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16 hours ago

Photos prove I wasn’t just dreaming. On a little atoll, far from all the things we didn’t want in the world and close to the things we did...We swam with little jellyfish in the morning, dove the spooky top section of a 24m cave swim through, and had a massive lunch before getting in the water again then playing board games at sunset. 💛 Can we collectively agree that I’m going to keep pretending to be in Indonesia for the next little bit here?😋 photo @cobiandewey - #DerawanIslands #Maratua #wonderfulindonesia

3 days ago

The water clarity beside this little jetty on Arborek Island was some of the best I’ve ever experienced - well over 100 ft and teeming with life. Even though there were a hundred types of beauty in every direction (palm trees, cutest kids, beautiful fish ) I love getting these top down shots. Something about the luminous hues of water and simplicity remind me of a painting : ) Thanks for snapping this one @cobiandewey 💧 - As always I’m so stunned by the clarity and detail the @CanonUSA #EOSM50 produces in such a small and affordable set up. When I zoom into the RAW I can count the individual water droplets coming off my arm! This is my top recommendation for an entry level or travel camera. #TeamCanon #ShootforGreatness #Indonesia - Shot on @CanonUSA EOS M50 EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 STM Lens f/5 ISO 200 SS 1/1000

5 days ago

City, turned to country, turned to dirt road. We walked through some bushes and twiggy trees, crunch crunching dead leaves and harnesses jingling, to a tree covered hole in the ground. We had been given a quick lesson in rappelling and ascending in a mix of Indonesian, English, and a lot of miming. Apparently we passed the test and what followed was hands down one of the most beautiful outdoor experiences of my life. Here I am descending 300 feet through through technicolor beams of light. At one point I could see the rays all above me and a circular rainbow below me and all I could hear was the rushing of water below. If you’re ever in #Yogyakarta I would highly recommend doing this as a day detour!! - Photo by @josiahwg ,he gets two gold stars for running around shin deep in mud while still nailing the angles for these pics. Everyone go give him🌟🌟 because he’s rad and one of the nicest humans I know. #Wonderfulindonesia @indtravel

1 weeks ago

This morning felt surreal. Sunrise light, 1200 years of history, and hundreds of temples in just a few kilometers. From the sky these 249 buildings were laid out facing the cardinal directions in the exact shape of a mandala. Suffice to say we cancelled all our other morning plans and stayed for hours enjoying the quiet. - #wonderfulindonesia @indtravel @josiahwg

2 weeks ago

Indonesia I ♥️ you! Another super early morning tomorrow to make the most of my last day here and we’ve been doing so so much I haven’t had time to edit any photos from the last few days of hiking and rappelling. - This was from the day we stopped at Arborek island. It was supposed to be for diving - which was also incredible - but the highlight was playing with these crazy lil kids jumping off the jetty. I don’t even like jumping off things but with them it was tons of fun🥰. This has truly been the trip of a lifetime and I feel so lucky every single day!! - Photo @cobiandewey #wonderfulindonesia

3 weeks ago

Feeling like the queen of the sea🐟🐟🐟😌 No but really I don’t think we could have lined up this photo with my arms and the fish if we had tried... but somehow it happened and I just love this photo. An underwater twirling ball of magic I won’t ever forget. Photo by @cobiandewey#RajaAmpat #Wayag #freedive

3 weeks ago

Just a little update currently sailing through Raja Ampat in West Papua!! It has been beyond special. We’re not even halfway through a 3 week trip and I am already at a loss for words. LOTS of diving photos coming soon. Most of all wanted to take a second to send a million thank you to everyone who has sent the kindest messages about the video. My sole regret for not having service the last few days has been that I can’t read them all. I mean it’s not even my video and the personal stories and thoughtfulness have been making my heart so full. Thank you thank you. Signing off from the pirate ship xx - Photo by @samkolder from our last trip in Bali at the beautiful @wapadiumesidemen #wonderfulindonesia

4 weeks ago

So there’s this boy...and he’s been working on this video for months on end and I’m probably biased but this is by far the best and truest thing he’s ever made. @samkolder I still cry when I see your video even though I’ve watched it more times than I can count♥️ - Sam’s new video is live *link in my bio*, go watch it!! One year and six months ago I helped Sam film the opening water scene of his new video and watched for the last six months as he turned down other jobs and worked in silence to make his vision for this short film come to life. So proud of him. #heyTim

