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last month

TODAY is the day that maniac @markbrickey from the @aidpodcast is attempting to set a Guinness world record. What’s he up to? Riding the Disneyland tram 100 times, like a complete lunatic. And he has the encouragement of @violentgentlemen to boot. Go check out @markbrickey ’s stories to see if he can meet his goal and get that world record set! (Logo designed by @growcase , recreated with black pepper and a sharpie ) . . . #brickey100 #worldrecord #lettering #dimensionaltype #logo #aidnetwork #circleoftrust #disneyland #disneylandtram #guinnessworldrecord #typewipe #vghc

July 2019

This heat wave call for lots and lots of watermelon. 🍉 Shabbat shalom!

July 2019

What a wild week it’s been! I’m FLOORED with all of the #GoodtypeXDapperNotes work, that in addition to the three special @dappernotes editions, I’ll also be adding a few more winners who’ll get some other Dapper Notes goodies. Stay tuned, and in the meantime enjoy this #dimensionaltype of @markcaneso ’s design, made of lemon-colored fabric dye, and black sand. Each material had a unique texture that presented its own challenges, and my-oh-my did this take longer to make than I had anticipated. Totally worth it though. Have a dapper weekend! #livedapper #dappernotes #goodtype #strengthinletters #goodtypetuesday #lettering #process #satisfying #gradient #blacksand #yellowdye #typewipe

July 2019

HT456 / I realize it would be silly to have this #GoodtypexDapperNotes prompt go by, and not actually participate 😊. Here’s hayim bedaper חיים בדפּר (Live Dapper ) in Hebrew, made of spices. My memory card ran out a bit towards the end, so you’ll see the whole thing magically complete itself ¯\_(ツ )_/¯ . I’d like to give a shoutout to @brookethesunsurfer , founder of @goodtype , who created the best community online that is actually a community. A group of people doing great things, and helping one another get places. I wouldn’t be where I am today, creatively, if not for you. Thanks for helping me #livedapper , always. . . . #foodtype #dimensionaltype #lettering #goodtypetuesday #dappernotes #typewipe #dapper #strengthinletters #foodlettering #goodtype

July 2019

It’s a dream come true! This week’s #GoodtypeTuesday is a collaboration between me (vis a vie @dappernotes ) and @goodtype I made a special limited edition Dapper Notes in just three days, during which time I also shot and edited this video. It’s been a crazy week to say the least, but I’m so proud of how it all came out. Stay tuned via @goodtype for all the juicy details on this week’s prompt. The lettering you see in the end was design by @markcaneso for a recent collaboration between Dapper Notes and him. Check out dappernotes.com/friends to see what that’s all about. And now back to my regularly scheduled programming of making @dappernotes #handmade #craft #dappernotes #behindthescenes #stationery #summerofsketching #GoodtypeXDapperNotes

June 2019

The #TopPhotographer Challenge is here! The whole team at Adorama (yup, that’s where I work ) put together an amazing season of challenges with @nigelbarker , where you can participate and win lots of serious photography gear. Check out all the details at @adorama and @nigelbarker ’s IGTV. #notAnAd_ImJustExcited #foodlettering #foodtype #sugar #nigelbarker #adorama #typewipe #photography #challenge #igtv

5 weeks ago

Yesh makom lekulanm יש מקום לכולןם. “There’s room for everyone.” In hebrew, the word “everyone” is either said in the masculine or feminine form, so I combined them both with a double ending. Now more than ever, remember: there’s room for everyone. #pridemonth Lettering made out of honey with food coloring. Music is from the YouTube Music Library, no attribution required. #hebrewtype #🍯 #pride #🌈 #foodart #strengthinletters #loveislove #mmmexplore

May 2019

Congrats @goodtype on one million! A million and more thanks to you for always keeping us fueled and inspired. #strengthinletters is not just a tag, it’s a community that would not exist without the your contestant dedication. Thank you thank you, and cheers to one million more! . #lettering #goodtype #onemillion

April 2019

Finally got my house all cleaned up and ready for #Passover One week of #matza diet here we come! This piece is a #tbt , here's to hoping I have a few extra minutes for a holiday wish before it begins tonight.

March 2019

This is the 20th installment of #enonspiration , and in honor of #InternationalWomensDay , where I celebrate a few creatives who inspire me. Go check them out and show them some well-deserved love: . @allisonsabrie - I’ve followed Allison’s work for quite some time, but more recently she put out a few tracks under @sabriemusic that have been in my ears on REPEAT. I cannot urge you enough to go give them a listen. . @yaelweiser - I recently took up street photography, and I’m not sure that even in one hunderd year’s time I’d come even close to the magic that's you’ll see on Yael’s feed. . @juliaann_cone - Julia is one of those rare artists who knows how to remove everything except for the essentials, leading to minimalist but powerful work. . @noamweiner - Noam has been creating some of my favorite whimsical illustrations, oft combined with Hebrew typography. Hashtag illustration skill goals.

