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@penthouse asked to interview me because they heard i was making adult content now, but my version of adult content is cleaning my carpets i hope that’s cool

6 days ago

the happiest lil emo you ever did see 🖤 VidCon 2019 was AMAZING, tysm to everyone who came out to see me sing! i posted the full acoustic performance on “More Gabbie Hanna” and the soundchecks on ☺️ along with lots of other exclusive music content! ty all FOREVER for helping me pursue my dreams! so much to come!

2 weeks ago

it’s my house and i’ll lay outside naked if i want to ☀️

2 weeks ago

ICYMI: i bought a f^*%~•g HOUSE. full empty house tour in bio! ps it’s haunted bc ofc it is.

3 weeks ago

have you ever seen a dog do a duck face? 🐶 🦆 @sadbobbie

3 weeks ago

working on the last song on This Time Next Year 🖤 💿:, )

4 weeks ago

i went to an influencer party 🍔

4 weeks ago

what’s your happy place? 👙☀️

last month

hey here’s a picture that has nothing to do with the fact that i’m posting a storytime video to let you know this thursday im FINALLY posting a storytime video. so like... i’m a FULL BLOWN MEDIUM NOW. like tell u ur past present future psychic ass. turn on your notifs so u know when it’s up! it’s... *wild*

last month

“Perfect Day (A True Story )” music video OUT NOW! link in story!! - i built a career online looking into the camera, telling my stories. this song and video is an ode to that... storytelling. i know i don’t post those types of videos much anymore, but that’s just because i’m finding more artistic, creative ways to tell my stories. so, if you initially found me from my storytime videos, this ones for you 🖤

last month

watch them die; you killed my butterflies 🔪🦋 “PERFECT DAY (A TRUE STORY )” VIDEO OUT TOMORRRROOOWWWW at 11am PST! if this photo gets 450k likes and 25k comments i’ll drop the karaoke version of “Butterflies” 😲 - also cohosting on @965tdy tomorrow night! they put “butterflies” on their countdown 😭 info on story!

last month

from the day i kissed your smile i thought “this is gonna hurt.” 💞🎈 might just mess around and post the video to “Perfect Day (A True Story )” this Friday 🤭 if this post gets 15k comments and 350k likes I’ll know you guys want it! should i?! or is it too soon?!

last month

maybe i like to hurt sometimes 🌻🔪 if you haven’t seen the “butterflies” music video please go watch it and give it a like! if you haven’t listened to #2WAYMIRROR pLeAsEe do! send to everyone you know! tweet me your favorite lyric 🎵 thanks for fulfilling my dreams, ‘preciate you 🦋 TAG A FRIEND! - 📸: @masevisuals wig: @guy_tang makeup: @muaroni

last month

i wish you never came around 🦋💍 - ty all SO MUCH for the LOVELY response to #2WAYMIRROR (currently the #2 album on itunes! ) and the “Butterflies” music video! i spent allll day eating up your comments and reaction vids. i’m blown away by your support and kindness :, ) tysm to everyone who sees my true passion and dedication to my art. i’m really excited to start seeing you guys comment what you think it means! nothing is surface level... EVERYthing is intentional. go rewatch it and leave your theories in the comments of the video!!! i’ll be 👀🖤 again, thank you forever for continuing to allow me to pursue my dreams. i truly don’t deserve you. - 📸: @masevisuals

last month

butterflies will break your heart 🦋🖤 BUTTERFLIES Official Music Video is OUT NOW! PLEASE GO WATCH, LIKE, & SHARE! 🖤 the EP is currently the #2 POP ALBUM ( #3 overall ) RIGHT BEHIND MILEY!! #2WAYMIRROR - director: @ryanparma DP: @piercecook producer: @austinherring wigs: @guy_tang / @bellamihair makeup: @muaroni photo: @masevisuals

last month

looked into the foggy mirror; saw a message staring back at me... 🦋🖤 #2WAYMIRROR IS OUT NOWWW!!! unless you’re in america in which case IT’S OUT IN 1.5 HOURS!! ⏰SET YA MUH FUGGIN ALARMS!!⏰ this is my VERY FIRST body of work as an artist and i am SO proud of the cohesive, vulnerable, TRUE story i told. please, i BEG of you, when it comes out in your timezone: DOWNLOAD. STREAM. SHARE!!! THANK YOU F*** I CANT BELIEVE SHE’S HERE!!!

last month

butterflies will break your heart 🦋🖤 just posted a video that showed the entire writing process and making of “Butterflies”! it’s one of my FAV videos, link in story! - PRE-SAVE MY EP “2WAYMIRROR” RIGHT NOW!! 🥺 i’m SO EXCITED! link in bio!

last month

bounce back 🙌 - since i’m flexing and being “yolked”, i’ll remind you to go watch this week’s video where my friends and i eat DESSERT FLAVORED EGGS but mostly just “crack” bad egg puns. go check it out and comment “🍳🖤” to be on my story!!

