. Happy Easter Happy Passover Happy Springtime! #family #blessed

last month

Kicking off this Spring weekend with big ideas about design and this beautiful sculpture by Dutch artist Wouter Dam. I recently had a chat with the new Curatorial Director of @designmiami @aricchen The brilliant curator had lots to say about natural resources, the environment, sustainability and diversity in design. Watch out for what he has in store for the Design Basel edition this June. Full story see link in bio. Happy Saturday! Photo Vivid Gallery. @archdigest @archdigestpro #design

last month

Kicking off the weekend! It feels like Spring has finally sprung! Happy Friday! #flowers

last month

Loved this mix of old fashioned carnations and eucalyptus...two of my all time favorites. Just simple and pretty. Happy Thursday! #flowers

last month

When destination concept store @merciparis expands into the building next door and sets up experiment in lifestyle with a mix of vintage, modern and pure fun...a signature Merci home. Authentic, cool and cozy. See full story link in bio. Happy Monday! @archdigest @getclever #lifestyle

last month

Kick off the weekend with a peek into the wonderful apartment of art world mover and shaker @jeanolivierdespres and his talented wife @mariepeltier A great mix of vintage, modern and unexpected art. And a view that will take your breath away. Happy Friday! See full story link in bio. Photo @luc_castel @archdigest @getclever #livingwithart #contemporaryart #paris

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