March 2019

Hey, friends! Long time. I want to talk about something important: Nearly four years ago (to the day ) I made my very first #foodtype lettering thing. Frankly, it was terrible. But that is beside the point. I am extremely proud to be a part of this community that has always supported one another, bouncing off ideas, sharing techniques, and even passing off jobs to each other when possible. In every art style you’ll find many artists who share the same technique, and that is a wonderful thing. It keeps us on our toes, always experimenting. After all, competition is the driver of innovation. On the other hand, to quote New York Magazine’s art critic Jerry Saltz: “If someone says your work looks like someone else’s and you should stop making it, I say don’t stop doing it. Do it again. Do it 100 times or 1,000 times. Then ask an artist friend whom you trust if your work still looks too much like the other person’s art. If it still looks too much like the other person’s, try another path.” I echo Jerry’s sentiment. If your work still looks too much like the other person’s, try another path. Stay cool, my friends. Be original, innovate, feel free to yell at me in the comments. We’re all just trying to learn here.

December 2018

U P D A T E : In the last few months I took a break from lettering to focus on creating new handmade goods. This is one of them, my very first hardcover journal, with a fabric designed by @littlepatterns Thanks for watching! More details over at @dappernotes #handmade #craft #behindthescenes #stationery #bookmaking #journal #dappernotes

September 2018

This will never get old. The coffee, the greeting, the shaky hand. Happy #nationalcoffeeday Boker tov, good morning, and l’chaim!

September 2018

תשעט מקסים! תהא שנת עברית טובה. May it be a year of good Hebrew. The Hebrew calendar is flipping over to 5779 tonight, which in Hebrew is תשעט. We have a habit of using the year’s letters (which are a numerical equivalent ) as acronyms to form good wishes, like this one. For all those celebrating, I wish you a prosperous, creative, and happy year. . #hebrewtype #shanatova #pomegranate #foodtype #תשעט #שנהטובה #רימון

August 2018

wait for it… Hip Hop היפ הופ makes an almost perfect ambigram. So I'm celebrating the 45th anniversary of the birth of #hiphop with this 3D #ambigram Have a fab, hip hop full weekend!

August 2018

HT454 / Aaaah. A nice summer weekend mangal מנגל (barbecue ), with heaps of watermelon. How’s your weekend going? . #foodtype #watermelon #summer #barbecue #hebrewtype

August 2018

🍫 I wish y’all a sweet weekend and shabat shalom. . #foodart #chocolate #שבתשלום #shabbatshalom #🍫

July 2018

When you hang with the @drunkonlettering gals, it’s always a good time. Go give this episode a listen. Did I make a fool of myself? Probably. Also: I’ve been dreaming of making liquid lettering like this for quite a while. Took me only a few days and a handful of wine bottles to get it done. @drunkonlettering , thanks for having me on. L’haim! #dimensionalportraits_ea #foodart #wine #handmade #craft #behindthescenes #drunkonlettering

July 2018

I’m very proud of how this video turned out. I always wanted to create a long form and detailed look into how @dappernotes are made, and I finally filmed the process step-by-step. There are many, many steps involved, and the longer version of this clip gives a good peek into the craft behind this humble notebook. Check out my latest IGTV video, or search YouTube for ‘Dapper Notes’ if you prefer horizontal videos. . . . #handmade #craft #dappernotes #behindthescenes #stationery #summerofsketching

July 2018

Ahava אהבה. Love. An oldie for Tu Beav, the Jewish Valentine’s Day. But also, every day is a good day to be loving. 😘 #טובאב #אהבה #יוםאהבהשמח

July 2018

Today on @aidpodcast both Nathan from @dkngstudios and I take part in Freelancer’s Week, and share insight into what it truly takes to make different types of freelancing happen. All week long, actually, @aidpodcast is hosting freelancers ranging from those who do it as their primary source of income, to people like myself who freelance as an add-on to their day job. All year round @aidpodcast provides daily shows that inspire me personally as a creative. But this week especially, if you ever considered joining the Circle of Trust to further your career as a creative, today’s the day. Go give it a listen, and let me know what you think! #dimensionalportraits_ea

July 2018

HT453 / Bringing back a party trick for an important birthday. Happy five years of inspiring us all, @goodtype ! In Hebrew, hamesh חמש (five ) is also an #ambigram with same’ah שמח (happy ). #GoodtypeTurns5 #GoodtypeTuesday #enon3Dletteringvideo

