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13 hours ago

We are surfers. Coral reefs sculpt swells and give us amazing waves. For many of us, surfing these reef break waves is our favorite thing. Let’s protect these treasures of the sea. Adopt your coral on Photo by @ivanacook #coralgardeners #savethereef #wethereef #internationalsurfingday


This is our home Mo’orea, the sister island of Tahiti. That’s where everything started. From the mountain to the sea everything is connected. Join the movement by adopting your coral on our website. Photo by @ivanacook #coralgardeners #savethereef #wethereef

1 weeks ago

We are ocean kids and we believe that coexistence is the key to preserve our ocean. Today you are going to be a part of the solution, adopt your coral on our website. Video by @silkymerman #worldoceansday

2 weeks ago

Underwater clouds. Today is World Environment Day, let's pay more attention to our lovely blue planet. Join our movement by adopting your coral on our website. Link in BIO. Photo of @ravaray by our founder @toutiess #coralgardeners #wethereef #savethereef #adoptacoral #worldenvironmentday

2 weeks ago

Thank you @getwashedashore for the support and also for adopting 100 corals that our team planted back onto the reef. Join our movement by adopting your coral on our website. Link in BIO. Video edited by team member @johansachsse #coralgardeners #wethereef #savethereef #washedashore

2 weeks ago

Today is coral reef day. We've been protecting our reef for over 2 years and are proud to say that we planted more than 3000 corals. In honor of World Reef Day we are offering a T-shirt to one lucky person. To get a chance to win it, share this post and tag 3 friends in the comments. The winner will be announce tomorrow. Good luck - The Coral Gardeners Team. Video edited by @temoanapoole #coralgardeners #wethereef #savethereef #worldreefday

3 weeks ago

Here is a giant clam. The mollusk contributes to filter 4.5 gallons of seawater per day and keep our oceans clean. Fun fact, both corals and giant clam possess zooxanthellae (algae ) which give them beautiful colors and nutrients. Help us save them by adopting your coral on our website. Photo by ocean brother @thurstonphoto #coralgardeners #savethereef #wethereef #adoptacoral

3 weeks ago

WE THE REEF. As seen on the picture, team member and content creator @temoanapoole is floating above a bleached reef in front of his house on the island of Mo'orea, Tahiti. We are currently facing a coral bleaching event. We put a lot of effort cleaning our coral nurseries and taking care of our corals. Our future depends on today's action. Photo by team member @ivanacook #coralgardeners #wethereef #savethereef

4 weeks ago

This is @tamateaaa_ one of our team members holding a coral cutting adopted by a guy in South Africa. The process goes from collecting broken pieces of coral, putting them on nursery tables, and finally planting them back onto damaged reef. Adopt your coral right now on our website. Photo by @ivanacook #coralgardeners #wetehreef #savethereef #adoptacoral

4 weeks ago

@coralgardeners was created by some ocean kids, surfers and fishermen from the island of Tahiti. Coral reefs give them everything, the waves they surf, the food they eat and the oxygen they breathe. This is now the start of a global movement of people changing the world one coral at a time. Join us and adopt your coral on our website. Link in BIO. Video edited by @johansachsse #coralgardeners #wethereef #savethereef

4 weeks ago

@natgeo photographer & @sealegacy founder @Cristinamittermeier and ocean warrior @Candace crespi visited us a few weeks ago. They fell in love with our project and gave us so much hope for the future. Thank you for believing in us and our dreams. Let’s change the world, one coral at a time. Join the movement today and adopt your own coral on Video edited by team member @johansachsse #coralgardeners #wethereef #savethereef

