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16 hours ago

The key is to feel your emotions, but not become them

1 weeks ago

I had already shared part of this on my story, but here’s the beginning that you didn’t see 😎 #poledance #poletricks #aerialdance #poledancing #polework #aerial #aerialpole

2 weeks ago

“On really romantic evenings of self, I go salsa dancing with my confusion”

4 weeks ago

When it comes down to it.. so many people act as the passengers of their experience (which we are ), but some forget that they are also the driver. They REACT to their circumstances, instead of reading the message and responding from their heart. I go through my loops too. I don’t live full of clarity and perfection. No one does. Internal growth isn’t linear. It’s an upward spiral that circles back around to familiar lessons every so often. But when I bring myself to the present, I can SEE the symptoms and then disillusion myself, as we ALL can do. We can decide when fear drives us. We don’t have to sacrifice our heart. Toxic thought patterns will only weaken our mind, and we all know that mental strength and health are food for the soul. This then leads to self-love and self-care. I could go on forever, but I’ll end this journal log here. May we all Be Present in Love.

5 weeks ago

I love the feel of drops 💕

last month

Why do we exist, if not to revel in all that life has to offer?

last month

If you look at your ex partners, or even lost friendships, you will find a pattern that shows where your own internal battles have led you towards problems. All growth starts with introspective thinking, and manifests through action. That’s the space I try to stay in. Photographed by the awesome @soyuz11

last month

No muted audio No time lapsed yoga No music Just real time And the stillness in between the sounds and poses #yoga #headstand #headstandpractice #headstandpose #dailyyoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirl

last month

That flashy aura bead on the labradorite ✨ Love how the rings and pendants matched up with the one of a kind blouse designed by @wrawkstar Photographer: @steves_end Model: @elsamoreck

last month

Traveling solo has shown me the deeper layers of things that I thought I already knew. First, that there is good souls allover the world. Second, that overcoming my introverted nature is one of the most beautiful things I can do for myself. Third, that we are always being guided by spirit. And finally, that we are all here to play the game of life. In my time traveling alone, I have come across people that bring me companionship in moments when my mind wants to think of loneliness. I find myself feeling at home, while not technically in my actual ‘home’. In a culture that has grown to become more and more disconnected, I have become more aware of what role I play in the grand scheme of things, and I can navigate my truths accordingly. Life is beautiful through its ups and downs.

May 2019

Solo traveling to Portugal in a few days!! Será uma boa oportunidade para praticar o meu português 😊 Can’t wait for the adventure. There’s something beautiful about being alone in another part of the world, at the hands of the universe. You can truly feel how this whole planet is home. Our brothers and sisters are everywhere 💕 If I can get by with my Portuguese over there, I can officially say that I speak three languages woot woot

May 2019

Where does your confidence stem from? Is it the things you wear? Or what you speak? Does it come from somewhere outside of yourself? Do you seek certainty internally or externally? If the world is taken from you right now, would you still be certain in who you are? We can run away from questions that make us look at ourselves, but we all eventually hit the mirror. There’s no greater enemy than ourselves. We can hope and dream endlessly, but without action, without certainty, that’s all your creative soul will be allowed- hopes and dreams. Find your target, and go full force into it. Don’t just dream and hope; CREATE💜 It was super fun doing this collab! We styled some one of a kind clothing designed by @wrawkstar and combined it with my jewelry @rosamiajewelry ✨ Big thanks to the great @steves_end for capturing such great shots! The other model in frame is @elsamoreck 💕 who is also wearing jewelry handmade by me ☺️

May 2019

I want to show you This Place Where your insecurities are explored with curiosity. And wholeness is not a fleeting feeling, but a perpetual experience. Here, listening means having the discipline to silence the mind. Because we seek to understand before we question. It’s the path where we meet as one.

April 2019

ITS A DEATH DROP I understood why they call these that when I first tried it lol I look forward to being at performance level with silks. I’ve got advanced pole down, now silks next. I’m gonna share a pole video soon since I haven’t shared my progress with that ✨ #aerial #aerialdance #aerialsilks #silksdance #intermediatesilks #aerialpole #poledance #advancedpole

April 2019

That which is beyond life Created this whole game Invited me to play So I learn to love its ways. That which is beyond life The link between us all I surrender to your love So my ego won’t stand tall. That which is beyond life Without your light There is only darkness, But that is still you And its just as beautiful To experience your harshness. That which is beyond life I respect that you are raw You show me all my problems Even if I must fall.

