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5 days ago

🌥 If sky is the limit, then go there ✈️ - I once had a conversation with my buddy’s rich father, which at the time I envied so much. I asked him how it feels to have everything he ever wanted like his house, the car, the security, and being able to take care of his family. He looked right back at me and said one day I’m going to ask you the same question... I remember at this time I was so broke from flooding every dollar into my business, I had to live in a single bedroom apartment with 5 dudes in one room. This thought of having his life one day felt like a long shot. - But overtime I changed my mentality, I started to believe that my destiny was larger than my current reality. Everything changed and I took on a new identity. I shared this story so you can understand what it is to be bigger than your business and bigger than your reality. Oh and my answer to his question is: It feels absolutely f*cking great 🙏🏻😉

2 weeks ago

The hunt is always better when your queen is just as hungry ❤️😉

3 weeks ago

I’m blessed to be traveling a lot lately. I remember back in high school dreaming about catching flights one day to see the world. Obsessing over Hollywood reality shows and fashion icons. If you’re from Riverside / IE, these dreams can seem nearly impossible... but it is possible. It all starts with your belief system, law of attraction, faith, whatever gets you imagining yourself in these places. Imagine the weather, the scenery, the people, the smell, the touch and it just starts appearing little by little. The world doesn’t end in your small town city. You’re looking at the prime example of it. - Drop a comment if you believe one day you will see the world too 🌎

4 weeks ago

The Clothing Industry is one of the toughest industries to break into. You have to learn your A-Z, from marketing, sales, all the way down to production and it’s going to require every single ounce of it all. Remember, you’re trying to convince someone to “want” to buy your clothes. Find a great niche to get into, get your branding on point, make super creative products, and show that industry that you are “their go to brand” by creating amazing content. - This doesn’t happen overnight, I started selling shirts out of my trunk in 2009 🤯 But I kept at it all these years. Fast forward now we’re doing 7 Figures every year, we hit the BIG 1M on Instagram, we’re throwing events that have over 3,000 people pay to attend. We gave away 4 cars with cash (still blows my mind ). - Do you currently have a clothing brand? Or are you thinking of starting one?

5 weeks ago

The 🌎 in the palm of Your ✋🏼 I sometimes forget how insane it is that this laptop and my cellphone makes millions of dollars over the internet. It’s like having the world in the palm of your hands. The chance to be able to work from anywhere you’d like. There’s apps and services for almost everything now. Here’s a fun fact, we didn’t start showing our faces on @tunedintokyo_ until we were almost 3 years in 🤯 - Drop a comment if one of your goals is financial freedom!

last month

F*CK ANXIETY. - It’s something I’ve struggled with all year long. I get it on my worse and best days. I know mine comes from being overwhelmed, mixed with worry and stress. I’ve been going at it all these years I was bound to get a little ptsd from all the horrible times in my journey. Everyone thinks being an Entrepreneur is all sunshine and rainbows, but it’s far from it. I’ve made changes in my life to better myself, mentally. I decided to share this with you because I wanted to let you know that I’m real, I’m human and not perfect. - What causes you to get anxiety?

June 2019

The I’m talking business on the phone pose but actually on the phone talking business 😅

June 2019

This car should not impress you. My accomplishments, my story, my beliefs, my gratitude should 🙏🏻

May 2019

My life has been the most incredible series of Highs and Lows ⛅️

May 2019

THE FIRST STEP 👣 Make the choice to take a chance, a leap of faith, a first step into becoming the person you were born to be. - Life is too short, it really is! Who cares what people think of you. I swear no one in this world is perfect and there will never be the perfect moment. I think about life almost everyday and if I am living up to my full potential. - Do what you want to do and do what you say your going to do!

May 2019

Family, Family, Family. In every conceivable manner, family is a link to our past and bridge to our future. - I feel like everyone on IG is doing their best to look “cool”. But we all fail to realize that being cool, is also being relatable. Post more pictures of family, look alive! It’s something we all need to do more often, including myself.