4 weeks ago

There’s a saying in Acro where the base tells the flyer “Hold your shape”, meaning they’re about to change position but the flyer is to remain strong and still. Over time, it’s become a mantra for me to maintain my own integrity, even off the mat. It feels like the digital world can be so powerfully distracting and competitive that it can be difficult for me to stay in my own headspace. What is everyone else doing and where? Am I missing out or doing this right and is this good enough? Am I tall enough, creative enough, ambitious enough... it’s confusing yet intoxicating. - Hold your shape. It brings me back to me. It’s a contract with myself to evolve out of excitement and not out of envy. Deep down I know my truth and my goals and what sparks joy in me. (Some of it is a work in progress, that’s cool too! ) Believe in the worthiness of your own path and how you fit into this world. If you fill your actions with integrity, the right people will always find a way to lift you up.💛💪🏼 - Thank you @athleta for allowing me to share these stories as part of #InternationalYogaDay I love their values as a certified @bcorporation 🌎 and their mission to ignite and empower communities of women to realize their limitless potential. I’m wearing their amazing fair trade yoga line in their super soft PowerVita fabric. #sponsored - #powerofshe #bthechange #acroyoga #partneryoga

4 weeks ago

A profoundly curious mind can be directly correlated to an immensely interesting life✨ - Photo by @cobiandewey , probably one of my favorite photos I’ve ever had taken of me in my favorite environment. Seriously, HOW is underwater So beautiful?!!!

4 days ago

Deep breath, a few seconds of swimming blindly through a whiteout of bubbles, and then this : ) under the waves, a million light beams coming through underwater clouds and a turtle that decided it wanted to swim right through Cobian’s legs. Always worth the extra effort to see below the surface.💙 - Thank you to everyone who has supported @savethereef documentary!! One of the craziest take away for me was that one drop of oxybenzone in six Olympic size swimming pools still showed harm to corals. I keep getting asked about reef safe sunscreen and I know it’s a bit confusing. Mostly look for non-nano zinc as the primary ingredient and I tagged some of my favorites. I also included a story highlight called Do Good🌎 about different causes and information I’ve storied lately. Photo @cobiandewey #padiambassadiver #freedive

last month

Today I had to crawl to and from the shower. One small moment surfing yesterday where I landed wrong and suddenly it’s like damn I’m so humbled by this one little ligament in my foot or whatever it ends up being. My little setback is tiny, and after a mini pity party for myself this morning haha (hey just being honest ) I’m going to positivity the heck out of this no walking thing!! See the light my friends, early, often, always. If you woke up today (which we all did if were reading this ) yay Saturday! Happiness to the 26 bones and 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments that your wonderful flesh ball is dancing around on! (And you better be dancing at least once today🤗 ). Love you all! - Photo by @silkymerman

last month

This past week I hiked the farthest I ever have in one camping trip - somewhere around 75 miles - through the jungle in Guatemala. I can’t say too much about the mission yet, but on a personal level the hardest part of the hike for me wasn’t the daily tick removals, the heat when walking 20 miles a day, or my feet feeling like they’ve been put through a blender - it was recording my first podcast which I’ve always been too shy to do☺️!! I finally did my first practice one on the trail during our last few miles hiking. Kind of beautiful how the outdoors can crossover and make us brave in other areas of life too. - I love this quote by Arthur Gold which reminds me to cherish all things that challenge me - “Adversity is like a strong wind. It...tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that afterward we see ourselves as we really are, and not merely as we might like to be." There’s strength in that kind of honesty with yourself, just like there’s a power that comes from getting somewhere purely on your own two feet : ) - Grateful as always to be a partner with @backcountry in our shared belief that everyone is capable of having positive and meaningful adventures outdoors no matter who you are. Backpacking is SO fun and gratifying with a bit of prep work and the right gear. - If you guys have any questions about camping or backpacking feel free to ask below (I’m actually putting together a longer video guide for beginners so that would be helpful to me! ). I’ve been loving their La Sal top (shoutout to @haydenkortemoore who was wearing this in Utah and I fell in love with it! ), definitely recommend it as the perfect stretchy, antimicrobial, moisture wicking layer. If you’re looking for some new gear use code CHELSEA15 for 15% off your first purchase + free 2 day shipping #sponsored by @backcountry com #FindYourBackcountry *some exclusions apply : )

last month

I see you. Warm sunset swims in the Peten Itza Lake here in northern Guatemala🤗 We spent the day rope swinging (aka getting totally wrecked ) and eating nachos, then had dinner in a treehouse!! - Guatemala you are SO cool, best hostels I’ve ever stayed in - sort of like an undiscovered Bali meets Dominican Republic. Heading home but very grateful and full of energy from these last ten days with a RAD crew. Thanks for the lessons, the crazy dance party hehe and the memories. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered such a hilarious group of people, smiles until next time🤘🏼💗💃🏻 #Guatemala #Flores thanks for being a great 📷assistant @samkolder 😋

