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I'm a stand-up comedian. 😂The Stage = LIFE. Chasing my dream. Help me share it.👇🏿 ✌🏿🌎NOW TOURING! 💻Booking [email protected]

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8 hours ago

Got to chill with my guys JABARI & KINGSTON this weekend!!! In Florida on a Semi Business Trip!!! We Have A HUGE Surprise For Y’all Tomorrow!!! WHAT DO YA’LL THINK IT IS???? #FatherDayWeekend #ChillingWithTheHomies #JABARIandKINGSTON #BigSurpriseForYall !!! #MakingGREATMemoriesWithThese2 #WhatsTheSurprise ??? #HappySaturday !! #RealFathersAreHere #WeBeenHere #ChangingTheNarrative

4 days ago

YO!!! We Set FIYA to World This Week!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥Through COMEDY!!!!.......Through COMEDY!!! It’s Unheard of the crazy impact this video left!!! I’m Truly Humbled!! I Can’t Even Lie And Tell Y’all That Doesn’t Excite Me!!!! Do you realize what that means?? This week we found a common thread not just in our country but in the WORLD!!!🌎 Race or Anything Else Mattered, Because this week we found more that UNITED US than DIVIDED US and we enjoyed it altogether.......What’s the (IT ) I’m talking about? LAUGHTER!!! We Enjoyed A Good Healthy Laugh Together!!! I’ve been doing stand up comedy for 16 years this week, I started at 15 years old. I would walk 6 and a half miles IN MY ALL PURPOSE SHOES (Looooved My Puma’s ) one way to the one place they had comedy in town. I’d finesse my way in by talking trash and making the guy at the door laugh. Sometimes I’d do all of that to not even get to go up that night. Sometimes I’d get to go up and I was determined to leave my mark and Kill The Stage!!! I Worked, Lost Everything Pursuing This Dream!!! BUT!!! When it’s your time it’s your time and GOD USED MY VERY SEED to expose me!!! This Year we are changing the narrative of fatherhood especially black fatherhood!!! WE ARE HERE!!! We Connect With Our Kids!! We’ve been here we just haven’t gotten a lot of press UNTIL NOW!!! When my boys JABARI & KINGSTON are grown I want them to remember the day we made THE WORLD COME TOGETHER TO LAUGH!!!! Uh Oh!! The Door Is Open NOW!!!! It’s A Wrap!!! 💯💯💯 ABOUT TO SHAKE THE COMEDY GAME!!! LOVE Y’ALL!!! Y’all Mean The World To Us!!! I appreciate all your letters and messages and I read some to Kingston. Thank you all who have showed my oldest JABARI love he’s read it! The Takeover Starts NOW!!! #LaughterIsUniversal #DJPBabyTalk #KingstonJierre #COMEDYSHOOKTHEWORLD !!! #PositivityWon #AllGOD #ItsTime #FunnyBabyBoy #HappyFathersDay #Actor #StandUpComedian #ComedyTourComing #DJPRoadToMadisonSquareGarden #WeDidBoxOfficeNumbers #ILOVEMYFANS !!!

5 days ago

GOOD MORNING!!! GOOD PEOPLE!!! Be Determined To Have A Great Day Guys! Today Don’t Sweat 😓 The Small Stuff. Learn to laugh at yourself and not to take life too serious 💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥🔥 Now Let’s Set This Monday Off Right!!! Positivity is CONTAGIOUS YOU GOTTA SPREAD IT!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! Shouts Out To My 100K+ Of Positive People.........YOU!!!! Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Peace Or Joy Today!!! Very Special Thanks To @willsmith AGAIN! Love Ya Man!!!! #PositiveVibes #LetsMakeSomeChangeHappen

3 weeks ago

#PowerMoves SO MUCH POWER IN ONE PICTURE!! Enough Talking And More Doing!!! All I Can Say is We About To Shake The City!!! I’ve partnered up with Sharon Kaye Edwards And The Entire ImInvisible Team. This morning I had the great privilege of sitting down with this dope team of people to speak with our great Mayor Joe Pitts about the future of #ImInvisible a anti bullying and suicide prevention program. Bullying And Suicide Is Real Thing!!! We discussed so much in that room today! Together We Can Definitely Make A Huge Change That Will Last!!! Extremely Grateful & Excited To Use My Influence & Power For The Right Reason’s! I was more impressed by our Mayors commitment to taking these issues head on 💪🏾💪🏾💯💯💯 Let’s Make History And Inspire Change! I’m Honored To Be An Advocate For This Cause. #OperationSaveLives #UseInfluenceToInspireChange #MayorJoePitts #ThisIsBiggerThanEntertainment #AttachedToPurpose #GreatMeeting #POWERONPOWER #ImAYoungGameChanger #ImAnAdvocateForChange #YoungAdvocate #Youngphilanthropist #Actor #StandUpComedian #YoungBlackManInHollywood #UsingMyplatform #NothingButLove #NoHate #ImInvisible #ClarksvilleTn

