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2 weeks ago

My heart is so full. Stop by our @photoville container 👉🏿1️⃣5️⃣👈🏿 I’ll be around! Thank you @amr alfiky 📷❤️📷

last month

Blessed, Mullaly Bikepark, 2016. ::: I asked him what his name was 5 times. ::: #Istillhavemydoubts #BMX #UndergroundNeverDies #clifbffphoto

last month

Monochrome Courtney, Mullaly Bikepark, 2016. ::: If it’s not red it’s all white for this dude. ::: #BMX #UndergroundNeverDies #clifbffphoto

July 2019

Casio, Mullaly Bikepark, Bronx, NY, July 2019.

July 2019

Helen Harris, East Village, New York, 2019. For @NPR , words by @jasmine_garsd ::: Many thanks to @emilybogle for the opportunity🙏🏿❤️🙏🏿 ::: Helen Harris doesn't wear makeup or feminine jewelry. She mostly dresses in men's tailored suits and men's shoes. She's gender nonconforming and identifies as a woman. And, she says, that's nobody's business. Which is why in late 2015, when she started taking hormones to become more masculine looking, she did it quietly. Harris, 37, is a systems engineer who worked at Dell, selling technology to major companies and helping them set it up. But she says she had a tough time moving up at the computer company and was assigned to a lengthy training period, while colleagues were promoted. She says she got heckled by co-workers when she gave presentations. And, Harris says, one of her instructors kept telling her "people have to like you for you to be able to do this job. He kept saying stuff like that to me." NPR spoke to four colleagues with whom Harris has worked. They described a talented young woman whose career was completely derailed a few years ago. And they, like Harris, suspect she had a tough time because of the way she looks. ::: Harris says she always saw the tech industry as a place where, no matter what you look like, "if you put your head down and you learn the stuff and you do the work, you can change your circumstances." Earlier this summer, Harris told NPR she was still on Dell's payroll, but she wasn't going into the office on a regular basis anymore. In her complaint to New York City's Commission on Human Rights, she detailed her problems using Dell's bathrooms. "That's the truth," she told NPR. She added that after being harassed a second time about which restroom she was using, she decided to stop going to work. Harris said she was exhausted. A few weeks later, she left the company.

June 2019

Anna-Maria Stratman, Africatown, Alabama, 2019. : : : Anna-Maria Stratman, 79, grew up hearing stories about her ancestor Cudjo Lewis, an African captive brought to Alabama aboard the Clotilda who later helped found Africatown. “I was just so surprised that they could find that ship,” says Stratman. “It relieves your mind.” - for @natgeo

April 2019

Yanala after Easter Sunday Service, St. Albans, Queens, 2019. It’s been a minute since I’ve made street portraits in St. Albans.

February 2019

Anderson Flen, a community activist for his hometown Africatown, Alabama. For @NatGeo Africatown is a community founded by captives of the Clotilda, the last known slave ship to reach the US in 1860 over 50 years after the international slave trade was abolished. Once a self-sufficient community of 15,000 residents in the 1960’s, its current population has fallen to less than 2,000 due to heavy industry and pollution that is believed to have been the cause of cancer amongst several within the community.

December 2018

Lin-Manuel Miranda for @NPR Shouts to @nwerbeck for the opportunity!

September 2018

For @usnews , I had the opportunity to photograph Alvin Booker as part of a story on new techniques allowing surgeons to transplant previously unusable livers and kidneys. Shouts to @brownisgood for the opportunity! Words by Katherine Hobson: Doctors at Johns Hopkins Medicine and Penn Medicine were the first to show the success of transplanting donated kidneys infected with hepatitis C into people who didn't have the virus, then treating them with new, highly effective antiviral medications. "I probably wouldn't be here without it," says Alvin Fisher, 22, who desperately needed a new liver due to the toll of two autoimmune diseases and received one infected with hepatitis C at Montefiore Health System in 2017. "I was over 18, and my mom told me it was my decision," Fisher says. "I called some of my closest friends, and they told me to do whatever would give me the highest possibility of living right now." After surgery, Fisher took two drugs to knock out the hepatitis C virus. It worked; he is virus-free and attending college at William Paterson University of New Jersey, not far from his home in Newark. Since then, Montefiore has done 11 additional hep C liver transplants, says Milan Kinkhabwala, chief of the division of transplantation at the Montefiore Einstein Center for Transplantation. #Portraiture #FujifilmGFX50s @fujifilmx_us