April 2019

Be where your feet are at 🦶🏻 It feels like the entire world wants you to keep moving forward at light speed, but we forget how short life really is. I’m a victim of taking things for granted, not appreciating things at the moment. Get your hustle on friends, but let’s both enjoy life in the NOW 🌤

April 2019

Congrats on everything brotha. You & your team deserve it 💯

April 2019

What motivates you? ⛅️ - I always bring this up when getting to know someone. Your “why’s” are extremely important to your success. You can have it all, just make sure you have your reasons for it 📝

April 2019

Shoutout to all my people going through tough times right now trying their hardest to be positive. I’m proud of you! - These obstacles never make sense but they will later. Trust the journey and Discipline yourself to bounce back 🤛🏻 - What’s one setback you have faced this year so far?

March 2019

I took responsibility for my own life and realized that I am in full control 100% of the time 🌤 Have you taken full control of your life?

March 2019

What’s your “JDM” fantasy!? - Growing up we all have this fantasy of owning the worlds fastest cars! It amazes me everyday how these 25 year old cars are so relevant in today’s society 🤯 I guess we all still have that little kid in us...

February 2019

Thank you Lord for another year of life.. 27 Years Young 🎉

February 2019

Hi my name is Frankie. I co-founded a clothing empire that does Multi-Millions every year. No investors, no handouts, no mentors. We built a network of 20,000,000+ followers on Instagram through digital marketing. We’re constantly trying new things and learning about new businesses. - I think the best way to find opportunities is to put yourself out there 🤞🏻

February 2019

One of my goals this year is to be Present. Be in the moment, be proud, be appreciative. That’s a characteristic that you have and I admire you for. Thanks for opening my eyes to what’s truly important. Happy Valentine’s Day Fiancé ❤️😘

February 2019

Go after your dream, no matter how unattainable others think it is..

December 2018

Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but what we give. I really feel an internal joy when I help the people I care about the most. It’s been my #1 goal in life to retire my parents and everyday I’m getting closer & closer to that goal. - Are you gifting this holiday season? You don’t need the Rollie, take care of the people that help you get better everyday!

December 2018

We’re always those two sharpest dudes in the room that no one knows about..

November 2018

Out of all the cars I’ve owned, the R8 has been by far my favorite. I’m still debating on whether I should stick to getting a newer R8 or Huracan? One of them is going to happen in the near future 😳

November 2018

If Freddy and Jason had a baby? 😂 Another Halloween down for the books!

October 2018

Somewhere in Riverside. Still here 🤟

October 2018

Being stuck in cave for years could really kill your social skills. It’s been one of the hardest things for me to go out and start networking again. You’ll be seeing us a lot more in 2019. We got some heat coming for you 🔥

October 2018

Oh don’t mind me, just stopping by JDM HEAVEN... 📷 @swiftscreation

September 2018

One of my childhood dreams was to one day own a successful clothing brand that is worn all over the world. Now we’re throwing huge events, giving away cars? It’s insane. We’ve worked our asses off to get to moments like these.. Just wanted to remind you, that I’m grateful and your support will never go unnoticed 🙏🏻

August 2018

It’s official, I picked up my dream JDM Car! The legendary Acura NSX 🙌🏻😭 Should I start vlogging again?

July 2018

Shoutout to the only dude drinking at High Times.

July 2018

We’re better than this..

July 2018

I just realized I’ve been dressing older. I’m still a young dude but it’s crazy how fast time passes by. It’s really the hardest thing trying to push forward and at the same time appreciating what’s in front of you. Who agrees with me?

May 2018

I survived because the fire inside me, burned brighter then the fire around me 🔥

May 2018

Those moments when you’re picking out the most beautiful beachfront houses, like we’re really about to buy one. One Day❤️

May 2018

Red never felt so good. 📷 @swiftscreation

May 2018

I sometimes forget how lucky we are to be doing this everyday. This is really a childhood dream come true. Here’s a quick recap of some of the great times i’ve shared with my team 🙌🏻😭

May 2018

There’s no doubt the life I chose was a huge gamble. Against all odds, I took the risk. Put my absolute everything in it and we managed to prevail..

May 2018

Sometimes you can’t explain things, you just have to experience it.

April 2018

Happy Easter 🙏🏻😇

March 2018


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