3 weeks ago

Nothing But Love ❤️ ❤️💯💯💯 #LaughterIsUniversal 📸 @frayforde

4 weeks ago

Everybody Please Help Me Say CONGRATS To My New 3rd Grader!!! 🎈 🎈 I’m So Proud Of You Kid!!! Your school year started a little tough but you took it on like a PRYOR and you set out for what you wanted to get accomplished. You pushed through your frustrations and me being on your back and got the job done.....I told you you would achieve it and you passed!!! Again Congratulations Daddy’s Man! I LOVE YOU KID!!!! #MyLittle3rdGrader #ProudDad #HappySmartSon #DizThaKid #NeverSettle

5 weeks ago

ATL WHAT UP THO!!!! #LetsDoThis !!!!

last month

Caption This! #LaughterIsUniversal

last month

A man that has GOD, Vision, A Plan, Determination Absolutely Can’t Be 🛑 He can get delayed but never stopped! Next month I celebrate 16 years of chasing this dream, 10years of Failures 5years of almost making it and NOW!!! I’m Right Here At The Door!!! Do I regret the failures......NOPE! Because they’re directly connected to my success!!! Stay Focused It’s Gonna Happen, but You Gotta Make Yourself Uncomfortable To Stretch To Reach The End GOAL 💯💯💯 THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! To Every Single NO I’VE GOTTEN!!! THANK YOU!! To Every Comedy Club or Venue that closed your doors to me! THANK YOU!! To the agents that wouldn’t return my emails and when they did respond called me names!!! I Understand now GOD works in the most unlikely (to us ) Of Circumstances!!! All I needed was this ONE YES!!! Now I won’t LET UP!!!! D R E A M B I G A N D W A T C H G O D!!! #WhatIveLearned #NeverEverSettle #DreamYourBiggest #GODisHUGE #FaithwithoutWorksIsDead #LaughterIsUniversal

last month

When I was testing lighting before filming I bust out 😝 Black Women Y’all Have Me Dying Laughing, Forever Talking About “Serving Melanin “ with 🍫 emoji 😂😂😂 This How Y’all Look Testing for the Right Light 💡 @jamekalachemogul always talking and coaching me in the background of my videos but never comes on camera 😝 #GottaLoveYall #OnMyFunnyIsh #AlwaysFunBeforeFilming #HILARIOUS !! #Actor #StandUpComedian #AlwaysWorking #HUGEAnnouncementComingSoon !!!

last month

😍😍 MAN!!...Where do I begin with this guy? I Love How He Laughs At Himself 😂😂😂 Wow!!!......It’s hard believe it’s only been 18 months since GOD blessed us with you and and your SUPERSTAR PERSONALITY!!! I see your talent starting to come out as you get older. I watch how you study daddy when you see my videos of me performing. Your Joy is Contagious!! Your Laugh is Infectious, Your Love is Inspiring and Your Heart & Spirit is That of a Little KING who absolutely loves to entertain people and like to make people smile and feel special. This kid walks around the house with a Mic or Finding some to entertain everyone who comes over. You Truly Have A Gift Son! And Most Of All You Are Truly A Gift!!! HAPPY 18 Months STONSHINE!!! ☀️☀️☀️☀️ #MrEntertainer #18MonthsAndTheRestOfLifeToGo!!! #YoungKing #KingstonJierre #YourAreNotABabyAnymore #AnotherStandUpComedianInTheHouse #KJP #LilJokeSlanga

last month

ITS GONNA BE SO AMAZING!!! INVEST IN YOUR CHILD,GRANDCHILDREN,NIECE OR NEPHEW!! $10 to enter I’ll be speaking we have a lot of youth presenting! I’ll be Speaking! TODAY 11am!!!

