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22 hours ago

No parking, surfboards only! My slice of paradise....Happy Surfing Sunday! Summer greetings from the beach... #dogdaysofsummer #bolinas


Hydrangea heaven...pale yellow and pink...beautiful Bolinas! No filter. Happy Saturday! #dogdaysofsummer #bolinas #garden #flowers

3 days ago

Happy at the beach! Summer 2019 en famille with my 96 year old Mother and her 2 grand wonderful niece Courtney and @amalie_gassmann Happy Friday! #familyfirst #blessed #dogdaysofsummer

4 days ago

Early family dinner with a filter. Happy Thursday! #stinsonbeach #dogdaysofsummer

3 days ago

Summer still life...hand picked and sun kissed by the Californian sun...lemons and little apples on the kitchen table. Happy Wednesday! #dogdaysofsummer

6 days ago

Woke up like with a filter. All quiet in paradise. Happy Tuesday! #stinsonbeach #dogdaysofsummer @simraneparis

2 weeks ago

Magic what lies behind the closed doors of this vibrant city. Hidden gardens and gorgeous interiors...the private home of Mr. Pierre Berge. Explore the treasures, secrets and souks and see first hand why it's all about the colour, light and beauty of this enticing place. Join me and @indagareceo Melissa Biggs Bradley on our October Insider Access trip. See full details link in bio. Happy Sunday! @archdigest #adxindagare @indagaretravel

2 weeks ago

About last night....sun setting in paradise....the view from our deck...kicking off the dog days of summer.... #stinsonbeach

2 weeks ago

Flower stand Californian style....Happy Friday! #flowers

2 weeks ago

Summer art at the beautiful @parrishart designed by @herzogdemeuron A contemporary Hamptons style barn with interiors by @konstantingrcicdesign American painter @donaldsultan in black and white. Happy Wednesday! #architecture #contemporaryart

2 weeks ago

Fresh flowers Hamptons style! Happy Tuesday! #flowers #hamptons

2 weeks ago

Pretty in pink and blue with nothing but friends, family and garden flowers! Summer lunch under the's officially the Summer of 2019! Happy Monday! #artdelatable #hamptons

3 weeks ago

Perfect symmetry in the Hamptons. It's not the Palais Royal, but another kind of allee...American style. So pretty, light and shadows...Happy Sunday! #hamptons #amagansett

3 weeks ago

Take a look at how designer @miramikati lives with art, family and fun in the middle of Beirut. Gracious living with huge seating everywhere and who doesn't need swings in their living room? Cool, clean and pops of colour...good vibes only! See full story link in bio. Happy Saturday! @archdigest photo @madame_tea #livingwithart #beirut

3 weeks ago

Kicking off the dog days of summer...first board meeting at 10am, bring your own coffee! Happy Friday! #amagansett #hamptons

3 weeks ago

Kicking off the 1st of August with this happy the skies of Beirut with stunning 360 degree views of the vibrant city. Take a peek into the colorful world of designer @miramikati who collects, lives and entertains with a joie de vivre and passion which can only make you smile. A huge dining room table by architect @vincentvanduysen , flowers and a mural commissioned from street art artist STIK. Good vibes only. See full story link in bio. Happy Thursday! @archdigest Photo @madane_tea #livingwithart #beirut

3 weeks ago

One last look at the art de vivre in the South of France...set the table, fresh garden flowers and a cool blue...getting ready to kick off the dog days of summer. Happy Wednesday! @archdigest photo @julio piatti @fsnb #artsdelatable

3 weeks ago

One more look at this wonderful, family house in the South of France. Restored with love and an eye for detail, antiques and gracious living. The colors and beauty of filter needed. Happy Tuesday! @archdigest photo @julio piatti @fsnb

3 weeks ago

Kicking off the week with blooms...pretty in pink! Simple and fresh. Happy Monday! #flowers

