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I went to a time travel convention tomorrow. Creator of @TFIL | Founder of For Sparta Organization 🤙🏻👇🏼Watch the new TFIL video!

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3 days ago

We put the “model” in “role model” 😘

1 weeks ago

What is love? Can it truly be seen, felt, heard or embraced? Can it at times be so strong with such support from inexplicable forces that it seems as though it shall never be destroyed? Or can it be smitten to ash & rubble? With it pressed beneath the rubber of your boots & consumed by the layers upon layers of the earth, can it ever be rebuilt? Is it worth the energy to reconstruct what you once thought was lost? Will it be the same? Will it be effervescent? Shall it illuminate the greatest depths of our souls? The answer is unbeknownst to us but to us it is a task worth trying. Why do you ask? Why do we feel the need to strive for the unachievable with results that may be unobtainable? The answer, forever and always, is Colby.

2 weeks ago

Not a bad way to spend a birthday 😊

last month

Got them horses at our uncle’s house, might go and get an ouch, need to be carried like in a pouch, tore my groin and now I slouch.

last month

Thank you for being the love of my life & relentlessly loving me back. Thank you for dealing with my manic work schedule, disorganized travel & spurts of uncontrolled energy. Thank you for always being so kind, supportive & encouraging while somehow also keeping me in check. Thank you for being so incredibly gorgeous & always bringing an immediate smile to my face. You’re unfairly cute but I just really wish you didn’t poop on my jacket. Also, thank you Ginger for coming yesterday to spend time with the love of my life @dobbythefox

last month

Your dad’s name + your first pet’s name = my grandpa name. Ready. Set. Go. 🤟🏻

last month

We came, we saw, we covered Corey in lube & shaved him with a knife. 100k likes = new prank war 😈

last month

The best prank I could’ve ever dreamed of... May 25 at 9AM PST #SorryCorey 😈

May 2019

What is love? Where can it be found? Can it truly be held? Is it true that within the embrace of arms from the one who matters most to you, all things else stand still. Time freezes while your heart accelerates. Thoughts of worry fade while feelings of lust thrive. With a chest pounding from the vastness that is now your serenity, it all makes sense. The answer to all of the questions: Corey.

May 2019

You had ONE job Colby...

May 2019

Thanks Alex...

1 weeks ago

Let the games begin 😈

April 2019

What a ridiculous night this was... 😅😅 New TFIL video is up! 😍

April 2019

TFIL is BACK!! Watch the 40min episode now = Link in Bio

April 2019

See you Saturday! 😈 #TFILisBack

April 2019

When you look into his eyes do you see a wild beast that has graced this earth but shall never be tamed? Do you see a rugged war & weather torn exterior that still manages to keep a heart full of warmth & compassion? Do you see joy that still holds immense power? Also, do you see that f**king wolf? Holy sh*t that’s dope. Also also, I don’t see any of the above.

March 2019

1 ) I am NOT 5ft 2” it’s just THE ANGLE OKAY 2 ) so grateful to have this gal in my life & I miss her quite a lot every day that I’m gone 3 ) I AM FIVE FOOT NINE OKAY GEEZ

March 2019

I have adopted a son! I need to name him! Your least favorite food + your favorite High School teacher’s name = his name. 😶 A life full of grapes & glory is ours to be had my child.

March 2019

We came. We saw. We lost our security deposit. #RoommatesForLife #YouStillOweMeAFlight

February 2019

Winter is coming. Your savior is here 💪🏼4th Emoji = How you feel about your new leader, Elton Jon Snow.

February 2019

This lovely lady decided to let me spend Valentine’s Day with her. I’m pretty excited.

February 2019

Went to the Grammys looking the like 1st ever Amish rapper 😅 21 Cabbage aka Meek Corn Mill aka??

February 2019

$56,102.32 Raised in 48 Hours for the @chicagohomeless ! I’m so incredibly proud of what the TFIL family was able to accomplish singlehandedly. This stream did not go as planned by any means, but no matter what, we were able to help those in dire need. I love you all & just know, I always learn from my mistakes; I will find a way to to help many more non-profits this year & beyond. TFIL 2.0 coming in March.

March 2019

This is what it looks like when you never grow up & never stop chasing you dreams. “The Fun in Life” ft. @pierrebouvier & @vanilladingdong Out NOW! (Link in bio ) Thank you to @guinnessworldrecords & to the 1,000+ people it took to make yesterday happen. I love you all so much.

January 2019

Thanks for making me the happiest boy in the whole wide world 😊

January 2019

HERE WE GO!! Please read this caption!!! 🙌🏻 I want you all to JOIN myself, TFIL, @vanilladingdong & @pierrebouvier ( @simpleplan ) in the making of an epic MUSIC VIDEO + TFIL videos while breaking/setting a series of Guinness World Records!!!! 💪🏼 Event is Jan 26th in Hawthorne CA!!! More info & RSVP at www.TFIL.tv Please tell everyone you know! The more the merrier! Tons of surprises in store for y’all too 😊😊

January 2019

Paint me like one of your French boys 😏

January 2019

Bonne Année en Paris!! Have a great new year’s everyone!!! 🎉 Let’s start a riot in 2019 😅

December 2018

Took the parents to see Hamilton for xmas, which was basically the most expensive history lesson I ever voluntarily signed up for. 😅

December 2018

😊🐶 This pic makes me happy

December 2018

This is your sassy captain speaking. We will be soon departing in our Black Ops helicopter to confirm evidence of your cheating boyfriend. Emergency exits are all around you... too bad you didn’t take one with Steve.

December 2018

I look like a step-dad that can’t handle more time with his obnoxious children but still loves them dearly.

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