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Alexi Lubomirski’s initiative to change the fashion industry for the better! #nofur #nofeathers #noexoticskins #creatives4change

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15 hours ago

The incredible founders of @galvanlondon pledged Creatives4Change! Thank you @katherineholmgren @annachristinhaas @solakh @carolynhodler for saying #nofurnofeathersnoexoticskins #galvinlondon #alexilubomirski #creatives4change

2 weeks ago

We are blown away by the support, the incredible @evamendes signed the pledge! #evamendes #alexilubomirksi #creatives4change

3 weeks ago

Another amazing creative @mschwartzphoto signed the pledge! We are slowly but surely changing the industry for the better and so grateful for those who have stepped up to join us. #michaelschwartz #alexilubomirski #creatives4change

4 weeks ago

#repost from our founder @alexilubomirski : Thank you @milk and #MilkXYZ and @mazdackrassi for the feature on our @creatives4change initiative. Already had many people signing up and working on more whenever I get a chance between work, husband and daddy duties! Remember that all creatives have the power to inspire people, so let's make sure we inspire positively and create a cleaner and more cruelty free fashion industry! It is totally possible, we all just need to take the step. What will your creative legacy be? x💚x #creatives4change Article here-

5 weeks ago

Amazing news!! #Repost : @livekindlyco Estée Lauder has joined the #BeCrueltyFree campaign 😲💖 Watch our IG Story for links to full articles!

last month

We are honored to have fashion and portrait photographer @paolakudacki sign the C4C pledge! #paolakudacki #alexilubomirski #creatives4change

last month

The iconic model, @guineverevanseenus signed the pledge! Than you for being an activist along side with us, Guinevere! #guineverevanseenus #alexilubomirski #creatives4change

last month

The talented photographer @marianovivanco pledged no fur and no exotic skins! Thank you Mariano for your support! #marianovivanco #alexilubomirski #creatives4change

last month

Fashion + Beauty Broadcast journalist, Stylist, Co founder of Milk Makeup @zannarassi signed the pledge. We are grateful for your support, Zanna! #zannarobertsrassi #alexilubomirski #creatives4change

last month

@emmasummerton signed! Thank you for your support, Emma! It’s amazing to see all of these incredible creatives stand behind this initiative. #emmasummerton #alexilubomirski #creatives4change

last month

Wow, the one and only Kate Winslet signed C4C! We are so thankful for your support, Kate and everyone who has signed so far. Pledge link is in bio! #katewinslet #alexilubomirski #creatives4change

May 2019

@askmrmickey signed! Yes! So grateful for your support, Mickey! #nofurnofeathersnoexoticskins

May 2019

Amazing things happening! #Repost @prada ・・・ As part of the #PradaGroup , #Prada has announced, in collaboration with the #FurFreeAlliance , that it will no longer use animal fur in its designs or new products, starting with #PradaSS20 Women’s collections. #PradaGroupFurFree #FurFreeRetailer #FutureofFashion #FurFree @lav_italia @humanesociety

May 2019

The incredible @mrchrismcmillan signed the C4C pledge! We are so grateful for your participation, Chris. Thank you to everyone who has signed so far!

May 2019

Thank you @pamela_hanson for joining our fight! So excited to have you on board! If you want to join, sign the pledge. Link in bio : )

May 2019

The one and only, Jennifer Aniston, signed C4C. What an incredible honor, thank you Jennifer! #nofur #nofeathers #noexoticskins #creatives4change

May 2019

@benhassett signed C4C! Thank you Ben, for standing with us, we are thrilled. Sign the link in bio!

May 2019

The formidable @therealphilliplim signed our pledge, stating he will not use fur or exotic skins! Thank you Phillip, we are honored!

May 2019

Our founder @alexilubomirski chatting with @cbsnews about Creatives4Change! Wise words, the time for change is now! Link in bio for pledge. Watch full video -

May 2019

The amazingly talented @zoeygrossman signed the pledge! Thank you for the support, Zoey! Sign the pledge today, link in bio!

May 2019

The amazing @giampaolosgura signed the Creatives4Change pledge! Thank you Giampaolo! #nofur #nofeathers #noexoticskins

May 2019

Honored to have photographer, @zoeghertner sign the Creatives4Change pledge! We humbly thank you, Zoe! We all have the power to change today’s standards, it’s your turn! Sign the pledge today, link in bio! #zoeghertner

May 2019

Laura Brown and InStyle Magazine signed the pledge! Thank you @laurabrown99 and @instylemagazine for saying #nofur #nofeathers #noexoticskins #creatives4change

April 2019

YOU have the power! #repost @alexilubomirski I was speaking to one of the biggest models in the world this morning who was intrested in the signing the pledge but worried that she did not have the power. That made me realize that I needed to remind you all that everyone has the power to say no to these things in a very respectful and polite way. Remember that you all have a creative voice and you can choose to use that for the right reasons.. @creatives4change go to link in my bio to download the pledge 💚💚💚

April 2019

Iconic US Vogue editor, Tonne Goodman has signed the C4C pledge, #nofur #nofeathers #noexoticskins Thank you @tonnegood for pledging! Sign the pledge now! Link in bio #creatives4change

April 2019

We love to see this! Wise words. #repost from @furfreenyc @donatella_versace ’s thoughts on fur. Time for a #furfreenyc

April 2019

@inezandvinoodh signed the Creatives4Change pledge! What an honor! Thank you for joining us, @inezandvinoodh ! Be sure to download and sign the pledge! Link in bio. #nofur #nofeathers #noexoticskins #creatives4change

April 2019

Extremely honored and thrilled to have the incredible Diane Von Furstenberg sign the Creatives4Change pledge. Thank you, @dvf ! Be sure to download and sign the pledge here- #nofur #nofeathers #noexoticskins #creatives4change