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2 weeks ago

Are we still doing this?

2 weeks ago

Mom and Dad are out of the house and at a wedding!! Also, this is the third time I've worn this dress and it's still a favorite. *Dress is a few years old and from @anthropologie !

3 weeks ago

Happy #nationaldogday to my four legged best friend, @brunchservedallday He is one of the brightest lights in my day and it isn't an understatement to say I'm obsessed with him. He's handled @jensenkarp and me bringing home a human baby *so* well but that doesn't mean there isn't some jealousy. 👀 Thankfully we have good friends who sent us a rattle squeak toy and now he knows he's the original baby of the family. 😍 (This is a good time to remind you that you can still vote for this year's @americanhumane Hero Dog! Link in bio ).

4 weeks ago

Update: We have a winner!! Congratulations Katie Hough ( @khough917 )!! I'm so excited for you! This is not an exaggeration, I don't know what I would do without my @DockATot 🙌🏼 I love it so much, I have two. It is such a game changer. It's been amazing for Adler (and my peace of mind ) and has quickly become my #1 baby product and will now be my go-to baby shower gift for pregnant friends! It travels easily so I always have a safe place for Adler to lounge, rest and play. This is the Deluxe+ size so it's perfect for babies under 8 months and the Grand size can grow with them until they are 3 years+! I’m really excited to offer everyone 15% off their DockATot order AND to host a DockATot giveaway - keep reading for details! #sponsored - If you'd like to grab your own DockATot, use code "Danielle15" at checkout for 15% off at dockatot.com. Code is active until 8/19/19. - Now it's #Giveaway time! What are the prizes? TWO GRAND OR DELUXE DOCKS - one for you and one for a friend! This giveaway includes everything I got for the baby: Grand or Deluxe+ dock AND a Grand or Deluxe+ TravelBag (value of $400+ ). The contest ends at 12:00pm PST on 8/19/19. Winner will be randomly selected on 8/19/19 and notified by DM by DockATot. - How to win: Like this photo Follow me and @dockatot Tag your BFF, so she can share the winnings! #dockatot #giveaway #babygear #babylounger - NOTE: By entering you confirm you are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility and agree to Instagram's terms of use. This contest is not affiliated with Instagram in any way. Your Instagram account must be set to public. US shipping addresses only. No PO boxes.

last month

The original Boy came to meet our boy. ❤️

last month

Woof. Lotta people with questions about why I chose not to share my baby's face on my last post. Currently, @jensenkarp and I have chosen to keep Adler's face off our social media pages. We are two people who made a conscious choice to be in the public eye and share what would normally be private moments with the public. Adler isn't capable of making that choice for himself and until he is, we've decided to shield him from places where strangers can comment on him. It wasn't an easy decision for us. We both love social media and sharing special moments in our lives. I also don't have any issue posting a picture of me in a men's bathrobe with a rice eye patch that's healing a stye on my eye but that's MY choice. The truth is, choosing not to post pictures of him kinda sucks. I wanna show you my baby every day. He's cuter than this 👼 but I worry about a couple things. 1. His safety. There are weirdos out there. Enough said. 2. Putting pictures and facts about him onto the internet that he doesn't have any say in. I'd like for him to be able to curate his own footprint on the internet in the future without being mortified we posted about his his fear of swimming or his first crush. With that said, I look at people like Chrissy Teigen and I *love* how she posts about her kids and I respect her decision. It makes me think I can/should do the same thing. But then I see Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd and I respect and understand their decision too! Also, not posting any pictures of his face does put a bit of a paparazzi bounty on him because someone will want the first image. (Maybe we allow someone to have pictures of him once and then keep him private from then on? Idk. ) In the end, @jensenkarp and I had to make a decision about what we felt comfortable posting and for now (at least ) we have chosen to not post his face. But I'm also not going to not post a beautiful picture of one of my best friends holding my baby for the first time because seeing an emoji over his face ticks you off. I'm sorry if that offends you but we're doing the best we can and it's hard. Being a parent and making decisions for your kid is tough. Fyi, dogs are easier. 🐶❤️

last month

Keeping my marriage spicy one #ootd at a time. #robe #eyepatch #stye #birkenstocks #pacifiers

last month

The house is a mess, I have a stye on my left eye, I haven't showered in two days, I can't remember when I did anything (when did we change his diaper last? What time did I pump? ), @jensenkarp and I now take baby night shifts where we pass each other like zombies on a mission, and they are some of the best days of my life. ❤️

