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2 weeks ago


April 2019

Life summary ✨

March 2019

I have always had an excessive fear of failure. Although I have tried my best to work hard to gain the best result, in striving to do so, I have come to the dangerous conclusion that ‘I must NEVER fail’. Failure, however, is unavoidable. Failure, just like our ability to breathe, makes us HUMAN. So, living a life in an effort to avoid failure is not only torturous but impossible. It is so important that we realize that the process of failing is not bad. However, what we associate with our personal failure can be detrimental to both our physical and emotional health. If we automatically associate failure with our inability to succeed, it will hurt us. However, if we come to terms with the fact that failure, in any form, in any context, is human and not a fixed state, we not only give ourselves room to grow but the eventual opportunity to succeed. If we fail it does not mean that we can’t succeed. If your classmate knows all the answers and you don’t, it does not mean that you are dumb. If your colleague seems to be breezing though work and you are stressed as hell, it does not mean you are not good. After a weekend that has challenged me, that has given rise to feelings of failure, I desperately looked to the internet for emotional support. What I found was a beautiful ted talk that inspired me to write this, that allowed me to learn a great lesson in regards to failure. If you have a spare 17.24 mins, Check it out... especially if you need a little pick me up! As we all experience failure, we simultaneously deserve to know that we can overcome it! Look up ‘How to practice emotional first aid by Guy Winch’

January 2019

Bringing Berkeley flare to Tahiti

December 2018

Happy 21st Birthday you beauty queen. I have been lucky to love you since the glorious day you were born ❤️ thank you for being you!

October 2018

Happy 80’s 18th @loloowen

October 2018


October 2018

The sister drew me a portrait... should I be offended?

September 2018


August 2018


July 2018

Reunited with the baby sis ❤️

June 2018

Happy Birthday to the ray of sunshine @aasnehauso !!! Have had an unforgettable time with this amazing human being - and thank you to @stefhollis for your incredible hospitality xxxxx

May 2018


May 2018

Tía Pequeña 🎉

April 2018

What a neighbor what a friend

April 2018


April 2018

She’s my lifeline! Been going through my fair share of anxiety lately and at times I feel like I can’t cope... but with support and plenty of discussion (s/o @stefanialavieowen and @loloowen ) I manage to get through! Many of us experience this sadness and stress but when we talk about it at least some of it can be alleviated. Building a community and a safe space is so important in the discussion of mental health and something that I am extremely passionate about. In light of this @stefanialavieowen and I have put together a little video so we can start an uplifting conversation!! For anyone who is interested in watching check out the link in my bio 🎉🎉🎉 p.s @loloowen we miss you so so much xxx

February 2018

Missing 2/3

February 2018

5 minutes after I almost severely injured a pigeon with these very wheels... anxiety provoking to say the least #thepigeonsurvived

December 2017

@margaritaowen always has to be the center of attention, gotta love her— Owen NZ ETA 15 hrs

December 2017

Baby Daisy in Miami

December 2017

Steffi Steffi

November 2017

The Best

November 2017

B1. 📷: @ismail_salim

November 2017

SF making me feel like it’s already Christmas 🎁

October 2017

Memorable first game day 🙌🏻🏈

October 2017

Nothing but love for these humans

September 2017

Embracing the trademark frizzzz

September 2017

She's a Queeeeen @alebanhart

September 2017

Surrounded by pure beauty 🙌🏻

September 2017

It's been a crazy couple of weeks! I've been happy, sad, frustrated, anxious and everything in between!! Wouldn't change it for anything. Thankful for all the support I have here and all over the world 🌎

September 2017

A weekend away in Santa Cruz with Spanish, French, Cypriot and Norwegian beauties. Safe to say I was Spanish for the weekend... thanks for teaching me all the bad words 😘 #follamigo

September 2017

Happy birthday to the amazing @margaritaowen You're my number one supporter at all times and I thank you for that! Hope you had the best day, wish I could have been there. Love you lots Ma ❤️

August 2017

Classroom 🙌🏻

August 2017

I miss you @loloowen ❤️ thinking of you all the time xxxx

August 2017

When you've had a bad day but your therapist is always on call @maurice vdc

August 2017

Awesome to catch up with this amazing human @gabi_imperial after 5 years... in Berkeley of all places!! Good luck with your next awesome journey in Canada 🇨🇦😘

August 2017

Good Morning Berkeley 🤗 🎨

August 2017

Attempting to break the Guinness World Record for largest human letter- I'm in the front somewhere 🙋

August 2017

Thank you to @stefanialavieowen for sharing your space and giving me this awesome book. Here's a little excerpt: "Move lightly despite your heavy burdens, rest easier with your greatest fears, laugh at your tears as you cry them" - Mark Manson.

August 2017

Goodbye for now NZ!!!! I love these beautiful people and everyone else who has given me so much support over the last couple of months. Currently I'm shedding a tear on the plane and a stranger has just come up to me and said "that was a beautiful goodbye, they love you so much"- I have the best support system in the world, so so so thankful!!!!!!!! ❤️

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