July 2018

Mivtsah מבצע week! #linkinprofile

July 2018

Some Kabbalists say that the world was created with the Hebrew alphabet in its roots. I can't say I understand what it means, but at the very least I have this rainbow clay #אבגדהוזחטיכלמנסעפצקרשת planet. #🌈 #colorful #rainbow

July 2018

Congrats צרפת France on taking the win! 🇫🇷 . #france #worldcup2018 #צרפת #מונדיאל #foodart #ligature #lettering #soccer

July 2018

A while back I did #agenreaweek , and with it many playlist covers. But this week is a special genre-less mix that I’ve been working on for years, filled with beats that’ll have your head bopping in no time. My #goodtypetuesday playlist is: “I Bop My Head Back & Forth”. (Link in my story today ) Can I also just give a shout out to all the sculptors out there? Working with this stuff is HARD. . #mixtape @goodtype #spotify #claymodeling #bobblehead

June 2018

HT452 / I wish you all a sweet and bright weekend. Shabbat shalom! 🍍 What’s you favorite summer fruit? #shabbatshalomtype

June 2018

HT451 / What a fun collab with @heyykristen ! This #goodtypetuesday we used two languages, two types of materials, and shot each part separately (all combined digitally! ). This is “shataf” שת״פ (teamwork ) makes the dream WORK. And work we did. Thank you @goodtype for the creative prompt, and thank you @heyykristen for being an amazing collaborator. The dream works! Made of a lime, kiwi, lettuce, and paper.

June 2018

I pledge liberty with justice for all, and for always. Call your senator, join a rally. I will not be complicit in silence.

June 2018

NEW 🍉 summer collection just launched, with tees, hats, and a pin! Get them while it’s hot out there. Considering the NY fluctuations, it might be winter tomorrow. . . . #foodtype #goodtype #watermelon #summer #dimensionaltype #קיץ #אבטיח #israeli_frame #gargeran #shopify #hebrewtype #foodart #israeli_kitchen

June 2018

HT448 / In celebration of #pride month, I wish you all a shabbat shalom שבת שלום, and a fab weekend. #shabbatshalomtype #satisfying #pridemonth #shabbatshalom #שבתשלום #strengthinletters #playfoam #whpshapes #squishy #hebrew #typewipe #pride

June 2018

HT447 / Inspired by a chat yesterday with the fauxsaic man himself, I knew I had to make one of my own. I spent way too much time trying to get sugar these crystals aligned, finicky little beetus bombs. But I’m super happy with how my תל אביב (Tel Aviv ) #fauxsaic came out. I even finger-walked on it for the #typewipe (watch till the end ). Special thanks to @nickmisani and @t_rez for the extra fuel.

June 2018

Wait for the 🔥 (sound on ). Today #goodtypetuesday is all about bringing awareness to gun violence prevention, and I’m all fired up up up about that. . #firedupchallenge #fire #lettering @goodtype @thelipsticklobby #satisfyingvideos #dimensionaltype

May 2018

HT446 / Inaal rabaaq אינעל רבאק is a dismissive slang borrowed from Arabic that has something to do with one’s father. I’m not entirely sure what, though. Translations welcome. Inaal also sounds like “shoe,” so here we are. This #goodtypetuesday was inspired by but not at all directed at @marmaladebleue , whose mastery of shoelaces is astounding. . #hebrewtype #אינעלראבק #dimensionaltype #shoelaces #arabiclettering

May 2018

Food type, but on a tee! At @cottonbureau #teepluribusunum 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 . #lettering #america #🇺🇸 #cottonbureau #strengthinletters #foodlettering

May 2018

Happy mayim מים (water ) holiday! 💦 💦💦 . #dimensionaltype #water #lettering #goodtype #חגהמים #מים #שבועות

May 2018

Coming up: The cheesiest holiday of them all. No pun. Just food. Hag sameach #חגשמח (happy holiday ) to all y’all's who are celebrating. Bon appetite! #hagsameahtype #foodtype #foodlettering #foodart #שבועות #חגשמח #shavuot #cheese #sculpture #ig_israel #foodil #gargeran #food52

May 2018

I wish you all a colorful, wonderful, happy, and utterly blissful weekend. Stay cool 😎 #shabbatshalomtype #foodtype #shabbatshalom #whpcolorpop #שבתשלום #colorful #rainbow #קשת

April 2018

X for xighlighters and xicrons and xharpies. . #36daysoftype05 #36days_x @36daysoftype #handlettering #3dlettering #x

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