last month

That feeling after finishing a 6 day trek!! 🥳. #ad You all know how much rain makes me 🥰 (I swear I hike better ) so I’m stoked to be partnering with @Marmot to celebrate 20 years of their bestselling rain jacket and our shared love of staying dry, not staying inside. - I’m EXTRA grateful that they’re allowing me to GIFT one of you this awesome PreCip Eco jacket (comes in a ton of colors )! Just follow @marmot and share how you (or nominate a fellow rain lover ) would use this jacket when welcoming your next rainy day! 💦💙 {announcing 5/23} - Their PreCip Eco is now made with 100% post consumer recycled materials and designed to last up to ten years without flaking or degrading so it’s something I feel good about having as I try to make more conscious purchases. Get 25% off from now ‪until 5/27‬!  #RainOn #WeAreMarmot

May 2019

Spend more time with people who remind you to practice courage.✨ - #notestoselfseries photo @cobiandewey

May 2019

Dream come true above our glass igloo✨ anyone else see the face in the Northern Lights?! I didn’t notice it until I started editing and then I couldn’t un-see it. Photo collab with @samkolder - This past February I got to join @foursigmatic on an incredible trip in the through their home country of Finland learning about the Sami culture, harvesting chaga mushrooms, and enjoying the most beautiful light (both during the day and at night! ). Giveaway is now closed and thank you to everyone who entered!! #foursigmatic #adaptogens #Finland #northernlights #arcticcircle #auroraborealis

April 2019

The road less traveled.🇿🇦 In celebration of 25 years of democracy @meetsouthafrica sent five of us teams around the country to document some of their most loved locations. It’s been on a whirlwind week doing everything from paddling up a canyon in Storms River to driving 11 hours across the northern cape to get to the very remote Kgalagdi desert. This one was taken in the Cederberg amongst these rock formations that seemed like giant dinosaurs coming out of the red earth. More to come soon. - For those of you in country, @meetsouthafrica is hosting #InstaMeetSouthAfrica on APRIL 27th (Freedom Day ) in Arniston, Western Cape. Check out @southafrica page for more details and to register!💛 - Photo by @janikalheit who will be one of many photographers at the instameet : ) #Southafrica #Cederberg

April 2019

I love this photo. I think half the reason for that is remembering @emmett_sparling shooting with his camera in one hand reflector tucked under his chin, us trying to coordinate a small spin and some hair movement while he’s holding my saree and the fact that I’m wearing jeans stepping in copious amounts of bird poo.🙈🤷🏻‍♀️ This probably isn’t the pretty pretty princess caption I was supposed to write for this haha, it’s ok. India makes me want to be honest and I really like it.♥️ #incredibleindia - Photo @emmett_sparling

March 2019

Walking at sunrise in the mosque next to the Taj Mahal it’s hard not to be in awe. The Mughals believed perfect symmetry and proportions brought one closer to paradise and thus built with the utmost attention to this ideal. Structurally, it is grand and ornate down to the flower and scriptural inlays. Yet centuries later I like that the stories we tell about it are always of a King who loved his lost wife so much he built her the most beautiful building perhaps in history. If places are the stories we tell about them, I think the Taj is so loved because it was built by love.♥️ #ChelseaxIndia - Photo by @emmett_sparling

March 2019

Our separation from each other is an optical illusion. -Albert Einstein From the morning @emmett_sparling and I watched the sunrise puuja and got blessed. This lovely spunky woman was also being blessed and with no English sort of told us what to do. She had a big laugh, a few teeth, and loved the portraits Emmett took of her. I don’t usually feel comfortable taking photos with people but every once in a while it feels right. I hope she wouldn’t mind me sharing this one with this message💛 #ChelseaxIndia #Varanasi

March 2019

Colors and chaos. India has been a full spectrum of emotions. No other place or trip has made me feel so much. It forces you awake in every sense, which can manifest as both a blessing and a test. - If you watched my stories I didn’t have the best time at Holi. In short, as a female traveler Holi in the streets is an experience I would be very wary of. I think it could be really cool if you go to private events or attend in the morning much earlier in the week (other friends did this and had a better time ). I knew it would be intense, but underestimated how uncomfortable/intrusive/aggressive it would be. We all crave the “real” experiences, but what I experienced was anything but cultural, historical, or representative of the kindness I’ve otherwise been shown here in India. - It made me sad and angry that my very presence as a woman made me feel like I can’t or I’m not allowed to attend a fun event. It doesn’t sit well with my egalitarian sense of self. I was pissed at being groped - drunk or crowds, India or not wtf people? - But it also makes me much more sympathetic to the women (or men ) across the globe who deal with this in ways big or small.🙏🏼 So foreigners or friends let’s ALL go the extra mile to look out for each other and to ask people if they need help when we’re not sure. ACTIONS at the time mean a lot more than apologies from a hundred people later. I can tell you it meant a lot when a stranger put himself out there to protect me or the numerous times people give directions when I’m lost. Then let’s also do our part as travelers, be aware, well informed and culturally respectful💗 Photo by @emmett_sparling #India #holi #holylongcaption