May 2019

just here flexin and reminding you that “2WAYMIRROR” is AVAILABLE TO PRE-SAVE NOW! 🖤🦋 link in bio, obv. PLEASE PLEASE DO IT 🎵😭 also have been posting exclusive poetry, writing, photos, and videos over on my patreon! become a member and join our private chat rooms : ) it’s such a cute and loving community over there 🖤 talk to you soon!

May 2019

2WAYMIRROR IS AVAIL FOR PRE-SAVE NOW LINK IN BIO!!! 🖤🦋 - “In a moment of calm, a moment of clarity, the moments after you've worked your ass off and poured your heart and soul and mind and body and energy and money and anger and love and hate and passion and resentment and gratuity into your art... you're left with the finished product. An immortal reminder of the heartbreak that led you there. A shrine erected in honor of the thing that broke you.” - 🖤Excerpt from today’s blog post on my Patreon. Become a member!🖤 - 2 WAY MIRROR, May 31 🦋

May 2019

spilling teardrops on my pillowcase; my mascara always goes to waste 💧 “2 WAY MIRROR” the FULL EP available MAY 31 🦋 SET YOUR ALARMS!!!

May 2019

ydays video is being suppressed by YT bc of excessive swearing so basically it’s the internet swear jar 😅 tag a friend in this post and click the link in my bio for a good time!

April 2019

some days you fight it, some days you feel it. both are important.

April 2019

not @ #coachella - so... MOST people have rolls right? like more people than not? so why are we so ashamed? why is it embarrassing? i think they’re CUTE & SEXY! when i was little i always got teased for having a big butt and now it’s “cool” to be curvy (skinny girls, u sexy too!! ) but i hope rolls become cute the way big butts became cute. i hope everyone is just seen as cute. WE’RE ALL SO CUTE.

April 2019

one push up away from a nip slip

April 2019

👅🌻 i tried botox for youtube content? cause that’s my life now? cleaning my apartment and modifying my body for views? go check it out on my channel now 🖤

March 2019

edit: it’s f**king gum people lmao. brb thriving. - speaking of thriving. if you’re into super satisfying cleaning/organization videos you’re gonna *gag* over my bedroom transformation in today’s video 😳 it’s unrecognizable. on my channel now!! go watch and give it a like : )

March 2019

over on my channel i started following the KonMari method by Marie Kondo (Tidying Up on Netflix not sponsored but I should be )! The first step is to put ALL YOUR CLOTHES in ONE PILE and then go through each piece one by one. You won’t BELIEVE how much there was 😳 i am... a hoarder. Part 1 up on my channel rn! Stay tuned for pt 2 🙌

March 2019

what’s a bad side 🤨 -FOR THIS WEEK’S VIDEO i put ALL THE CLOTHES I OWN into ONE PILE and it is... *shocking and weird*. i’ve been kinda into posting on thursday and i don’t wanna mess up all this good juju so i might keep that going? new year new me new posting day? idk what do you think, LMK in the comments!

March 2019

current mood 😬 - hey u kno those birds everyone was trippin about? i impulsively decided i was a painter and tried to paint them. it turned out not great but not quite embarrassing. so if you wanna watch me paint a mediocre painting, go check out my recent video 🖤 ok ly bye

March 2019

🙂🙃 - guys a LOT OF PEOPLE were VERY UPSET about the birds in my last video. like VERY UPSET. like I AM SHOOK WTF upset. this week, i make it up to you. you’re not gonna wanna miss it 🐦😂 i’ve really fallen back in love with youtube lately. thank you all for reinspiring me and supporting me :, ) i’m like, 6 weeks ahead on videos rn, which is a far stretch from where i was mentally a few weeks ago. so thank you for being here for my highs and lows! and thank you, me, for pushing through it and not giving up. better times are always just around the corner, kids. i promise ya that.

March 2019

thank you guys so much for all the love on the last video! i’ve been getting so many comments like “this is my favorite video of yours” and honesty it’s one of mine too 😂 but on the real, i’ve been having sort of a tough time lately and have struggled quite a bit with my depression and anxiety, and youtube has been a challenge for me. so it feels really good to see so much positive feedback : ) thank you for allowing me to just be chill and relax a little, and for watching me clean my carpets? 😂 not to be dRaMaTiC (me? ) but sometimes depression makes the most menial tasks seems monstrous. i’m so happy you guys are helping me pull my shit together by enjoying this type of content. it motivates me not just to make videos, but also to be a normal functioning human 😅 if you haven’t seen it, go check it out! more organization and cleaning videos on the way!! pulling my life together one chore/video at a time! 🎥🧽

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