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Seriously 🐾 Who’s with me? The cats would be interesting too 😽

May 2019

The bride wore a dress from her closet, an orange blossom in her hair and carried a Calla Lily from her Malibu Garden. In front of the gorgeous Pacific, surrounded by nature and puppies, they promised to be there in good times and bad. ❤️A simple, meaningful wedding on a day chosen by the stars.💫 ... and so it is. #thirdtimesacharm 6•28•17

April 2019


March 2019

Full moon feels...great time to release it all. You got this ❤️

March 2019

Happy #internationalwomensday 😬

January 2019

Love Always, Me 😘

December 2018

✨Goodbye 2018. ✨ Finishing it off with this guy by my side but missing my @bohochicken Looking forward to an amazing year ahead filled with good health, prosperity, PLENTY of Love and an abundance of all that is beautiful. ❤️ ~ Wishing you all the same!! God bless 🙏

December 2018

✨never gets old 🎄

November 2018

WARNING DO NOT PUT THE SOUND UP IF YOU’RE AT WORK OR CHURCH 😹 Needed a break and a laugh...I’ve been consumed with sorrow between the shootings and fires.... Thank you @michaelrapaport !! *Pardon his French 🤭 Fun fact -I have a cat named Grandma but my other cat lady looks just like this one! (The Cat is totally fine! @wilfredwarrior )

November 2018

9 years (and a few days ) ago this muffin came to me in 911 situation...I was only supposed to foster her to get her away from the immediate danger of being put down by the ignorant people who bred her father and sister in attempt to get the perfect chihuahuas to profit from. 💩 The entire litter who also had no arms died within the first 24hrs. 😞 The moment I looked at her I started to cry and knew she was home. 💕 She’s been my constant companion in the best and worst of times. ✨ She used to come everywhere with me until she started to have seizures and now prefers to stay home in calm controlled atmospheres. (Just like her mama ) The day I met her my horoscope said you’ll be blessed by Grace today...and I have been ever since. I love you my little Gracie Girl 🐾❤️ Happy Adoptiversary 💖 #graceface #pleasedonteverdie #adoptdontshop Thank you @lukehmckibben for making this video 😘 (he’s featured in the car scene ) the video cut off halfway thru so I’ll post the second half later ) #PS ~please say a prayer they gain control of these horrific California fires 🙏

October 2018

Winner winner chicken freakin dinner!!!! The chips in her neck...I can watch that part on a loop for the rest of my life. 😂 Have a safe Happy Halloween 👻 and if you run into her little friend casually wielding that knife...run

October 2018

😌 ( what about Instagram algorithms, can we tell them to eff off? )

October 2018


September 2018

Some wounds are so deep you need to travel to the other side of the world to release them. ✨ Heartfelt gratitude to my dear friends @lesant & @teodoyogaguitar for hosting an unforgettable retreat in #Bali featuring the very gifted @jonpaulcrimi I went with the intention of healing some lingering anxiety & PTSD and came home with that and so much more. A new group of friends...a deep urge to travel and learn more about other cultures but most of all the understanding of how important it is to step outside of my comfort zone. I’ve still got some more work to do (who doesn’t? ) but I feel 1000 times lighter and can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with all of you. ❤️ (so unbelievably grateful to my handsome @davecantin for being so open to this experience 💋 ) Ps yes that’s me getting a Balinese water blessing and yes I met several monkeys 🐒✨ (insta didn’t post the whole video so I shared a very close up version 😬 on my IGTV )

4 weeks ago

Look at the friggen Joy in this photo...have you ever seen anything like it? (Ok ok maybe you have but she’s my kid so I get a pass ) I often say to myself my daughter needs to bottle her “light”. She walks through life with this understated contentment. ✨ Since a baby she’s always had a lightheartedness about her, always giggling and silly but now as an adult she carries that same energy with grace and confidence. ✨ Her new business @shopnou_ is a passion project that blends her love of fashion with her passion to help others on their healing journey. Please check it out! It’s the closest thing to her bottling that “light”. Each piece is either designed or sourced with love and intention by @bohochicken herself. 🙏💕✨ She’s wearing some Freda in this photo, go take a look 💋 Beyond proud of you Lex!! ❤️

September 2018

Gorgeous gorgeous Birthday girl Audriana!!! So proud to be your Godmama ❤️

August 2018

I’m guilty of all of the above 🤗 How about you?

August 2018

So true ❤️🐾 share who’s filled your soul (repost @crazysexykris )

August 2018

Next time I’ll put my purse and jacket down 🤷‍♀️ (dress is from a little shop in Bridgehampton, hat is from a little shop in Laguna, evil eye necklace from a little shop in Cabo, spiked denim Jacket is @hm , basket purse with fringe I forget 😬 ) #sorryIwaszerohelp oh and the guy...he’s from Jersey ❤️

July 2018


July 2018

Spent some time at my favorite place on the east coast. Spent time with friends, soaked in the sunsets...very grateful 🙏Now it’s time to head back to California. My Puppies and kittens mama’s coming home ❤️

June 2018

Who can relate? (Worth the double post 😁 )

June 2018

I’ve heard from my medium friends most people who take their lives regret it almost instantly...💔 What a sad week but at least it has us addressing this serious issue.

May 2018


May 2018

Inspirational quotes taken right from his twitter feed...in the words of the lyrical genius Mr. Kanye West... “naps are awesome” 🤗

May 2018

Happy Happy Birthday to my silly friend @teresagiudice 🎈Always laughs and fun when we’re together ❤️ I miss you!!! 😘

May 2018

Some of the people I love the most fall into one or more of these groups. Sending tons of Love ❤️ ( art @bymariandrew )....yes and of course fur baby moms 🐾

May 2018

Lil Mama’s face kinda sums up my feels after @bohochicken finally moves to California and added a whole new layer to my fear of earthquakes. ☹️ I stress enough about my animals during one. #whathaveidone 🤭 We just had one that jolted me out of my sleep. 😩 Deeeeep breaths...😯 (But really look at that dogs face, zoom in! All that’s missing is the moo moo and a wooden spoon in her hand. For either hitting her grandkids in the ass or making Sunday gravy )

May 2018

If you think I’m kidding ask my man how he got me #truestory 🐾🍕 (I still have the dog and the 20lbs to prove it )

April 2018

No filter ever needed for you my beautiful Malibu 💕 #skyporn

April 2018

Usually the latter 😩 #makeitstop True Story: I just had a handful of Mike and Ikes for breakfast 🐽

April 2018

We may not be in control but we have the power to help direct the universe in certain ways. You just need to learn to harness that energy and use it for good. Yes there will be curve balls, that’s the no control part...I’ve finally learned to let go and let God take over in those moments. Have a beautiful new moon this weekend ✨....and mercury retrograde don’t let that door hit you in the ass, let it SLAM you in it! #byefelicia #thatshitkray

April 2018

Always Always make time for magic ✨Tb to that time me & my besties drove to the middle of nowhere for a major manifestation party. While everyone else partied Vegas style in Vegas we went on an adventure that required an former marine to help us Navigate (True Story ). PS~ All of our “wishes” from that day came true. ❤️ “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” 💫

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