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Badu x @noirkeininomiya

18 hours ago

This is God business this morning . I give thanks for you brother. I see u . I know u. I honor u. Happy Born Day. You are GREAT @jayelectronica We love you . - Mama and Mars

4 days ago

Good Morning Pu.

2 weeks ago

❤️ @yproject_official @doverstreetmarketnewyork P.s. the amazing @louisrubi of @lr3_community gave me this suit off his body. No Cap.

2 weeks ago

@bijules golden nose thing.

2 weeks ago

I ❤️ @nayrokudab 🙏🏽❤️ The amazing @tonykrash on the lens - art direction e.B.

3 weeks ago

Out My mind ... Just in time . Film by Badu X @ProphetMediaGroup velvet cape by @miumiu 2020 ❤️ thanks @jasonrembert ❤️❤️ @yasmin_amira_ ❤️🙏🏽Bahamas u on our minds.

4 weeks ago

To all my so called friends all in HIS DM’s .... They gone catch these hands soon as I SEE THEM. - bars. —————————— my mix of @angostura_ x @in2into for badu.

4 days ago

Jewels for Badu ... @nepsidhu (original sketch ) BERBER JEWELS FOR BADU ( )( )( )( )( )( ) “Erykah, The shape of the pendant is the Tuareg symbol from Burkina Faso, which represents the folklore of Tagurmat, a herbal medicine woman won the ferocious battle of Mount Bagzan and who channeled gifts of divination to be forwarded to her two daughters for a full circle understanding of root, bark and soil into a practise of healing. Upon this shape I sit the metallurgy's history (from Rwanda to Sri Lanka to Punjab ) that came to form the Wootz steel that made our swords superior as Sikhs. These forms and histories are an acknowledgment to original healers based in medicine and technology, and the children that have been uninterrupted in their making today. ....The same triangle of you to Puma and Mars (your daughters )of Tagurmat to her daughters . The math can always be trusted na?” - from the mind of @nepsidhu

4 weeks ago

ODE TO THE EVERGREEN TREE- Pine Cone Energetics 101 (Not just a symbol of Christmas ) A film by EB Featuring: James Brown on vocals. * Hope * Rebirth * Healing * Loyalty * Constancy * Reverence * Longevity * Protection * Permanence * Faithfulness “Most of these symbolic attributes point directly to the evergreen’s ability to keep its crisp, viridian color all year. The fragrance of evergreens is also a symbolic salute. Science has proven the aroma of pine, fir and cedar is both relaxing and invigorating. Native Americans of North America knew this. For example, the Ojibwas used the essence of pine to revive members of the tribe from unconsciousness or disorientation. The symbolism of healing is also a nod to Native Americans, who used balsam needles in sweat lodges to alleviate colds and coughs. Across the pond, Northern Europeans laid evergreen branches on pillows to prevent nightmares. And if hung over a barn door, an evergreen bough was reputed to thwart off evil spirits. The ancient Celts Very often planted a pine cone at the site of important resting places as a funerary marker. Celts, particularly Druids, held the fir as a symbol for everlasting life. They observed how this tree kept its emerald glory all year, how hardy it was, and also witnessed how long the tree lived. All of these observations made the fir a perfect planting to honor and respect tribal members who had passed into non-physical. I am a tree hugging dirt worshiper. I celebrate oxygen. Merry Oxygen And Happy Pineal Glands. Gold double cap Mouth Tusks amulets (Berber inspired ) by @nepsidhu ::: Badu Ogun circuit ear cuff by @soullogun :::: (hoops -badu’s own ) ::: Gold Boot by @yproject_official via my love , @diamondmahone ❤️❤️❤️❤️

4 weeks ago


5 weeks ago

Discriminate. -eb #AMAZON #RAIN #DANCE ——————————-additional fancy camera work at the end by @yasmin_amira_

5 weeks ago

@coldcris the tilt god is dope.

last month

@alfredo_gray is dope.

last month

@firemoonfresh is dope.

