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17 minutes ago

Truth! 😂

2 weeks ago

Teachers heading back to school like... 🤪😜

2 weeks ago

Another one of my favorites. This is very calming to me and makes no noise. It’s also so small that other kids will barely notice it. Love it. Grab yours from the link in my bio!

2 weeks ago

Fun way to make sure everyone keeps their hands of your makers. 😜 “So far so good. Markers seem safe and sound. I like to think it’s respect for the message. Could be because they’re a couple feet higher than last year. 😬🤫”

3 weeks ago

Tough day? I've had quite a few lately. Unfortunately I think we've all been there. Sometimes all you need is a single voice in your ear cheering you on. Consider this my cyber-whisper. See you on the other side!

4 weeks ago

I couldn’t agree more. 💗💛💗💛

5 weeks ago

Use a light box to create a sign in your room. You can flip the switch when you are teaching or busy and the students will see that it is not the appropriate time to interrupt you. When you are available, you can turn off the light. This light box works particularly well when you are running guided reading groups. It's easy to turn off and on at your table and it shows up well even when all the classroom lights are on. Read more from the link in my bio!

5 weeks ago

To infinity and beyond 🚀🚀🚀

last month

I seriously love this idea! No more dried out play-doh with storage like this! #Repost @aperfectblendteaching with @get_repost ・・・ THIS. IS. GENIUS! 🤯 I knew when I saw @jen_rece post her k-cup carousel as a way to store her play-doh, I needed this in my classroom! @targetteachers #teachersofinstagram

last month

This my kind of flexible seating. 😎

last month

Just to make it clear...

last month

This cart has been a LIFESAVER for me. I had 3 at one point. I used them to store upcoming units, Scholastic Book Orders, random papers that I couldn’t throw away but didn’t have a place for, and MORE! This is a great summer purchase for next year! Grab yours now from the link in my bio!

last month

Clink was a state-of-the-art robot with the dazzling ability to make toast and play music at the same time. But that was many years ago. Now kids want snazzier robots who do things like play baseball and bake cookies. So day after day, Clink sits on a shelf and sadly watches as his friends leave with their new owners. He almost gives up on ever finding a home—until the day Clink spies a boy who just might be able to be the right one for him. . . . From #1 New York Times bestselling author Kelly DiPucchio and new talent Matthew Myers comes a funny and heartwarming story that lovers of Corduroy will adore. Grab yours from the link in my bio!

last month


last month

Cute and FREE printables to go along with your students end of the year gifts. Grab yours from the link in my bio!

last month

If you are like me, you enjoy giving your kiddos a little something on the last day of school. However, with everything else going on, things can get a little hectic. The end of the school year means testing, final report cards, room cleaning, and general chaos and stress. It also means saying goodbye to those little cute faces we got to look at every day. Send them off with something they'll remember and enjoy! I've tried to take some of the pain and stress out of getting student gifts ready by creating 12 Cute and Easy Printables you can use for student gifts. The best part? They are FREE! Check out they rest of my blog post to grab your FREE download!

last month

This is no coincidence!

May 2019

Just found out my daughter is the proud owner of the tiny pencils all teachers hate. #teachermomfail

May 2019

Note to self for next year! 😂

May 2019

This is the exact laminator I have. It works great and I love how thick the lamination is. It’s totally worth the price. Make sure to grab yours from the link in my bio!

May 2019

#Repost @fifthwithmssmith with @get_repost ・・・ Student engagement doesn’t have to be crazy over the top classroom transformations (although I do like those 😍 ). It can be a simple as putting washi tape down on your tables and telling the kids to go at it with protractors! Engagement comes in all different forms and looks different in every classroom. Do whatcha gotta do to get your kids hooked! ⚓️

May 2019

So unbelievably accurate.

May 2019

Not a bad view.

May 2019

#Repost @crafty ms.g with @get_repost ・・・ Finally color coded my chrome books! No more messy chords!

May 2019

If you’re a teacher you get it! 🤪

May 2019

Good morning lovely people! If you head over to this link ( ) you can enter to win a $10 Tpt gift card. I'll pick two winners tonight!

May 2019

Just finished giving the teacher's at my daughter's school an early Teacher Appreciation breakfast. We did a waffle bar with waffles from @waffluv It was a small way to say a BIG thank you to all they do for their students day in and day out.

April 2019

You guys. This book is so full of heart as it talks about the experience of a young black girl named Shayla. Shayla just wants to follow the rules and hang with her best friends, but her year in seventh grade changes everything. She feels like she needs to stand up for her beliefs and face "the good kind of trouble." The text is written in such a powerfully relatable way and addresses important social issues of our time in a way that everyone can understand. So good.

April 2019

When I started Create-abilities almost 7 years ago, I had a few objectives in mind 1. Make the lives of my fellow educators just a little bit easier. 2. Provide teachers with rigorous, engaging, and effective curriculum that help their students want to learn. 3. Make a little extra money because, let’s be real, I was desperately poor. I choose this phrase as my tagline because I believe there is potential in everyone. Teachers. Students. Parents. There is potential inside each of us to be greater than we are, to travel farther than we’ve ever been, and to grow more than we thought possible. All we need to do to reach our goals is to cultivate what is already inside of us. Cheesy? Possibly. True? Absolutely.

April 2019

I haven't used a diffuser on my hair in years. This is about as curly as it get folks.

April 2019

Just reminding you it's the perfect date today.

April 2019

I hope your Friday is going better than ours. Her first IV for dehydration. She said, "Mom, I'm asking a lot of questions because I'm new to this." #flu

April 2019

I thought this was such a handy idea from @polka dots.please for those “rainy days” and it’s time for indoor recess.

April 2019

Feeling heartbroken over the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral. I was lucky enough to be there in 2006 and it was amazing. So much history lost.

April 2019

LOVE THIS quote from @jillianstarrteaching Let's give ourselves a break, stop comparing, and realize we are enough.

April 2019

Be that teacher every day. ❤️

April 2019

Oh heeeeeeeey! It's your friendly neighborhood teacher who found a cool wall to take a picture in front of for Instagram and then realized that instead of a cool picture all she got was people staring at her, an awkward pose, and lucky that she didn't throw her back out. Hope you are having a great Friday!

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