5 weeks ago

Free diving is a part of our daily routine. We free dive to collect corals, to plant them and to explore our beautiful reef ecosystem. We free dive because we love to be underwater. It's another world. There, we feel, we learn and we find ourselves. Join our movement and adopt your coral on our website. Photo by team member @ivanacook #coralgardeners #wethereef #savethereed #freediving

last month

After a long working day saving the reef, we enjoy an after work sunset session. Join our movement by adopting your coral on our website. Filmed by @pierretlambert #savethereef #wethereef #coralgardeners

last month

This is our playground, the place we spent most of our time... The Ocean. Sharks are the key for a healthy reef ecosystem. They are at the top of the food chain and at the base we have the corals. For this reason we need to protect them. Here in French Polynesia we are lucky to have the world's largest shark sanctuary. Join our movement and adopt your coral on our website. LINK IN BIO Photo by our founder @toutiess #coralgardeners #savethereef #wethereef #sharks

last month

Here is our friend @amirzakeri on a morning coral gardening session. He's cleaning one of our nursery tables which needs to be brushed once a week. We let our coral cuttings for over 4 weeks to grow and then we plant them back onto damaged reefs. Join our movement and help us save the reef by adopting your coral online. Link in BIO. Photo by team member @ivanacook #coralgardeners #savethereef #wethereef #adoptacoral #coralnursery

last month

Ocean brother Jack Johnson visited us in Moorea to adopt and plant his own coral. He became one of our ambassadors and wore our t-shirt during his concert in Tahiti. This guy & his family are such an inspiration for us. Join our movement by wearing our t-shirt and adopting your coral on #coralgardeners #savethereef #wethereef #jackjohnson

last month

Here is one of our scientists, Romy, following the evolution of the corals we plant and improving our methods. She uses an underwater white plate on which she writes different informations such as the growth of the coral, how they react to their new environnement. We're going to show you more about these heroes dedicating their life to save the reef! Join our movement by adopting your coral. LINK IN BIO photo by team member @ivanacook #wethereef #savethereef #coralgardeners #scientist

last month

Coral reefs protect us. We are the new guardians of the reef! Join our army to save the reef by adopting your coral on our website link in bio. Photo by our team member @ivanacook #savethereef #wethereef #coralgardeners

last month

It was a dream come true for our coral gardener @taianocg Thanks to our sponsor @airtahitinui , he took the plane for the first time on a mission to raise awareness all around France. This is our DNA, this is what we fight for. Raising awareness around the world is the key to making a difference. Join our movement by adopting your own coral on our website. Video edited by our team member @johansachsse #coralgardeners #wethereef #savethereef #awareness

last month

We are a part of the reef. The food we eat, the oxygen we breathe, the shelter it provides us, is all coming from the reef. To preserve it, we have to unite our strength. Join our movement by adopting your coral on our website. Here is @justinkalaniburbage our ambassador making one with the reef. Photo by team member @ivanacook #savethereef #wethereef #coralgardeners

last month

TODAY IS EARTH DAY. It’s time to make a difference, adopt your coral on our website and help save the reef. #coralgardeners #savethereef #wethereef #earthday

last month

Humpback whales use our reefs as shelters from the dangers of the open ocean. We often observe them so close to shore, giving our island kids some of the best moments of their lives. Today on Earth day, join the movement to save the reef by adopting your coral on our website. Photo by team member @temoanapoole #wethereef #coralgardeners #savethereef #earthday

last month

Few weeks ago, @amirzekari and @justinkalaniburbage came to film for @savethereef documentary. The movie will be out in June and we are exited to show the behind the scenes of it. Join our movement by adopting your coral on our website. Photo by team member @ivanacook #savethereef #wethereef #coralgardeners

April 2019

No matter where you are on this planet, surrounded by field, or iced lakes, you have a role to play in today's world to preserve our planet. You have the opportunity to be the change. You can join our movement by adopting a coral on our website link in bio. Featured artist of the week @perrinjames1 #wethereef #savethereef #coralgardeners

April 2019

This is @coralgardeners , a young team with big dreams. We always wanted to create a place where we could share with you our vision of the ocean. Thanks to you guys, we have made this dream come true. It’s only the beginning! Let’s save the reef! Join our movement, you can adopt your coral on our website link in bio. Filmed by @anthonykdo #wethereef #savethereef #coralgardeners #lifestyle