August 2018

Rainbow in a Mosh Pit, Brooklyn, New York, August 2018. #Afropunk #MoshPit #FujifilmGFX50s @fujifilmx_us

July 2018

Jim Estrin, Independence Pass, Colorado, July 2018. #COCHINYCandallinbetween #NYCCHICOandallinbetween

July 2018

I had the opportunity of contributing to a story on the search for the Clotilda, the last slave ship to reach the United States, for @natgeo Lorna Woods poses for a portrait in the historic district of Africatown. Mrs. Woods is a 5th generation descendant of her great-great grandfather Charles Lewis, who was aboard the Clotilda and a founding member of Africatown. #LinkinBio #Portraiture #FujifilmGFX50s @fujifilmx_us

June 2018

Rob, Bronx, New York, May 2018. #BX #Portraiture #FujiGFX50s

July 2018

Had the opportunity to photograph James Comey for NPR. Many thanks to @emilybogle ! #Portraiture #FujifilmGFX50s @fujifilmx_us

February 2018

Finally had a chance to see this in person. Ten portraits from my work in St. Albans, Queens are displayed on multiple LinkNYC Kiosks along Jamaica Avenue between Sutphin Boulevard and 168th Street. Up until February 28th. Shouts to Greg Mays and the @jamaicaartscouncil for making this happen. #Jamaica #StAlbans #Queens #Portraiture #ArttothePeople

February 2018

Navion, Mullaly Bikepark, August 2017. #YuteDem #MullalyBikepark #UNDBMXintheBX

December 2017

Nadine Mckenzie for the @undefeatedespn Nadine McKenzie, mother of Shamoya Mckenzie, at her home in Mount Vernon. Her daughter Shamoya was a 13 year old star basketball player shot by David Hardy, who intended to kill a gang member this past New Years Eve in Mount Vernon. . Over the next couple of days I’ll be sharing portraits from 2017 that never made their way to the grid. #LargeFormat #Portraiture

October 2017

Pooja Pitam with her daughter Aasimah. Ms. Pitam’s husband, Faiyaz Narinedatt, was killed in Guyana last year. Marcus Bisram, a Queens philanthropist, was charged with ordering 5 men to kill Mr. Narinedatt after he rejected Mr. Bisram’s sexual advances at a party. Last week, Mr. Bisram was extradited to Guyana to face charges along with the men who allegedly carried out the murder. Since this gruesome crime, tension has developed within the Guyanese community in Queens due to Mr. Bisram’s wealth and influence. To learn more about this story, click the link in my bio. It will also be in the Metro section of this Sunday’s @nytimes paper. Many thanks to @andrewhinderaker And @jfurt for the opportunity. #Portraiture #NYTAssignment

August 2017

Biancachu, Bronx, New York, August 2017. #LargeFormat #Portraiture #FilmForever #YuteDem

August 2017

I was first bit by the portraitist bug 5 years ago thanks to @sachalmers & @rodolfodiazgonz during my time at @lagccphotolab Shortly after I graduated from LAGCC, I would start making photographs for “Finding the True Identity” in my hometown St. Albans, Queens. In the early stages of that work, I was introduced to the work of Dawoud Bey, whose hometown was also St. Albans. My approach to portraiture elevated since then. Yesterday, I had an opportunity to converse with one of my heroes in person. . Dawoud Bey, Harlem, New York, August 2017. #Portraiture #StraightofftheiPhone

August 2017

Mitchell, Bronx, New York, August 2017. #LargeFormat #Portraiture #FilmForever

June 2017

Happy to share that I'm a recipient of the 2017 Magnum Foundation Photography and Social Justice Fellowship. Congrats to @narimanelmofty , @esther_mbabazi , @zhounaphoto , @josue_foto , @takorobakidze , @soumyasankarbose , @lindokuhle sobekwa and @yuyumt_burma as well.