last month

My Stonshine.....Yes I meant to say Stonshine!!! ☀️King(Ston ) aka Daddy’s Stonshine!! #HilariousHandsomeGuy

last month

👑 M* I * C * H * A * E * L J * A * C * K * S * O * N with the Dance Moves!!! (no music ) A lot people don’t know my first love was music and my 2nd was DANCE!!! When I was a kid you couldn’t keep me still (not much has changed ) As a kid I would watch Mike for hours studying every move, practicing every move. He became part of my stand up early........any excuse to perform his moves I did it. He was indeed Thee True Entertainer. #MikeJackWithThaDanceMoves

last month

THIS IS DANGEROUS!! Maaaan........I can’t explain what took place yesterday other than a stronger brotherhood was formed and a lot of VISION was created for our community. I truly believe GOD hand picks the people He wants in your life to accomplish what He wants you to accomplish. We met for lunch and it turned into 4 hours of Empowerment and talking STRONG VISION. We all left with clear understanding of the History we’re about to make. Love y’all brotha’s man!! 💪🏾 #SoMuchPowerInOnePic #AboutTurnOurCommunityAround #YoungBlackPioneers #3KINGS #BuckleUp #BigBros

April 2019

So Much Respect To This KING 👑 while Eddie Murphy made me realize what I was (a comedian ) @martinlawrence made me really really wanna be that! He actually made me want a sitcom. I LOVE YOU SIR!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY @martinlawrence #MYHERO #ATrueKING #KINGOFCOMEDY #MartinLawrence #54AndStillHilarious

April 2019

I don’t perform it, I’am It! These last few weeks I’ve been like a sponge 🧽 soaking up information and experiences. This material is probably the best piece of work I’ve done.......Cannot wait to get on stage to workout these Jokes!!! 🔥🔥 Shouts out to my APA Family for being on this journey of developing this DOPE COMEDY SHOW we’re putting together!!! I sat and watched and waited my turn......NOW....a lot is about to HIT!!! FUNNY THAT IS!!! #StandUpComedy #StandUpComedian #StillWriting #APA #RuinYaLifeComedy #LaughterIsUniversal #DJPRoadToMadisonSquareGarden

April 2019

All I Can Say Is WOW!!!........8 Years Ago You Made Me A Father, I Remember Holding You For The First Time In That Hospital Room And Looking At How Perfect You Were (you were innocent then lol ). I’ve Accomplished A lot but Absolutely Nothing Compares To The Joy Of Being Your Father! Son Daddy Loves You So Very Much and No Matter How Old You Get Or Where You Go In The World You Know You’ll Always Be Able To Run Into Your Fathers Arms! I Got Ya For Life Kid! Nothing But Greatness Will Come From YOU! Remember that because you’re a KING 🤴 So The Turn Up Shall Continue Today! H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y S O N ! ! ! Love You, Sincerely Dad. #IHaveAn8YearOld #DizThaKid #TheTurnUpContinues #RaisingKings #MyTwin #MyHomie #JabariPryor #IGotYourBackForLifeKid

April 2019

Yesterday I didn’t get to post about my COMEDIC HERO!!! THE BEST TO EVER DO IT!!! HAPPY 58th BIRTHDAY TO THE KING OF COMEDY EDDIE MURPHY!!!!! They’ll Never Be Another!!!! #EDDIEMURPHY

April 2019

A Year ago I brought in your birthday with you to celebrate your 35th so today was no different and not even the grave could stop me from celebrating your 36th. I Love That I got to spend time with you today Kasey Carlton...........Time went by fast sitting there with you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIE!!! #FinishingWhatWeStarted #TodayIsAHOLIDAY #ItsACelebration #KaseyMarie

April 2019

Rest Up Brotha.......So Proud of What You Were Accomplishing. You will live on @nipseyhussle

March 2019

My nephew had a lot to say 😂😂😂 #FamilyIsEverything

March 2019

My Dreams Require My Full Focus, Attention & Energy So I Can’t Entertain Stupidity........Too Much Work I’m Putting In.......Never Ever Settle!!! GO GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT!!! #TunnelVision

March 2019

Honored to be in a position of influence and I don’t take it for granted at all.....Yesterday I was a guest on Stephen & Korean Perspectives Show On APSU TV!!! Such a 🔥Show!!! #Actor #StandUpComedian #NeverNotWorking #TunnelVision #APSUTV #UseInfluenceForChange

March 2019

My eyes are set and focused on my end game.......Been working for 15 years at this and I’m just getting started 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #TunnelVision #Actor #StandUpComedian #YoungBlackManInHollywood

March 2019

Yoooooooooo!!! Kid slowdown!!! Yet another milestone!!! I’m not ready for it! Made my day kid. Daddy loves you 💯💪🏾 #KingstonJierre #MySonGrowingUp #ICanDoItMyself #NextStopCollege 😂😂