July 2019

Adler is 3 weeks old today and officially a NICU graduate! Thank you to everyone at @childrensla and especially our primary nurses @cassiejosharrod and @quyenlyyy We never wanted to know this hospital and its staff so well but now that we do, we can say with certainty there is no better place for children with medical needs. Now we hope to never be back. : ) Finally, our love and hugs to every single parent who has ever spent time in the NICU and especially those we left behind today. ❤️❤️❤️

July 2019

We're still in the hospital but Adler is getting better and stronger every day. @jensenkarp and I keep reminding ourselves that we are extremely lucky - Adler *will* eventually come home with us - and therefore this is nothing but an enormous test of our patience and willingness to relinquish control. Two things I have never been plentiful in but are absolutely necessary in parenthood! 😬 He is also receiving the best possible care from the most loving, warm, kind, intelligent nurses and doctors the world has ever known! Literal angels. Thank you to everyone who has sent their messages of encouragement, hope, love, and prayers for our family. They have comforted us and been such an inspiration when we've felt down. Now, I must get back to dressing our baby in all my favorite restaurant onesies. 😘

June 2019

Can't believe I called the one on the left a "bump" picture.

June 2019

The 2019 @AmericanHumane @HeroDogAwards honor the heroes on both ends of the leash, and I’m excited to be a judge again this year! Help get your top dogs on the red carpet this fall and vote once per day thru 7/18: link in bio! 🐶❤️

June 2019

Thanks to the cast and crew of @coopandcamitvseries for letting me waddle around your set yelling "action!" and "cut!" all week. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with so many fun and talented people.

May 2019

If I wrote my honest feelings about my dog @brunchservedallday , you'd think it was a gross exaggeration but you'd be wrong. It would include words like "best friend," and "love of my life" ( @jensenkarp approves of this ). Honestly, dogs are so good and pure and we don't deserve them but we are somehow lucky enough to have them! If you want this kind of love in your life, please adopt and consider making a donation to my favorite organization @americanhumane Happy #nationalrescuedogday , Brunch!!

May 2019

I'm beginning to think @bensavage is trolling us.

May 2019

We always forget to give Ben the memo. #megacon #orlando

May 2019

Happy Mother's Day to the woman who represents everything I hope to be as a mom, @jenfishel You are somehow the perfect mix of no nonsense and also tons of laughs. I knew better than to ever cross you but I was never afraid to be honest with you and that honesty saved my teenage years many times over. I'm so lucky to be your daughter and I love you with all my heart.

May 2019

Happiest of birthdays to this little nugget who used to steal my phone to take selfies like this one. We met when she was 13 and now, as of 13 minutes ago, she's officially no longer a teen. She's my twenty year old princess, my little bb, one of my best friends, and one of the most genuinely kind, warm, funny, loving souls I've ever known. Can't wait to see what the next decade holds for you, @sabrinacarpenter

May 2019

Last year, before @jensenkarp and I got married, I set out on a mission to get into really great shape. We hired @trainedbyphil and he immediately assessed our bodies and put us on individual workout/eating programs that helped us reach our goals. Sure, I broke out in a cold sweat and slept in the fetal position for 4 hours after our first workout and couldn't walk for 3 days BUT I also went from being able to do 0 pushups to doing 10, lost 8 pounds, and felt better than ever in just a few months. What does this mean for you? Well, he's written a book #JustYourType that will give you all of his knowledge for a fraction of the price - and it's currently 30% off until 5/14. You can purchase it via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or via the link in @trainedbyphil 's bio. #trainedbyphil

May 2019

Sure this was funny - but only one of us is taking 25 bathroom breaks a day. #dallasfanexpo

April 2019

Tonight at 8:30 catch an all new episode of Sydney to the Max on @disneychannel ! We had so much fun doing this episode and the show keeps getting better and better. Don't miss it!