March 2019

On our last day in Udaipur @emmett_sparling and I had a meet up with a group of female engineering students and creatives. What started at a little 15 min talk turned into a full day adventure, including buying this traditional saree and scootering to a nearby mountain for sunset. We sat by the river and talked future stuff, religion in our life, customs, how the words for numbers work in India (lahks and crores!😋 ) - Thanks for the help ladies, for helping me understand your wonderful country a bit more through your smart and candid minds and for finding me an outfit that makes me feel like a queen.☺️ Don’t know where I’ll ever wear this at home but definitely keeping it and the memories for life♥️ #Udaipur #rajasthan

March 2019

The synergy of two good things making something even better☀️💧🌈 NEW BLOG: I posted the other day about being mindful while hiking and the discussion there led to a piece on my blog that can be a resource to anyone who hikes in the islands : ) Also this video just took 47 minutes to upload and I know it’s something different for me but can we please just appreciate this 800 ft of liquid sunshine for a moment 🤗 - The guidelines were greatly contributed to by my friend Ryan Chang ( @ryanschang ), who works for the Oahu Invasive Species Committee. #Hawaii

March 2019

Just one more flight away - next stop India!!🇮🇳 Can’t wait to dive into what I know will be an awesome and overwhelming experience. I tend to love quiet places so spending the rest of the month amongst the crowds, splendor, smog, and chaos of India feels a bit daunting. It’s a place in my mind that seems very paradoxical and I hope to share the experience in a way that feels respectful and true : ) - Photo by @emmett_sparling from a great trip to the Philippines earlier this year. Emmett is always so intrigued by culture and backroads and people that I think this will be a fun one. #Philippines

March 2019

#ad You are a product of your environment. Are the things around you helping you towards growth or holding you back? - This month’s creative challenge from @canonusa was the idea of blending in... a little counterintuitive for me since normally I’m trying to make the subject stand out as much as possible! This was my middle ground, inspired in both form and fashion by our afternoon next to these sandstone pillars of the Badlands. : ) #shootforgreatness #Badlands - Shot on Canon #EOSRebelT7i w/ @masha photo EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5 ISO 200 SS 1/2000

May 2019

What is one thing you’re grateful for? Right now I’m specifically grateful to this uncomfortable feeling in my chest that asks me what I’m contributing in the world because I know it won’t stop until I find that thing. I am extremely thankful that my parents made it a priority to take me hiking every single year since I was born.💛 - A FAVOR: If you do come to Kauai and hike I would love to ask you all to tread lightly as the trails here get more use now than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. Please use a camp stove instead of building a fire (which I believe is illegal anyway ) so that we can keep everything untouched and lush without big scorch marks. With love and gratitude always 🙏🏼 #hawaii

March 2019

In the beginning people always seemed to ask: where is your favorite place you’ve ever been? I said I didn’t know and I didn’t really like the idea of picking favorites. Now more than three years of travel later I discovered I unconsciously do have a few. : ) Like people, I think places can speak to part of your heart. They’re the ones you choose to make time for, the ones you keep finding your way back to.💛 Indonesia, South Africa, and French Polynesia seem to be those countries for me. Hawaii has also been calling my name lately and it’s been a blessing to be home this month! - Photo from one of my first big international trips by @travisburkephotography Apparently all this gorgeous greenery has been washed away by floods, but I’m sure with time nature will once again make some beautiful patterns. #wonderfulindonesia

February 2019

The great revelation perhaps never did come. Instead, there were little daily miracles, illuminations, matches struck unexpectedly in the dark. //Virginia Woolf on What is the meaning of life? - Captured by @taylorfreesolo 💗 If you want to follow someone sharing meaningful stories with the world she is a bundle of bravery, honesty and thoughtful intelligence. Another late night impromptu yoga session turned life talk soon please :p #havana #beboundless

February 2019

We were eating lunch just across the way and I could see this house across the water. A sandwich in my tummy and matcha latte keeping me warm we walked around this beautiful village while dozens of seagulls dove in the fjord. It reminded me of a Wes Anderson movie, albeit one that smelled very strongly of fish. - Matchy with my environment @karitraa sweater. Thanks for freezing your fingers to help me get this one @jordanswientek , fun getting to shoot telephoto instead of wide all the time☺️💛☀️🛵🏠 #Lofoten

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