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2 hours ago

🍊 FULL ORANGE COLLECTION 🍊 What are you planning to pick up? Launching TOMORROW 8AM PST! - 🔥 Orange You Glad Palette $12​ 🔥 Orange Crush Blush Stix duo $14​ 🔥 But First Quench It Super Shock Set $20​ 🔥 Not From Concentrate So Juicy duo $12​ 🔥 UR so ap-peeling Lippie Stix duo $10​ 🔥 JUICE WORLD Brush Bundle $20​ 🔥 FULL COLLECTION $88 - 2nd image @pink4passions - #colourpopme #orange #orangecollection #orangeyouglad #orangeisthenewneutral

5 hours ago

$3.60 FOR A SUPER SHOCK SHADOW ⚡️ LAST DAY OF THIS SALE! Grab all your faves before our 40% OFF SUPER SHOCK SALE ENDS! - #colourpopme #supershockshadow #colourpopcollection #crueltyfreemakeup

9 hours ago

Orange you glad we made an orange palette? 🍊🍊🍊 ORANGE YOU GLAD PALETTE LAUNCHES JULY 24TH 8AM PST! Drop a 🍊 below if you're ready for some vitamin c! - #OrangeIsTheNewNeutral #Orange #OrangeYouGlad #OrangeEyeshadow #OrangePalette #colourpop #Colourpopme

10 hours ago

can you guess what our next monochrome palette is? (based off of shade names ) 👀👇 - @makeup julianna

13 hours ago

these babies are back in stock 🌈 which one is the BEST? - 💖 Ooh La La 💜 It's My Pleasure ☀️ Sol palette 🌊 Mar palette - @pink4passions

23 hours ago

GETTIN' THAT CAT EYE LOOK 🦁 Have you seen the new Lion King movie? wearing: Creme Gel Liner in Swerve - @laviedunprince - #colourpopme #cremegelliner #scar #disneyandcolourpop


make up or ice cream? I don't think we could choose just one?! 🌟 featuring: birthday cake (blue set ), mint chip (green set ), rainbow swirl (pink set ), strawberry (red set ) | What other food brands would you want to see us collaborate with? 👀 - @trendmood1 - #colourpopme #supershockshadow #icecream #halotopxcolourpop #halotop


rewrite the stars 🌟 Featuring: Blue Moon Palette - @jessicarose_makeup - #bluemoon #colourpopme #bluepalette #blueeyeshadow #stars


Our monochrome palettes were LITERALLY made for you 💜 Which super shock would you pair with your fave monochrome palette? @makeup - #colourpopme #supershockshadow #crueltyfreemakeup


dipped in pink 💖💕💘 wearing: rainbow swirl super shock bundle - @whitneykshepherd - #halotop #halotopxcolourpop #colourpopme


Which yellow is your yellow? 🍯🐝 Featuring: Uh-Huh Honey palette - @darkskinnedmakeupdaily - #yelloweyeshadow #colourpopme #uhhuhhoney #yellowpalette #colourpopcollection


✨ ISSA SALE ✨ 40% OFF SUPER SHOCK SHADOWS! Top 3 BEST super shock shadows? GO! 👇

2 days ago

which look are you? 😍 - 🍪 Mint Chip Set ☀️ Through my eyes palette 💕 Sweet talk palette ⚡️ Tassel Super Shock Shadow - @nessasunshine - #icecream #sweettalk #supershockshadow #iluvsarahiixcolourpop

2 days ago

make up + ice cream? match made in heaven ☁️☁️☁️ Vote in emoji below for your fave pint! - top to bottom: 🌈 Rainbow Swirl 🍰 Birthday Cake 🍓 Strawberry 🍫 Mint Chip @lapetitechicmommy - #colourpopme #halotop #halotopxcolourpop

2 days ago

buzz buzz 🐝 which shade has the best name in this palette? | featuring: Uh-Huh Honey Palette - @thebeautydreamz - #yellowpalette #colourpopme #uhhuhhoney #yelloweyeshadow

2 days ago

wearing yellow all summer long 🐝⚡️ Can you guess what our next monochrome palette color is? 👀 #comingsoon - Featuring: Uh-Huh Honey Palette - @rei lilith

2 days ago

Get it before it melts! ✨ Wearing: Rainbow Swirl Super Shock Shadow - @louise keane - #halotop #colourpopme #halotopxcolourpop #supershockshadows

2 days ago

5 extra scoops please! Mint Chip (green ) or Birthday Cake (blue )? ✨ - 💖 TASSEL- bright white with silver glitter 🍭 SEMI SWEET- pastel lime with silver glitters​ ✨ EXTRA SPRINKLES- pale champagne with large gold glitters 🍰 BY THE POUND- creamsicle-y orange with multidimensional glitter​ - #supershockshadow #colourpopme #halotop #halotopxcolourpop

3 days ago

Hey Puddin’ 😉 Featuring: main squeeze palette - @abbyrobertsartistry - #colourpopme #mainsqueeze #redpalette #redeyeshadow

