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A dwarf bringing you laughs. ΚΣ Twitter: Dwarf_Mamba

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2 weeks ago

Don’t need my pedal extensions for this car.

2 weeks ago

New whip 🚗💨😂 🎥: @maclinbilski 🎶: “RED MERCEDES”-Amine

3 weeks ago

I swear I’ve stopped smoking weed, I just still don’t know how to pick matching outfits. 😂

last month

“Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up.” -Allen Klein

last month

“Normality is to be different. Every person is a different person. And one day you need to be aware of your difference. Aware that you are not the same as the others. That is to be normal.” -Alejandro Jodorowsky

last month

Hitting my first boardslide on the mini 🤙🏼 look at @nyjah I’m learning quick 👀😂

last month

When you have to attempt a high jump in order to take a 💩. 🤣Tag your bathroom buddy🤣

last month

Have you ever just sat down and asked yourself.... Tf am I wearing?

May 2019

Thanos definitely came up, short handed..... #AvengersParody ( @loganpaul @heybigmike @georgejanko @olgasafari )

May 2019

If Thanos was a dwarf, maybe the movie would have been a lot... shorter. 🤣🤣 Tag your favorite antagonist 😈

April 2019

Muh best friend 😁 @rheadapit

April 2019

When people wonder why it takes you so long to get ready in the morning 😂😂 Tag THAT friend 😂😂 (🎵: “Sincerity Is Scary” - @the1975 )

April 2019

(Mini ) Horses in the back. Tag a horse 😂😂 🎥 @logansmiley_

April 2019

If I would have known this was going to be our last photo together I would’ve held you.. but this picture shows so much more about the dog you were. Savage, a brutal or vicious person, if Kong didn’t fit that description more than anyone else then I don’t know what to tell ya. He single handily went up against a coyote, that’s equivalent to me going up against a gorilla. I wish my ego and confidence was at half of your level. You’re in a safer place now where you can chase all the imaginary objects in the sky you want. Rest Easy @kongdasavage love you buddy.

April 2019

Buying beer with a fake I.D. W/ @nelkboys #Experiment 🔥 Tag a Pokémon

March 2019

I don’t really match colors well. 📸: @adrianverdult

March 2019

Lil shred in the pool

March 2019

The G.O.A.T. holding a goat.

February 2019

Aye @danawhite let’s get this thing rolling! @twooodley already said he’ll train me. 😂Tag someone who would watch that😂 #DwarfUFC

February 2019

When they say you’re one in a million, and I say statistically one in thirty-thousand, but close enough.

February 2019

When you and your friend can relate to each other. 😂😂😂 Tag a friend who you can relate to! (W/ @johnlferguson )

February 2019

I’m 22 now. Not really feeling it, just like my liver who took an excessive amount of damage over the past two days. That being said it was by far the best birthday I could have ever asked for. My father, my guardian Angel, my mentor, my extra 3 feet, @loganpaul thank you so much for all of this. Thank you everyone who also wished me a happy birthday, love you all. Some say you peak when you’re 22, and I’m here to say I am not done. We’re not done. @heybigmike you’re a beast too, who low-key did everything and love you too. Cheers everybody. Let’s live with happiness and positivity.

December 2018

My dog can play better defense than @jharden13 😂🏀 tag your 1v1 partner! @rheadapit

December 2018

Snow White’s 8th dwarf, Drippie. 💧💧

December 2018

No one will believe when you say your bully is a dwarf 🤣🤣 w/ @nelkboys @kyleforgeard @jakehillhouse full vlog in bio!

November 2018

Rhea just created her first Instagram page! Make sure you go give her a follow 😊😆😍👉🏼 @rheadapit

November 2018

When a song is relatable. 😂😂😂 Tag an artist you can relate to 🎵

November 2018

You got me cheesin from cheek to cheek

November 2018

When you finally get verified after being on Social Media for 5 years. #VerificationClub

November 2018

Sounds like a lot of..... 😂😂😂😂 Tag a friend who would get this!

October 2018

My dad and I got to meet THE greatest band of all time! #WorldWired

September 2018

More cushion for the leanin’ 😏

August 2018

Big or small. Win or lose. You’ll always be my best friend and the person I look up to the most (no pun intended ). I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve done up until this moment. Fuck a draw. You won. You won in every single category. Love you bro, @loganpaul we will get em on our soil. #TeamPaul

August 2018

I’m too swole for this country.

August 2018

I bet you wish you were my date.

July 2018

When a dwarf tries to give another dwarf a piggyback ride. Tag your best friend 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #DwarfProblems

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