April 2019

On November 28, 2018 a report released by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAS ) came to the conclusion that human intervention is needed to ensure the persistence of world's coral reefs. Here at Coral Gardeners this is what we are doing, saving the reef by transplanting corals into damaged reefs here in Moorea island. Save a coral by adopting yours on our website. Featured artist of the week @mishkusk #coralgardeners #wethereef #savethereef

April 2019

⚠️WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠️ Roughly half of the world’s reefs have recently died and 90% are expected to die by 2050, and on top of that we are killing marine life at a faster pace than at any other time in the history of the world...something must change or else our oceans and all marine life will go extinct in our lifetimes or our children’s lifetimes. And that’s when the real consequences will set in as reefs are essential for marine life and marine life is responsible for the majority of the oxygen we need to breathe in order to survive...that’s right, if the oceans die, then we as a species die so that’s why we at @karmagawa created the @savethereef movement and need your help in reaching more people because there’s literally no time to waste in spreading massive awareness about this problem as too few people know about it and mistakenly believe reefs and marine life aren’t very important! @amirzakeri and @justinkalaniburbage came to Moorea few weeks ago to film for @savethereef documentary highlighting @coralgardeners actions. #savethereef #wethereef #coralgardeners

April 2019

Coral bleaching is real and is happening on the outer reef of our island right now. When the rise of the ocean temperature is too high, corals reject their algae and bleach. They can survive a bleaching event because of their resilience but if the temperature rises for too long they can not handle such a change and will eventually die from it. It’s an emergency to minimize our carbon footprint, it’s time to act! Picture by team member @ivanacook Join our movement on our website #savethereef #wethereef #coralgardeners #coralbleaching

March 2019

We are Coral Gardeners. We believe that raising awareness is the key to preserve our oceans. We would like the next generations to witness the beauty of coral reefs beneath the surface of our oceans. We need to act now! Help us save the reef by adopting your coral on our website. Picture by @johansachsse #savethereef #wethereef #coralgardeners #raisingawareness

March 2019

Tigers of the sea. Sharks are mesmerizing, they are independent and keep the ocean clean and therefore healthy. Did you know that after a certain age, the tiger sharks stripes start to fade, they are barely visible in full-grown adults. There is no healthy reef without healthy sharks. Join the movement to save the reef by adopting your coral on #savethereef #wethereef #coralgardeners #shark

March 2019

We live by the sea and rely on the ocean to provide us food. Coral reef is more than needed. It is actually essential to have a healthy ocean. Oceans provide food to more than 500million of people, another reason why it's an emergency to preserve them. Join the journey by adopting your coral on Shot by @toutiess #wethereef #coralgardeners #savethereef

March 2019

How beautiful are they? These little guys are Juveniles Southern Calamari squidlets. They only live for a maximum of one year. They like shallow water between 1-10m depth and enjoy reef bottoms. Join the movement to save the reef by adopting your coral on our website. Shot by featured artist of the week @mattysmithphoto #wethereef #savethereef #coralgardeners

March 2019

Our friend @gypsea_lust and @doyoutravel visited us and helped us to plant some corals back into damaged reefs. We are creating new habitats for the marine life. You can join the movement by adopting your coral on #savethereef #wethereef #coralgardeners

March 2019

Corals are invertebrate animals belonging to a large group of colourful and fascinating animals called Cnidaria. Other animals in this group that you may have seen in rock pools or on the beach include jelly fish and sea anemones. Although Cnidarians exhibit a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes, they all share the same distinguishing characteristics; a simple stomach with a single mouth opening surrounded by stinging tentacles. Each individual coral animal is called a polyp, and most live in groups of hundreds to thousands of genetically identical polyps that form a 'colony'. The colony is formed by a process called budding, which is where the original polyp literally grows copies of itself. Join the movement to save the reef by adopting your coral on our website. Featured artist of the week @mishkusk #wethereef #coralgardeners #savethereef

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