3 days ago

The SWEETEST collab🍦☁️☀️ Introducing the 4 brand new tie dye super shock shadows from the #HaloTopxColourpop Collection! - BY THE POUND- creamsicle-y orange with multidimensional glitter JAM OUT- vibrant red pink with gold and hot pink flecks SEMI SWEET- pastel lime with silver glitters SHERBERT DAY - bubble gum pink with silver flip - #supershockshadow #colourpopme #halotop #halotopxcolourpop

3 days ago

✨ 40% OFF SUPER SHOCK SHADOWS ✨ Can't believe we're at 8 million followers! ALL THANKS TO YOU 💕 Tell us how you first heard about COLOURPOP 👇👇👇

3 days ago

SCOOP, there it is 💕 Which set are you? Strawberry or Rainbow Swirl? 🌈 - 💖 JAM OUT- vibrant red pink with gold and hot pink flecks​ 🍓 BERRY SWEET- warm pink with a sparkly golden flip 🍧 SHERBERT DAY- bubblegum pink with silver flecks​ 🍦 CREAMSICLE- baby pink with a blue violet flip - #colourpopme #halotop #halotopxcolourpop

3 days ago

Go shawty, it's sherbet day 🍧 - 🍓 Main Squeeze palette 🍓 Strawberry Super Shock Bundle 🍓 Numero Uno BFF liquid liner - @monaaa c - #colourpopme #bffliner #strawberry #mainsqueeze

3 days ago

Remember to get some Super Shock Shadows for your Area 51 alien during our 40% OFF SUPER SHOCK SHADOW SALE! 👽 Comment what you plan to name your alien 👇 - #area51 #colourpopme #supershockshadow #area51memes

4 days ago

A balanced diet is having one ice cream cone in each hand 😌🍦 WE'RE GIVING AWAY A @halotopcreamery x colourpop PR BOX ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Head over there for a chance to #win ! What's your favorite ice cream topping? - #colourpopme #halotop #halotopxcolourpop #icecream #supershockshadow #giveaway #win

4 days ago

@nessasunshine always kills it 🍦✨💖 checkout this stunning look she did with the NEW limited edition @halotopcreamery x ColourPop collection available NOW! 🍦

4 days ago

Can't just have one pint of @halotopcreamery ice cream 🍦💕 $12 per pint bundle or $40 the entire set! How many pints are you picking up? - @pink4passions - #supershockshadow #colourpopme #halotop #halptopcreamery #swatches


🍦🍓 #GIVEAWAY 🍦🍓 Make Up + Ice Cream = Match made in HEAVEN! 3 people have a chance to win a $100 worth of @ColourpopCosmetics AND 15 pints of @halotopcreamery ice cream! - HOW TO ENTER: 1. Follow @halotopcreamery & @colourpopcosmetics 2. Comment your favorite flavor of ice cream! - For an extra entry, comment 🍦 on our most recent post! Giveaway ends Monday July 22nd 10AM and winners will be announced on this post! CHECK OUT @halotopcreamery for another chance top win! - Photo by @lapetitechicmommy - #win #colourpopme #HaloTop #icecream #crueltyfreemakeup @j.kwell 🎉 @joepeppy19 🎉 @chelseyakarocky 🎉

4 days ago

It's never too early for ice cream 🍦☀️ @Halotopcreamery x Colourpop AVAILABLE NOW! LIMITED EDITION, LIMITED QUANTITIES! (once they're gone, they're gone forever! ) - ☁️ $12 each pint ☁️ $40 for PR box! ☁️ 2 super shock shadows in each pint ☁️ ICE CREAM SCENTED SUPER SHOCKS! - @g_sqrd #icecream #halotop #halotopxcolourpop #colourpopme #Supershockshadow

4 days ago

🍓 ICE CREAM SPOTLIGHT 🍓 Strawberry Duo from the @halotopcreamery x colourpop collection! ($12 ) or get the entire PR box for $40! LIMITED EDITION, LIMITED QUANTITES! Launches TODAY 8AM pst! - JAM OUT - vibrant red pink with gold and hot pink flecks BERRY SWEET - warm pink with a sparkley golden flip - #halotopxcolourpop #halotop #colourpopme #strawberry

4 days ago

THANKS 8 MILLI! ☀️ What shade of super shock do you have the most of? Pick up all your fave Super Shocks 40% off happening right now! - #purple #supershockshadow #colourpopme #colourpopcollection

4 days ago

the only thing you need this summer ☀️ Featuring: dry shimmer oil ($15 ) | @solbody @beatfacefridayy - #colourpopme #solbody #dryshimmeroil #summer #glow

5 days ago

✨ 40% OFF SUPER SHOCK SHADOWS to celebrate 8 million followers ✨ How many super shocks shadows can you name in this photo? 👀 - #colourpopme #supershockshadow #colourpopcollection

5 days ago

You can never go wrong with a red lip 💋💋💋 Wearing: Main Squeeze Palette + Sherbert Shop Ultra Matte Lip + Dear Summer Supernova Liquid Shadow - @princess kaae_ - #mainsqueeze #redpalette #summer #ultramattelip

5 days ago

🌈🌈🌈 Roy G Biv Super Shock Shadow 🌈🌈🌈 40% OFF ALL YOUR FAVE SUPER SHOCK SHADOWS! Drop your fave pink emoji below! 👇👇👇 - #supershockshadows #colourpopme #colourpopcollection

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