March 2019

THE GANG IS BACK TOGETHER!!! See All The sketches that didn’t make to the Showcase stage TONIGHT @ucbtla please go visit sunset.UCBTHEATRE.Com for tickets 🎫

March 2019

Woke up to this, this morning! 💪🏾💪🏾💯💯💯 DADDY LOVES YOU MORE KID!!! My kids absolutely Drive Me To Work So Hard‼️ BTW he made sure he told me it was 4am so I could feel special 😜😜😂😂 Petty lol

March 2019

TONIGHT! TONIGHT! TONIGHT!!!!! LA I’M At @flapperscomedy BE IN THE BUILDING 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 It’s Gonna Be Insane 😂😂😂😂 #flapperscomedyclub #wackywednesday #laughterisuniversal #standupcomedy #standupcomedian #DJPRoadToMSG

March 2019

ATTENTION PLEASE READ ALL. THIS MAY HELP SOMEONE! Go Forgive Someone! She had me at 13 years old........I’m sure she was nervous, scared and much more after all her life was about to change forever. She was gonna be forced to become a grown woman over night and try to figure out how to let go of her childish ways and even some childish ambitions because she was gonna be a mother at 13. This was waaaaaay before you could get pregnant that early and get cast on a show for it, this was the 80’s when it was still very hard to believe and very frowned on. I wish I could say we had a GREAT relationship growing up but I’d be lying. I wish I could say I always appreciated her and loved her like I should’ve but I didn’t..........My story is such an authentic one because my experiences were so authentic............GOD is truly the best writer of all time!!! HE gave me a unique story to share with the world through laughter. My tears are directly connected to my smile, my bad is directly connected to my good, my failure is directly connected to my success and Mother even in her Flaws was connected to all of this. even in my hurt and very dark childhood she taught me whole lot and it shaped me in a positive way. The devil didn’t WIN! I have GOD & My Mother! That being said I love you Ma and Thank You!

March 2019

I could not let today end without shouting out someone special to me. My friend, my Unc, and a person who constantly inspires me even when his stories don’t make sense 😂😂😂 Nah but for real.......This Guy is a Great Example of shutting up the talking and getting his hands dirty and by that I mean, he doesn’t just make plans in the community but he carries them out. He’s a walking testament of what it means to be a PIONEER and Sir I publicly Salute You!! I’m glad to have you apart of my team! THANK YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE & HAVE BEEN TO MYSELF AND THE COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE!!! WE GOT ALOT OF HISTORY TO MAKE TOGETHER SIR 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 IF THEY ONLY KNEW!!! LOVE YA UNC!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY OG🔥🔥🔥

March 2019

WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! 🔥🔥🔥ITS HERE GO READ IT!!!! LIKE IT!!! SHARE IT!!! So Dope!!! I’m super excited to give the city something to talk about. I’m even more so excited to show that YOU CAN COME FROM THE PROJECTS & You can come from the hood, you can grow up in and around violence and still make it. I’m glad I could be the one that showed we can THROW AWAY THAT IDEA “EVERYBODY IN THE PROJECTS ARE CRIMINALS OR BAD PEOPLE!!!” I’m more Excited To Be A Example For The NEXT GENERATION OF YOUNG DREAMERS WHO COME FROM LITTLE TO NOTHING!!! To communicate to them and the world that DJ PRYOR did so can I. You can bounce back from abuse and still make it. You forgive and get focused on your goals and make it. 6 Years Ago I was Sleeping In A Vehicle in the parking lot of the job I left to pursue my dreams. When you want it YOU CANNOT BE STOPPED!!! I kept that mindset all the way to HOLLYWOOD! WATCH WHAT I DO NEXT!!! Get up go make it HAPPEN BECAUSE YOU CAN!!!!!!! MY PLATFORM WAS BUILT STRICTLY FOR INSPIRATION! @clarksvillenowcom THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LOVE!!!! Such an Honor!! Shouts Out To My Guy Mr KYLE DAVIS 🔥write up bro!!! Thank You To My FAMILY you guys sacrifice so much as I travel back & forth and I love you all sooooooooooo much!!!! Thank you to my CBS family I Love you guys!!! Most of all GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I PRAISE YOU!!!!!! I OUTTA CONTROL LOVE YOU!!!! PLEASE READ, LIKE, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!! Love YALL!!!!

February 2019

My leading man face lol 😂 #Actor #StandUpComedian #Musician 📸 @yourboyore

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