5 weeks ago

@diamondmahone is dope. Take notes.

last month

@nepsidhu for Badu. Custom double cap Bottom grill with extended golden tusks with ornamental amulets. #paradisesportif 📸by @segraphy @sohohouseamsterdam AMSTERDAM

last month

First full OPAL Face Grill. Badu x Shalom @lillianshalom custom. Music : An Orthodox Ethiopian Tewahedo Mezmur ( A sacred prayer that resonates deep with me ). I had been wanting OPAL teeth since the first day I saw that sKULL from Mesoamerica that they pulled out of the ground. A sign of the upperclass they said. It’s super tribal for us. Still a sign of the upperclass but on some hood royalty shit. I Had been on a hunt for a jeweler to make this vision come true for 3 years or so. Then it hit me. Just ask Lillian. After all, she had already fashioned about three pairs of gold fronts for me before. But I knew this was going to be a really big challenge. Lillian had just happened to be sourcing opal stones since the day I asked her three years ago. Lillian said hell yeah . That was that.. the rest is Opal grill history..... rewind : so I got my first pair grills in 1999 In Brooklyn, New York. A Diamond open face BADU. I wore it on the cover of my single SOUTHERN GUL. (Rahzell ) Since then my teeth have shifted and changed positions a bit So I have to get more. Nothing like a girl with a hard ass set of Fronts. Wouldn’t you agree? -eb

last month

First FULL OPAL GRILL ... Opal not easy to work with . WE see a few tooth jewelers already trynna bite ..Thank you to my beautiful friend @lillianshalom for taking on this challenge and sourcing rare opals for our sculpture. 💧🎈 “the full opal face” by BADU x SHALOM collab

last month

AFTER THE PARTY.... Art Direction/ styling/ shot by / edited by - EB .(( ) ) song : BUT YOU CAINT USE MY PHONE mixtape 2015. She wears , model’s own @juun_j double trench coat @calvinklein plaid @chinatownmarket Nike Chuck knock off. & @floydfromohio wide-leg khaki (custom )

last month

🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😂😂😂💧💧 @mylothecat

2 weeks ago

Beauty Supply Sto.. ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Golden braids and copper scales for Badu Ogun gun by @soullogun

2 weeks ago

golden braids . copper scales. Metal sculptures by @soullogun (((((((( ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Hair / art direction by e.badu —— braids @yasmin_amira_

last month

I just turned the Simulation ModulaTOR up to 1 million Capacitation and plugged it in to a Combustionable Percolation Apparatus, caddy-corner to the Thang. Perpendicular to deez nuts.. ... ( art direction/ styling - E.B. )

last month

First they 😂. Then they 👀✍🏽.

last month

“ Baby”. .. Badu x @soullogun

last month

Fu$k yo Couch. @tshawning (($ blue $ ) )

last month

No cap

last month

Friday Morning. Thank you OSLO.

last month

The Badu Dass Bob 1 by Chioma Obiegbu @dreyafrica (bottle cap wig named for the Dassdanech People - Ethiopia on the Omo River in the Omo Valley (also Kenya and Sudan ) was imaged and designed as a tool to make music. In my art collabs , I love challenging friends/ artists like @lillianshalom ( opal grills ) or @soullogun (copper hair pins ) to create tedious and difficult works. They accept the challenge. So Then We inspire one another to be greater. Still, I am always amazed at how much more magnificent things turn out than first imagined. Through our combined intentions the THING evolves into magic. Like much of the jewelry and adornment in my work, there is great emphasis put on tone and vibration (the weight , the number of beads or jewels, colors, the materials etc. ). When I imagine that I am creating a powerful tool, the cells that make up that tool mimic my thoughts. ABRAKAHDABRA ( we create as we speak ). In our research for this piece, I learned many beautiful things about the DAASANECH ( DASSANECH ) tribes’ people and their customs. Much like all tribe-based, indigenous cultures all over the planet, there is this common element of sacred ritual and homage payed to the ANCESTORS ( those in our family line who came before us ). This attracts me. I understand this. It is the way. It is THE WORK. So This piece is not only a reminder of who we were but also a gentle reminder to self that we are HERE and THIS IS NOW. Each time the metal caps on this piece clap together I am sending a purposed , programmed message of LOVE through the elements. It is a prayer for relief from drought in The Omo Valley. It is - with all my might - WILLING strength and relief for the girls and women who are victims of FGM (female genital mutilation ) practiced in this region. Or... just for a PEACE and STILLNESS to wash over this planet, our school called EARTH. - E.B.

last month

Once I kicked a girl in the stomach and she slid across the MLK gym floor on her butt. It was a reflex. She tried to walk up on suh (sis ) . THIS ...IS ...SPARTA #ZULU

last month

Warriors Walk alone. Badu for @off____white (thanks Virgil )

last month

“U can tell a lot about a bitch by the way she cook rice. “

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