March 2017

More of this for 2017. 📷: @luzazulstudios #LargeFormat #Toyo45A #FilmForever

March 2017

Vincent, Mullaly Bikepark, Bronx, New York, February 2017. #Portraiture #MamiyaRZ67 #FilmForever

February 2017

Untitled, Mullaly Bike Park, May 2016. #UNDBMXintheBX #MullalyBikePark #BMX #Bronx #NewYork #FilmForever

February 2017

Untitled, Mullaly Bike Park, October 2016. #UNDBMXintheBX #MullalyBikePark #BMX #Bronx #NewYork #FilmForever

February 2017

Untitled, Mullaly Bike Park, September 2016. . #UNDBMXintheBX #MullalyBikePark #Bronx #NewYork #FilmForever

last month

Mullaly Bike Park, June 2016. #UNDBMXintheBX #MullalyBikePark #BMX #Cliffbffphoto

October 2016

A year ago today I made this portrait of the UND Crew at Mullaly Bike Park. @remodm and @tyroneakaskillz , I think you guys left earlier before I shot this. Everything that would happened on this day helped me see just how important this place is and the amount of hard work these guys put in to keep it alive. Influencing me to come here for as many weekends as possible to learn more about BMX culture in the Bronx and help put this community in a spotlight it deserves. #UNDBMXintheBX #UndergroundNeverDies #MullalyBikePark #BMX

October 2016

David, Mullaly Bike Park, August 2016. #UNDBMXintheBX #MullalyBikePark #BMX #SouthBronx

October 2016

KG, Mullaly Bike Park, March 2016. #UNDBMXintheBX #MullalyBikePark #BMX #SouthBronx #NewYork

September 2016

Joshua aka "Mullaly's Rugrat", Mullaly Bike Park, August 2016. #UNDBMXintheBX #MullalyBikePark #Portraiture #SouthBronx #NewYork

September 2016

Where the cool kids sit. . Mullaly Bike Park, July 2016. #UNDBMXintheBX #MullalyBikePark #BMX #SouthBronx #NewYork

September 2016

I PROBABLY shouldn't of said "Try to stay as still as you can, even if a huge bee lands right on your face." . Navion, Mullaly Bike Park, September 2016. #myhumorcouldusesomework #UNDBMXintheBX #MullalyBikePark #BMX #SouthBronx #NewYork

last month

Black Rob, Mullaly Bike Park, September 2016. #UNDBMXintheBX #MullalyBikePark #BMX #SouthBronx #NewYork

July 2016

Lou's Yankee Cap, 2016. #UNDBMXintheBX #MullalyBikePark #BMX #Yankees #SouthBronx #NewYork

May 2015

Last April, I was accepted to show my work on St. Albans at the New York Times Portfolio Review. 3500 photographers submitted work, only 190 photographers were selected. During the weekend of the review, I received a great response from the people I've met. I wasn't expecting that at all. This has led to my work being featured on the @nytimes Lens Blog...and now, this Sunday's New York Times paper. You can find it in the Metropolitan section on page 10. Queens in the house represent, represent... #FindingtheTrueIdentity #LindenBlvd #FarmersBlvd #StAlbans #Queens #NewYork #NewYorkTimes #NYPortfolio15 #HershelSupplyCo

May 2015

My photographs of St. Albans, Queens have made it to the @nytimes Lens Blog. Many thanks to everyone that made this possible. #QueensGetTheMoney #FindingtheTrueIdentity