March 2019

Baby's first concert was his big sister who will be called Auntie Sabrina. I'm nervous because his wig got snatched. ❤️

March 2019

Beach bum(p )

March 2019

One year ago today was one of the best days of my life when @jensenkarp proposed and I said "YES!" My entire life came together when we fell in love and now, this July, we get to raise this little stinker who is currently kicking me from the inside. #FBF

March 2019

This was shocking and horrible news to hear today. Losing Ms. Eunetta Boone means we lost a gem of a human being and an absolute genius in the sitcom world. She was funny, kind, calming, and smart beyond belief. I was only blessed to know her for a short time but she definitely left an imprint on my heart and I will miss her greatly. My deepest sympathies to Eunetta's family, friends, and the cast and crew of Raven's Home who have worked so closely with her these past few months. 💔

March 2019

(Topanga's parents paid to get her into Yale ) 😜

March 2019

On the second day, they chop off your feet. It's a weird ritual. #emeraldcitycomiccon

March 2019

Dream. Try. Do Cons. #emeraldcitycomiccon

March 2019

Half way there, baby. #20weeks

March 2019

ICYMI, here's a look at my @accessonline interview from earlier today. Special thank you to @julie4makeup and @_hairbylaurie for coming over at 5a to make me look glam and to @carrymaternity for always making sure I have maternity clothes I feel good in! Also, to @daniellejonas for my STUNNING birth stone emerald necklace I now wear every day. Last but not least, thank you to the writers, the cast, and the crew of Sydney to the Max for letting me into your lives! Watch Sydney to the Max this Friday, 3/8, at 8:30p on @disneychannel to see why it should be your new favorite show if it isn't already.

February 2019

Some of my favorite teenage memories involve driving to the beach with @vanessaevigan , blasting Sublime with the windows down, wind in our hair and not a care in the world. Obviously, things change, people grow up and sometimes move away from each other. After way too many years apart, Vanessa and I had lunch today and picked up right were we left off - except this time we drove down the street to lunch while her incredible son Maverick slept, we kept the windows up, and Sublime was replaced with heartfelt dialogue about the paths our lives have taken (not to mention the highs and lows of pregnancy! ) It felt like 20 minutes since I last hugged her and I am so grateful that neither age, time, or distance changes anything about our friendship. ❤️ (P.S. we found these ridiculous pictures of us from high shool where we're making these same stupid faces and it made us laugh ).

February 2019

We've known each other since we were 12 - how lucky am I to experience pregnancy right along side you? I don't know what I'd do without your advice, suggestions, and helpful tips and tricks! Can't wait to welcome your little girl to the world (1-2 weeks from now! ) and I can't wait to see your son be the best big brother ever. #bff

February 2019

Our friends know the baby gifts that go straight to our hearts. Thank you for the tiny shoes and your friendship, @shoehefner5 !

February 2019

On one of our first dates, @jensenclan88 saw people he knew at a restaurant sitting on the same side of the booth. About 5 minutes later some friends joined them and Jensen said to me, "oh thank God, I thought they were weirdos who sat on the same side by themselves!" I looked at him, confused. "What's wrong with sitting on the same side?" "Uh, you're kidding, right? That's super weird." And from that day forward I've been jealous of all couples who sit on the same side of the booth. Anyway, I begged him to take me to @californiapizzakitchen for dinner and he did, even if he didn't let me sit next to him so, you pick your battles. (P.S. he likes to cuddle in his sleep and I have a "no one touch me while I sleep!!" rule so we all have our things! )

February 2019

I love @jensenclan88 more than breakfast food, sleep, silence, reading, chain restaurants, and animals. And those are my most favorite things! Our last Valentine's Day as a party of two. ❤️❤️ 📸: @dontshakethepolaroid

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