April 2019

That pendant I’m holding onto was made by meeeee 🤓 ( @rosamiajewelry ) I’ve been focusing on improving my time management by building habits that bring more creative flow into my daily life. I have to emphasize the importance of having a morning routine, and making sure that I wake up early enough to go through the routine; it sets the mood for the day. If you’re not rushing out the door, your mind will think a lot more clearly. Then you can map out your intentions for the day, and get things done 💕 Shot by: @thezackz Edited by me

March 2019

A little something that I never got to upload. Can’t wait to be sunkissed every day by the European skies again 💕 📸: @steves_end

March 2019

What do we do when we feel trapped? Do we conform to the tight space and limitations just because all we see outside of that is unknown? When has fear ever helped us grow? What if beyond the darkness surrounding you, lies a treasure of happiness and fulfillment? Would you leap to it if you knew that your most desired life was there? Or has the familiarity of this reality made you forget that you trapped? Every passing moment might be an opportunity to break that mental barrier.

March 2019

All these necklaces are up on my shop now!! They’re the only of their kind, so once they’re gone that’s it! All pieces are handmade by me 🌸 (Link in my bio ) RosaMiaJewelry.com

March 2019

With or without you I’m ready to take on the world

March 2019

“Decide tonight, to take a lesson from Venus, she shines brighter than any planet. A morning, and evening star, in our endless sky. She hasn’t a single moon to worship her or to cloud her judgement. She is alone. And oh how brilliantly she shines” - @nikita_gill

March 2019

Boxed in by your sweet honeycomb heart

February 2019

In the name of self-love, forgive yourself. It’ll bring more peace than others’ forgiveness. You will find gratitude for the growing experience. And there will be no space to regret what cannot be changed. Only love, acceptance, and growth.

February 2019

She is no passenger of her vessel Every scar, just a wound of wisdom At peace with her soul, she wanders

January 2019

You have to laugh at those little mistakes you make along the way. You have to, because there’s no better way to learn than through experience. There’s no path to success that doesn’t include jumping over hurdles of fear. You have to focus on what’s beyond, stay on the journey. Stay moving, and be your biggest motivator. 💕

January 2019

Your divinity, I praise with a sacred dance The totality of You, perfect in every flaw, I admire where Our hearts meet, and the Gods dance

January 2019

“ Your heart Melts into My cup It tastes like Warm Honey”

January 2019

My yoga flow is always intuitive. My back needs some extra attention (or rest ) sometimes, and I have to remind myself that there is no rush to get to my goals as long as I’m moving towards them in the present. This little lesson on the mat seems to apply to every other goal that I have for myself. I set big goals and big expectations for myself sometimes, and knowing that what I do with right now is what will truly get me there brings more value to my day to day life. That’s my ramble for today 😝

January 2019

“The earth laughs in flowers”

January 2019

She likes to remind me to keep my heart open and my mind receptive. Sometimes it manifests through lovers, sometimes through my own inner demons. And I listen as I’m kissed by the sound of her warm whispers, thankful for her earthly gifts. Her love courses through me so deeply that my essence glitters.

January 2019

There’s no space here for self-doubt. None of that distracting fuckery either. We’re out here on a mission. Here’s a little throwback

January 2019

All these babies were wire wrapped by me. Each one is the only of its kind. If any of these call to you, the link is in my bio! 💕

January 2019

The universe is inviting you to dance, whether you know how to or not. And it’s offering to teach you if you don’t know how to, but you have to follow its lead. You have the tools of discipline and intuition to help you through that. I had a great time playing with dance moves in front of the camera with the talented @soyuz11 😊

January 2019

When 2018 came to an end, I made sure I got the last bit of doubt out of my mind, so that I could be ready to take on 2019 with a calm and collected attitude and the deep trust in the universe that has always guided me to the right places. That said, in my last moments of doubt, I wrote this note to self: When the sad thoughts take over my mind, I try to remember that I am not my thoughts. I am not anything that I attach myself to or identify with. I am not my experiences; I am that which lives beyond, beneath, and between all of that. When there is nothing to experience or identify the ego with, the true “I” is still there, manifested from the eternal love that fuels all the life that we know. I make this body move, but I can’t always control what comes into my mind. I can only influence my train of thoughts through what I feed my Being. That’s the key. Being and Doing. These sad thoughts hold no power over me if I am being and doing things from a place of infinite love. Through this connection to self and spirit, my intuition never fails to guide me. Through remembering this, I disown the negative thoughts that come into my mind, and I simply allow them to leave like an unwelcome guest. |📸: @steves_end |

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