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Starting small, don’t know how & where I’ll end up. An optimist, Former beauty queen. Own a small cafe, @cafe_chu_ ❣️.

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3 days ago

Standstill. Photo courtesy: @e_olik

2 weeks ago

#Repost @shrinidhighatate with @get_repost ・・・ This is my first original English song, the amazingly talented @chum_darang from Arunachal Pradesh is starring in this beautiful music video which is releasing in 2 days i.e. 7th of July. Thankyou @the_1995_series for the video. Big shoutout to my Record label/Management team @ahaibam_ama for all the dedicated support and the hard work they have provided. Hopefully you guys will like it and if you do, please share it!!!! Super excited for this!!! Releasing 7th this month.xx

4 weeks ago

Throwback!!! Chubby cheeks and short hair days😄. #throwbackthursday Courtesy: @taigungte

last month

Thinking about you 💭. Okay Now, Gottago. toodaloo 👋🏻!

last month

Bloom baby bloom🗣. But everything blooms in it’s own time🌹. Good day y’all. ❤️❤️❤️

May 2019

My 1st ad, technically second now😅. For fewww seconds but with @ranveersingh 🥺. #Repost @yashrajfilmstalent with @get_repost ・・・ Ranveer Singh X Bingo #BrandEndorsement #NewBrand

May 2019

Here’s a little reminder! Bad things happening in life? Frustrated? Things not going as planned? That’s totally okay, it’ll go away. Happens, you just need be strong. Go out, talk to people, express yourself. Never lose hope, it’ll all get better. #mentalhealthawareness #depressionhelp

May 2019

So my second Ad is out guys(technically 1st )!!! Over Excited! Got to dance with @akshaykumar 😻🥰! Yay!!!!!!!

May 2019

“Good evening all”, says फ़ूलकुमारी 🌸 P.C: @iammihirupadhyay The close up parade ends right here😄.

April 2019

Trying really hard to show off my Nike Vapor Max, 2 years and still intact😁. #nike #vapormax #vapormax2017 #mygotopairofshoes

April 2019

Shame on you if you are home and didn’t go out to take pictures 😁. #pasighat #home #outing #arunachalpradesh #northeast #best #mountains #himalayas

April 2019

We casted our vote, did you? You get this right after a gap of 5 years, make it count. Be responsible and go vote! 🇮🇳 #arunachalvotes #voteforabettertomorrow #myvotematters #ivoted #indiavotes #beresponsible #novoterstobeleftbehind

April 2019

Anyi Pinku-Pinte ne Ajar Go Jarik Laju☺️. Happy Mopin🌾.

March 2019

To all the voters, please cast your valuable vote. Rather then brooding over something, try and change that ‘thing’. #arunachalvotes #vote

March 2019

Goodevening. Read what’s written on the tee. And apply it in every part of your life. #nomakeup 💁🏻‍♀️

March 2019

I am an empowered woman, empowered because I know what I want in life and how I want it! Happy international women’s day!🤷🏻‍♀️ #balanceforbetter #womensday #empoweringwomen #empowerment #strongwomen

February 2019

Asked everyone to give a bigggg grin, because at the end of the day things are into places. Posing with this brave heart, Mr. Takar Marbom, whose sacrifice didn’t go in Vain. Still, My heart goes out for the souls we have lost. #hero #arunachalpradesh #arunachal #noprc

March 2019

Well, the matter is resolved. Let peace prevail henceforth. #arunachalunited #noprc

February 2019

The peaceful candlelight vigil was a great success at Pasighat today, proud of the students/public who came forward. Saw the unity and power of the mass. Hope the souls rest in peace. Proud of the youths who organised this march : Azad Tapak, Teken Siram, Samak Darang, Tani Mize , Oky Jerang , Taget Tair, you guys did amazing. And dear people of Pasighat, please note: there will be bandh for 12 hours, tomorrow i.e on 26th of February from 5 a.m till 5 p.m. Thank you. #arunachalunited #noprc

February 2019

Just a regular day back at home! ☀️ And trust me, there’s no cloth as comfy as a ‘lungi’ aka gale😅. #sendmebacksaturday #tb

January 2019

National Voters Day! Celebrating my right to vote, because “Voting” does matter!💁🏻‍♀️ Come join hands to embolden a fair and a clean election with all the youth force coming forward! Theme: No voter to be left behind. Thank you to the Election commission for choosing me as one of the icons. #nationalvotersday #novotertobeleftbehind #fairelection #cleanelection 🗳 #arunachalpradesh #northeastindia

January 2019

Hope the beginning was über impressive for you all, if not, it’ll be☺️. Happy new year♥️. #tbt

December 2018

New favourite corner at @cafe_chu_

December 2018

Amidst the hustle😌, trying to repair self by reading the book gifted by sweetheart @lazumith_ 💗. #pasighat #cafe #serenity

November 2018

Was playing volleyball, hence the pose👻. #throwbackthursday #throwback #beach #arunachalpradesh

October 2018

Rock Climbing 🧗‍♀️. #adventuretime #rockclimbing #adventure

October 2018

Take me back! 🌊 #beach #holiday #india

September 2018

Celebrated ‘Poshan Abhiyan’ at Mirbuk Village today. Gheraod by 4 CDPO’s, (L-R: CDPO Nari, Mr. K Moyong, CDPO Mebo, Mrs. Moyong, CDPO Ruksin, Mrs. Taloh & CDPO Pasighat, Mr. Panyang ) and the Deputy Director(ICDS ), Mrs. Ponung Ering Angu on my left😄, organised by Department of Women and child development, East Siang District. Target: To eradicate Malnutrition by 2022. #poshanabhiyan

September 2018

🍁Another of my favourite shots, what a picturesque sight! Good evening. Photographer: @ashishphotography911 #photography #photoshoot #evenings #picturesque #goa

September 2018

You Are God’s Masterpiece. -Ephesians 2:10. Sustainable Clothings Should Be The New Fashion, Fashion And Environment Hand In Hand. Design: @thanreiraising Picture: @ashishphotography911 A Blessed Sunday y’all💚. #christ #sunday #beach #faith #environment

September 2018


September 2018

...and the saga begins 😁! Goodmorning💟.

September 2018

Osssum Blossom is Goa! Picture Courtesy: @ashishphotography911 #goa #beach #holiday

August 2018

Well, Goa is fun😁. But so effing exhausted today. Ugh! #goa #beach #holiday #love #laughter

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