4 weeks ago

Throwback to this beautiful stone garden in the heart of Tokyo. Designed by the master himself, Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi. Conceived for the Sogetsu Kaikan building....stone, water and one tree. Noguchi called this garden "Heaven" and reminded us to listen to stone. The sound of silence. The beauty of stone. Happy Sunday! #tokyo #isamunoguchi #gardens

4 weeks ago

Last night as the heatwave broke...some air and a lovely summer of my Parisian landmarks, the lovely and majestic @hotellutetia Happy Summer Saturday! #paris #architecture

4 weeks ago

Throwback to this gorgeous installation....a mountain of peonies on a bed of and green, no filter, staying cool...Happy Friday! #flowers @anakhouri @castorfleuriste

4 weeks ago

Landing in Madrid to this amazing architecture. One of the largest airports in the world, built in 1927 with many additions and refurbishments ever since. Take off and landing, one every 30 seconds! And, this undulating ceiling stopped me in my tracks. Designed by British architect Richard Roger's, 200,000 square meters of bamboo.... Terminal 4, look up! Genius use of materials. Poetry in architecture. Happy Thursday! @amydeleusse #architecture #richardrogers #madrid

4 weeks ago

Built for the Marquise de Paeva in full Second Empire splendor. This was her first residence in the 9th quarter before moving to a much grander setting on the Champs Elysee in 1851. History in the streets of Paris...the Place Saint Georges. Summer in the city. Happy Wednesday! #paris #architecture

4 weeks ago

Best rooftop view in day. Summer in the city. Happy Tuesday! @cathyvedovi #paris

4 weeks ago

Good morning! Hot summer in the city but cool inside and the morning light is lovely. Green bouquet, simple, no filter. Happy Monday! # flowers

5 weeks ago

Perfect in Provence...throwback to this dreamy house and garden brought back to life with love by a Parisian collector. A house for all seasons...full of friends and family. Happy Sunday! @archdigest photo @julio piatti #provence

5 weeks ago

In the studio with @richard_orfevre where the magic happens. Amazing craftsmanship in the heart of Paris. Silvermaking at its best.......tradition, transmission, everyday luxury. Happy Saturday! #silver

last month

A room with a view and what a view! Parisian rooftops, the light and summer in the city. Open the windows and kick off the weekend. Happy Friday! @jpbeaujardinc #paris

last month

Always love a good staircase view. Looking down at @dior Happy Thursday! #architecture

last month

Memories, friends and a sense of place....Moments captured on film over the past 2 years by @amalie_gassmann A portfolio of her work in the summer issue of @dsectionmagazine out soon. Bravo Amalie! Happy Wednesday! #DSECTION #youngcreatives

last month

Another look at living with art in San world entertaining, family art, fresh flowers and the cat. Recipe for easy living, see full story link in bio. Happy Tuesday! @jessicasilvermangallery @eyesthornton photo @archdigest @getclever @alannahale styled @lauren_michael_goodman #livingwithart

last month

Kicking off the week with a look inside the art filled San Francisco apartment of art dealer @jessicasilvermangallery and writer @eyesthornton Bold colour choices, eye popping art and comfy seating. From the top of Nob Hill, the views are killer. See full story link in bio. San Francisco never looked so good. Happy Monday! Photo @alannahale styled @lauren_michael_goodman @archdigest @getclever #livingwithart #contemporaryart

last month

Perfect symmetry...even the trees...nothing like this gorgeous place in the middle of Paris, always worth the detour... Summer in the city. Happy Sunday! #paris

last month

So wonderful having @amalie_gassmann in Paris! Here's to new adventures and projects....The world belongs to you and your generation of young creatives, thinkers and doers...the next chapter begins...Happy Saturday! #youngcreatives

last month

Getting ready to kick off another summer weekend....under the leafy tunnel with a cool drink...In the South of France with a house full of collections, family and gracious hospitality. Take a peek, full story link in bio. Happy Friday! @archdigest photo @julio piatti

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